Delbury Hall is one of Shropshire’s loveliest wedding venues. With a country house, a lake with swans and ducks swimming about and beautiful gardens it is the perfect place for a wedding. Beautiful bride Siân and her gorgeous groom Edward were married there in the summer and chose Tony Fanning to capture their day. It’s perfect… and I have to say I love their wedding hashtag and the beautifully realised shed to go with it! Siân – Edward… get it?!

Pretty garden flowers and crafty country styling for a Shopshire wedding, images by Tony Fanning (9)

Something on top bridal designer Suzanne Neville‘s website caught my eye the other day – a little comment from lovely Suzanne herself that social media has inspired brides to be more adventurous. I love this! Browsing Instagram and Pinterest for unique wedding inspo – from designers all over the world – has changed us and is even inspiring those designers to create dresses which are more show-stopping than ever before!

Belle Epoque bridal collection by British designer Suzanne Neville on the English Wedding Blog (11)

Sometimes I think it’s easier to style your wedding if you leave it almost until the last minute. It amazes me how quickly trends can change, and within eighteen months things like gypsophila, ombre and olive branches can all but disappear from our feeds. So today we’re talking about the top trends for wedding styling in 2018!

The key to a truly beautiful celebration is always to style your wedding to your personality rather than the trendiest looks you find in magazines. As a blogger though, I love to seek out next year’s trends – I kind of know where they’ll appear first and which will appeal to our English sense of style and elegance – and today I’m going to share my predictions for the coming year with you lovely lot.

You’re not alone if you secretly wish English brides and grooms could marry anywhere, like they can in the US: at home, on the beach, or in a beautiful woodland setting like this. That time will come… in the meantime, there’s so much to be said for bringing nature indoors – choose woodland foliage and twisting branches in your bouquet; add butterflies to your tables and stationery; and choose a venue with a patch of woodland nearby so you can escape for beautiful portraits with your love!

Woodland fairytale wedding with butterflies on the English Wedding Blog. Photo credit: Nina Pang (8)

I adore Kerry’s dress and bouquet and how today’s gorgeous bride and groom are both smiling, grinning and laughing all day long. Kerry & James’ wedding was perfect – the sun shone gloriously on what turned out to be one of the hottest days of the year so far and Kerry looked ridiculously stunning in her blush pink gown.

Crafty wedding styling and a beautiful blush pink dress at Chequers Inn, with The Crawleys (16)