She purred…” said our PM this week, and I quite liked it. Oh, to purr in velvety tones with all the glamour of a Hollywood starlet – I’d love to speak that way! It’s how I imagine today’s super glamorous bride would sound: she has that timelessly elegant beauty originating from the Great Gatsby era and I know you’ll adore this shoot!

Sperry tents

Our bride wears the most exciting of vintage styles: an Eliza Jane Howell designer wedding gown with sequins, sheer sleeves and a fabulous belt, all in the softest shades making a gently sophisticated statement. Her groom wears a luxurious navy suit with bow tie, creating a look both elegant and vintage which fits the style of the day.

PapaKata wedding blog (49)Sperry tentsPapaKata wedding blog (52)Sperry tentsGreat Gatsby wedding blog (54) Sperry tentsPapaKata wedding blog (46)Sperry tentsPapaKata wedding blog (48)Sperry tentsPapaKata wedding blog (29)

Combining rich, midnight blues and natural textures with minimal design and a focus on comfort, the setting for the shoot is one of PapaKata’s gorgeous new Sperry tents – indeed today’s styled shoot is the brainchild of PapaKåta, The Wedding Affair and Dominic Wright Photography.

Dominic Wright Photography wedding blog (35)Sperry tentsDominic Wright Photography (39)


Without the lovely sponsors who support the English Wedding Blog, we wouldn’t be here. I owe everything to the wedding photographers, designers and experts who sponsor my blog, share content and contribute articles, advice and more. I’d like to take today to say a huge thank you and to show you some of their best bits!

Meet the sponsors: The English Wedding Blog

london wedding photographer

Image credit Adams Photo Art

Image credit Duntons Photography

  • I love featuring all of Andy’s latest weddings on the blog – massive thanks to Howling Basset Photography for all of the regular features:

I stumbled across these gorgeous images of Ali and Terry’s engagement shoot at Wollaton Hall in Nottingham and couldn’t resist showing you – such a stunning couple and the photographs are fabulous! They’re ballroom dancers and I love how graceful and fun their images are – it’s also a wonderful showcase of engagement shoots and will, I hope, encourage you to book one of your own!

Nottingham wedding photography (3)

Images are all by lovely Derbyshire wedding photographer Jon Cripwell at

Nottingham wedding photography (1)Jon is a great advocate of engagement shoots for four reasons: to help get to know your photographer, to be at ease with the camera, to get some lovely (non-wedding) portraits and so your photographer will learn which image styles you like best. (Read more here)

I totally agree with him: engagement shoots are such a brilliant idea, and I have another reason too: they allow you a little special couple time together in all the frenzy of wedding planning. What better excuse to have a day where you can enjoy each other’s company and have a bit of fun?! Ali and Terry did it with such style, I think they’re amazing…
Nottingham wedding photography (2)See more…


Salmestone Grange wedding of Charlotte and Richard

The wonderful Salmestone Grange in Margate Kent was the setting for Charlotte and Richard’s big day. They married in the ancient, small and intimate Salmestone Chapel then after photos it was off to nearby Manston for the reception in a friend’s garden. Two marquees one for the food and the other for the entertainment, oh and a home built Gin Palace too.

salmestone-grange-wedding-0001 salmestone-grange-wedding-0002 salmestone-grange-wedding-0003

Howling Basset Photography


salmestone-grange-wedding-0004 salmestone-grange-wedding-0005 salmestone-grange-wedding-0006 salmestone-grange-wedding-0007 salmestone-grange-wedding-0008 salmestone-grange-wedding-0009 salmestone-grange-wedding-0010 salmestone-grange-wedding-0011 salmestone-grange-wedding-0012 salmestone-grange-wedding-0013 salmestone-grange-wedding-0014 salmestone-grange-wedding-0015 salmestone-grange-wedding-0016 salmestone-grange-wedding-0017 salmestone-grange-wedding-0018 salmestone-grange-wedding-0019 salmestone-grange-wedding-0020 salmestone-grange-wedding-0021 salmestone-grange-wedding-0022 salmestone-grange-wedding-0023 salmestone-grange-wedding-0024 salmestone-grange-wedding-0025 salmestone-grange-wedding-0026 salmestone-grange-wedding-0027 salmestone-grange-wedding-0028 salmestone-grange-wedding-0029 salmestone-grange-wedding-0030 salmestone-grange-wedding-0031 salmestone-grange-wedding-0032 salmestone-grange-wedding-0033 salmestone-grange-wedding-0034 salmestone-grange-wedding-0035 salmestone-grange-wedding-0036 salmestone-grange-wedding-0037 salmestone-grange-wedding-0038 salmestone-grange-wedding-0039 salmestone-grange-wedding-0040


