Paul and Naomi are amazing – they’re down to earth, creative and have made me smile so many times this morning as I planned their real wedding blog post for you. The images and details from their Yorkshire wedding are gorgeous – and the bride and groom are more than stunning – LOVE these two!

Yorkshire village hall wedding blog with Paul Maven Photography (5)

Naomi told me they didn’t read wedding magazines but found suppliers online through wedding blogs and searches, and in person at wedding fairs (where they found photographer Paul Maven). Their wedding involves bridesmaid-driven pimped-up Landrovers, gorgeous colours and incredible bouquets just bursting with colour… there’s also miles of mum-bunting (Mums of England – you’re the best!) and so many unique little touches to decorate the village hall.

You’ll love this.

Yorkshire village hall wedding blog with Paul Maven Photography (30)

Images are by Paul Maven Photography, who gets a superhero review from the bride and groom. I loved reading their review about Paul (which you’ll find in their interview below) – in the meantime you can check out his website and social media here:


I had no idea you could get married in a treehouse in the north of England… in fact this is the most exciting thing I’ve discovered in years! I’ve always said I’d have a treehouse wedding. Lyndsey and Dean’s wedding is incredible: it’s creative, unique and super cool all rolled up into one bark-covered bundle – and I LOVE it!

treehouse wedding Northumberland UK with Duncan McCall Photography (20)

The gorgeous bride and groom (because aren’t they just stunning?!) found their suppliers online, by word of mouth, and on Don’t Tell The Bride! They made little personal touches inspired by the treehouse styling which they used on the tables, but this is a venue which needs little help or customisation… because you’ll instantly be transformed back to your 7 year old self with its awesome wow factor!

treehouse wedding Northumberland UK with Duncan McCall Photography (32)

Lyndsey and Dean chose Duncan McCall as their wedding photographer. He’s really captured the imagination and character of their day – I have LOVED putting this wedding blog together for you today, I can’t tell you! 🙂 Duncan is based in Newcastle upon Tyne and photographs weddings all over the UK and abroad – you can find out more about him here:


I’m so happy to be sharing this with you today… my latest English Wedding Blog sponsor shared one of the coolest weddings we’ve EVER featured a little while back… and now I’m thrilled to be welcoming him back with the promise of lots more real weddings and features to share over the coming months! Yay 🙂

Image credit Bristol wedding photographer Love In Focus (3)

Sandy is the creative talent behind the lens at Love In Focus wedding photography based in Bristol. He told me weddings are his favourite thing to photograph: he’s even been called “the friendliest wedding photographer we’ve ever met” – and I can totally believe it. He says, “When your guests do notice me, I am open and friendly as I find it helps them relax around me and the camera.

Image credit Bristol wedding photographer Love In Focus (9)

I think it’s really important to find a wedding photographer whose style you love and whose personality is right for you. And if your guests think your photographer’s great too, you’ve really got it right!

Image credit Bristol wedding photographer Love In Focus (14)Image credit Bristol wedding photographer Love In Focus (15)Image credit Bristol wedding photographer Love In Focus (16)


I found this article about intimate weddings last month and loved it – so much, that I wanted to share with you all on the English Wedding Blog. Lots of you will know I’d go for an intimate wedding like a shot – an elopement if I could! – and I’m a huge believer in keeping weddings small, cosy and magical. Those three go hand in hand.

Linda Grace Weddings knows what she’s talking about. She’s trained with the UKAWP and now specialises in intimate weddings across Somerset and Devon. Linda makes intimate weddings sound like the best thing ever… and I’m with her all the way! Here are 9 of Linda’s top reasons for choosing an intimate wedding – I agree with Every. Single. One. Do you?
claire gould calligrapher signature

“There are many reasons why couples decide they would love an intimate wedding.  The style can take various forms – from destination weddings, to quirky themed events, or purely a smaller gathering of around 50 guests or far fewer.  One size doesn’t fit all of course, but there’s an intimate solution to fit all couples’ ideas and budgets.


No two weddings are ever the same – every one is different because ultimately they come down to personality. And that’s why I love writing about weddings so much! Weddings are as unique as fingerprints: your stories will be as different as your choices of venue, photographer and details…

Arusha's Images Photography regal bridal shoot (10)

and oh, do I have a stunning styled shoot for you this afternoon! Hot from the lens of photographer Arusha this one blasts red, white and blue – and takes inspiration from the more luxurious aspects of the venue where the shoot took place.

Arusha told me, “I love the age old romance of red roses, and took inspiration from a poem, this time by Robert Burns:

“My love is like a red, red rose
That’s newly sprung in June:
My love is like a melody
That’s sweetly played in tune.”

I felt that with the red roses, and the red Jaguar I sourced, that other strong colours would naturally be blue and bridal white: so red, white and blue it was.


Two of my best friends got married at Holbeck Ghyll – it’s one of the Lake District’s loveliest wedding venues and is set on a peaceful hillside away from the world outside. It’s a dream venue. And so when I heard about this gorgeous shoot from Arusha’s Images Photography I simply had to see more.

Bohemian wedding ideas Arusha's Images Photography Lake District (15)

Themes and venues go hand in hand – fact. If you’ve decided on your theme you’ll need to find a venue where you can make it work… and sometimes that can be tricky. Vintage won’t work in a modern hotel. Art deco won’t work in a barn. Let your venue inspire your theme then… as Arusha did with this beautifully curated shoot…

Bohemian wedding ideas Arusha's Images Photography Lake District (5)

We’re talking light and pretty photography with vast skies and pastel details. Our bride and groom are in nature: on Holbeck Ghyll’s terrace all you can see are mountains and the sparkling Lake Windermere – and by the lake there’s a jetty perfect for slipping toes into the gentle waves of England’s largest lake. Could anything be more perfect for an elegant bohemian wedding?


