1. If you haven’t done it on the day, or you’ve forgotten something, it probably wasn’t that important and so don’t spend your day worrying about it. Make sure you benefit from all of your hard work!

~ Katherine & Ben

2. Be philosophical about the details, as much as every detail may have seemed important in the planning, in the grand scheme of the day you will get caught up in the moment and things will inevitably be overlooked. If there are details that really matter to you both, entrust them to someone else, don’t try to do them yourself on the day.

I’ve been so excited about today. Secret projects and whispered email conversations with some of my most favourite people have come together to make something beautiful for YOU: The English Wedding Book. It’s an online publication (no dead trees: yay!) which is filled with beautiful style ideas, expert tips and real weddings, with a full chapter of advice from real couples to help you plan your big day.

It’s FREE to read, and it’s also free from advertising. For me this is a pretty major deal: I want you to enjoy the book for what it is: pages of articles with beautiful photography to inspire your wedding, with no pressure to buy a single thing.