Today’s wedding in Cornwall is too delicious for words – Catherine and Paul’s day is all about laughter and love, friends and family, and a fabulous celebration which has me smiling goofily at the screen… so very beautiful, heart and soul 🙂

Cornish wedding blog (4)Cornish wedding blog (3)

They married at Mylor village in Cornwall, a beautiful location with character and charm. Their day was creative and pretty, and Catherine’s simple dress is just perfect – she looks amazing! Images of the day are by lovely Joseph Hall Photography. Do visit his website and find out more about his work – especially if you’re looking for a wedding photographer!

Cornish wedding blog (1)

Cornish wedding blog (2)See more…


Nathan and Vikki are adorable, gorgeous and oh so stylish – and their wedding reflects their personalities so perfectly, I can’t wait to show you this! They married at Braxted Park and chose the fabulous Liam Smith Photography to capture their day. Vikki’s bridal look is amazing – she’s so beautiful. Nathan shed a tear as she walked down the aisle, and can you blame him? They make a perfect pair, and the images of their day are some of the very best. Absolutely wonderful…

Braxted Park wedding blog (1)Images by Liam Smith Photography

Liam loved shooting this wedding: “Nathan and Vikki were blessed with the most outrageous sunshine to compliment their beautifully designed and crafted wedding… I love the shots we managed to get in the grounds, the colours are just epic. Such a fun day, I love Braxted Park, genuinely one of my favourite places, if you’re getting married there too and in need of a wedding photographer – give me a shout!”

Braxted Park wedding blog (4)


A naked cake covered with summer fruits and roses, a seasonal bouquet with the loveliest peonies and roses in a delicious mix of colours, and the most adorable bride and groom you’ll see today…

London wedding blog (2)

This is Kate and Jason’s wedding at The Mayfair Library in central London. The library has a quiet, romantic atmosphere and is perfect for an intimate wedding ceremony. The venue has a fantastic location within walking distance to many fine reception venues.

London wedding blog (5)

Images are by my lovely friend Andrew from Howling Basset Photography. For more examples of London Wedding Photography visit the Howling Basset photo gallery.

Beautiful Kent wedding photography that tells the complete story of your special day: Howling Basset

London wedding blog (3)

London wedding blog (4)
London wedding blog (1)See more…


I’ll make this post very short and sweet. This morning I got a lovely-looking package through the post from Brides The Show, which I thought was wonderful! Inside, two invitations to their wedding show, some meringues (which were delicious) and a cupcake. It was a bit squashed, but fair play I thought: it’s come all the way from London, poor little thing – and they’ve tried hard and spent money. Least I can do is say thank you for the treat.

bacon cupcake

So off to Facebook I went, excitedly chirruping “thank you Brides The Show for the lovely cupcake, I’d love to come to your wedding show but can’t make it.” I thanked the meringue people, and the cupcake makers. Hadn’t tried the cake yet but the meringues were really nice.

I was saving the cupcake for after my lunch. There was a little note asking if I could recognise the flavour. The clue: tastes like a popular breakfast flavour. Easy, I thought – has to be toast and jam. What else could you possibly turn into a cupcake? I briefly considered coco pops, but was smugly convinced it’d be jam or marmalade.


Goodbye everyone! I’m off on my travels today, heading for the bright lights of London and to Kirstie Allsopp’s Handmade Fair at Hampton Court, where I’ll be giving calligraphy skills workshops over the weekend. Excited much?! I’m nervous, excited and finding it all a little surreal! I’d love for you to come along – it’s a great opportunity to learn how to use a calligraphy pen to create quirky scripts to write your own wedding invitations – and there’s so much more to see and do over the weekend.