Emily and Daniel are one of the loveliest couples I’ve had the pleasure of featuring… and their wedding is filled with pretty touches and creative details. They married at Upton Barn in July and chose lovely Mark from Evolve Photography to photograph their day.

Rustic handmade Upton Barn wedding Evolve Photography Devon (19)

I have so much to tell you I barely know where to begin… the interview which follows the photos today is superb, and this quote from Emily is spot on: “If at the end of the day you are married to your best friend then it has been a success, everything else is just details.

The details, however, look to have been a total success and then some! I adore the place settings and little favours (too cute!) and the lavender touches are just divine. Suppliers were found through recommendations and online, and Emily and Daniel found their venue through a local wedding show.

Rustic handmade Upton Barn wedding Evolve Photography Devon (7)


Claire and Paul are the loveliest couple – I think every wedding photo shows at least one of them with an amazing happy smile – and theirs is the sort of wedding I just love to bits.

Painshill Park Surrey wedding with Sophie Duckworth Photography (39)

They describe their Surrey wedding as ‘less fuss, more fun’ and their motto clearly worked like a charm! They celebrated in style at Painshill Park and hired lovely Sophie Duckworth as their wedding photographer.

Painshill Park Surrey wedding with Sophie Duckworth Photography (37)

Sophie has featured on the English Wedding Blog many times, and you can find out all about her via the following links:

Painshill Park Surrey wedding with Sophie Duckworth Photography (21)


Suppliers were found through recommendations – photographer Sophie gave some great tips for top suppliers, and Painshill Park came up with ideas as well. Everything looks fantastic and it’s wonderful to read such a great review for Sophie and see Paul and Claire’s recommendations for some other local wedding suppliers. Don’t skip the interview at the end of today’s blog post for all of the above and more!


How many of us had dreams as little girls of being a) beautiful princess brides and b) ballerinas? Ahhh… I sense you smiling just a little there… even I wanted to be in Swan Lake when I was young enough to look cute in ballet shoes!

Handcrafted in London wedding dresses by Sabina Motasem (1)

Some things don’t change: brides will always look amazing; ballerinas will always have a timeless grace which can take a girl’s breath away. Combining the two is genius… and Sabina Motasem‘s latest collection of wedding dresses does just that. Beautifully.
Handcrafted in London wedding dresses by Sabina Motasem (2)

The new collection brings movement and flow to designer bridalwear, showcasing must-have pieces for any bride looking for luxurious understated elegance.

Sabina Motasem has just launched the new ‘En Pointe’ bridalwear collection with styling and design inspiration taken from the world of ballet. The collection is available to view at the Islington-based studio with stunning ballerina imagery starring a real ballerina, Kate Byrne who dances with the Royal Opera House and the National Ballet all around the world.

Handcrafted in London wedding dresses by Sabina Motasem (3)


I can’t help stumbling across all these amazing weddings… where you lovely lot are finding the sunshine I have no idea… but oh my goodness you’re making the whole internet beautiful!

Maunsel House wedding blog Somerset photographers Simon Biffen (5)

Today’s real wedding sneak peek comes from lovely Simon Biffen. Simon’s a Somerset wedding photographer whose style I adore. His images of Carmen and Steve’s Maunsel House wedding are divine.

Maunsel House wedding blog Somerset photographers Simon Biffen (4)Simon is happy to travel throughout the UK to photograph weddings. Wherever you are, do check him out… I think he’s amazing!

The details of the day are stunning; the venue one of England’s finest; the happy couple just incredibly gorgeous. You will love this!
Maunsel House wedding blog Somerset photographers Simon Biffen (2)
Maunsel House wedding blog Somerset photographers Simon Biffen (3)

See more…


Sometimes I spend hours gazing at delicious-looking photos of food. It’s a worthwhile pastime… because food comes in the top 5 wedding priorities for most couples. Your guests will remember the food and music from your wedding day above almost everything else – so make the most of your menu sampling sessions, everyone!

Today I have some brilliant advice from wedding catering expert Emma at Goose & Berry. Emma’s been investigating your favourite wedding foods and shares her top tips for wedding menus for the coming year.

claire gould calligrapher signature

The top 10 wedding food trends for 2016

As a wedding and event caterers we start to recognise trends and patterns long before they start to become well known. Having the benefit of also being wedding and event planners we are also able to incorporate these and utilise our catering skills to the max!


Another treat… a little holiday for our eyes, and some much-needed sunshine. This afternoon’s real wedding sneak peek comes from the blog of my lovely sponsor and super Bristol wedding photographer Joseph Hall.

real wedding in a French chateau Joseph Hall Photography UK (1)

Joseph photographed this enchanting wedding at a castle in the Dordogne – and I have fallen in love with every detail. This is beautiful.


real wedding in a French chateau Joseph Hall Photography UK (2)

Eve and Andrew are amazing, the location is incredible, the photography is out of this world. You definitely need to go see more on Joseph’s wedding photography blog…

real wedding in a French chateau Joseph Hall Photography UK (3)

See more…

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Modern blue styling ideas with calligraphy for an alternative beach wedding (18)

Image credit: Oobaloos Photography

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