This is every DIY bride’s dream – there will be craft stalls and shops including some of Britain’s top crafters. You can get all of your ribbon, fabrics, paper goodies and more for your wedding day. Learn jewellery techniques, cake decorating and flower arranging… and while you’re there visit the artisan food markets, see lovely Kirstie chatting to stars of the crafting world and be a part of the world pomination record attempt!kraft-wedding-calligraphy-boxes


The moment I saw Hannah and Dean’s wedding photos I fell in love. Such an amazing couple, and such a beautiful day. Their Great Gatsby wedding at Kent’s Chilston Park Hotel is one of the most elegant celebrations I’ve seen, with fabulous styling and glorious details. But it’s the bride and groom – a stunning couple – who bowled me over. Hannah’s bridal look is more than gorgeous: her striking make up, her beautiful gown – she’s incredible. Although one comment on photographer Kerry Ann Duffy‘s facebook page made me chuckle: “Great pic, even better beard“… Dean’s look is fantastic and then some!

Great Gatsby wedding blog (37)

Hannah has written a great wedding report for us all today – full of brilliant advice, and wonderfully honest. She shares great budgeting tips, has an interesting story about dress shopping, and recommends some excellent Kent wedding suppliers. I love that she forgot to throw her bouquet… and was delighted that meant she could keep it! I would be too… it’s beautiful!


Pete and Claire are one of those couples who instantly make me smile. They’re a perfect match, absolutely gorgeous and their smiles warm my heart. They styled a rustic barn wedding at The Barn at South Milton, and together with family and friends created a wonderful day full of personality and charm.
rustic barn wedding blog (1)

Claire and Pete poured their hearts into styling a really beautiful day, and I love the little details: the seasonal flowers, handmade paper stars, printed napkins, bunting and logs full of flowers are just adorable!
rustic barn wedding blog (34)

All images are by lovely Ashling at Butterfly Photography. Do visit Ashling’s website and check her out on facebook too!

Before we dive in I’d like to say a huge thank you to gorgeous bride and groom Claire and Pete, and also to Ashling for kindly sharing images of this wonderful wedding. Enjoy!
claire gould calligrapher signature

rustic barn wedding blog (12)

rustic barn wedding blog (2)
rustic barn wedding blog (3)
rustic barn wedding blog (4)
rustic barn wedding blog (5)
rustic barn wedding blog (6)
rustic barn wedding blog (7)
rustic barn wedding blog (8)
rustic barn wedding blog (9)
rustic barn wedding blog (10)
rustic barn wedding blog (11)
rustic barn wedding blog (13)
rustic barn wedding blog (14)
rustic barn wedding blog (15)
rustic barn wedding blog (16)
rustic barn wedding blog (17)
rustic barn wedding blog (18)
rustic barn wedding blog (19)
rustic barn wedding blog (20)
rustic barn wedding blog (21)
rustic barn wedding blog (22)
rustic barn wedding blog (23)
rustic barn wedding blog (24)
rustic barn wedding blog (25)
rustic barn wedding blog (26)
rustic barn wedding blog (27)
rustic barn wedding blog (28)
rustic barn wedding blog (29)
rustic barn wedding blog (30)
rustic barn wedding blog (31)
rustic barn wedding blog (32)
rustic barn wedding blog (33)
rustic barn wedding blog (35)
rustic barn wedding blog (36)
rustic barn wedding blog (37)
rustic barn wedding blog (38)
rustic barn wedding blog (39)
rustic barn wedding blog (40)

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Hello lovely wedding blog readers, I hope you’re not working too hard today! I have the perfect feature to share with you this morning – something I was involved with a few weeks ago, where I had the pleasure of spending a day with wonderful people to create a really inspiring shoot. We created different bridal looks with our beautiful model Kelsey, and today I’m sharing the prettiest of them all, centred on a gorgeous pink peony bouquet by Kevin at Brackens of Bowness.

pink peonies bridal ideas (1) Kelsey shows just how easy it is to combine beautiful key pieces for a timeless and glamorous wedding style. She wears a dress by Sassi Holford, which came from the fabulous Julia Tasker Bridal Couture. The embroidered detail is so pretty, and goes beautifully with her elegant, smooth updo and natural make up. (Hair: Aqua Salon | Make up: Definitions)
pink peonies bridal ideas (2) All images are by my wonderful friend and inspiring wedding photographer Jamie at Vickerstaff Photography. Jamie is based in Cheshire and travels across the UK to photograph weddings… I hear he’s especially fond of the Lake District so if you’re getting married here do check him out!

Karapürçek Escort Bilecik Escort Bolu Escort


Modern blue styling ideas with calligraphy for an alternative beach wedding (18)

Image credit: Oobaloos Photography

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