If I ever have a wedding, I hope I’ll be able to describe the day as Maud does hers: “A beautiful, colourful day filled with love and madness.” In my world, this is everything a wedding should be! And Maud looks amazing, she and Andy both do. I jumped at the chance to share their day with you – the images capture the spirit and excitement of the day in such a magical way!

Amazing wedding party inspiration from Deepdale Farm with Kazooieloki (2)


DIY weddings don’t get much prettier than this… and beautiful bride Rosie just happened to marry her lovely husband at one of our favourite wedding venues, the fabulous Launcells Barton in Cornwall. Safe to say then, that today’s wedding is magical inside and out…

Cornwall's new barn wedding venue Launcells Barton, Rebecca Roundhill Photography (9)

The flowers are divine – gorgeous colours, super bright and colourful throughout the day. I love Rosie’s flowers in her hair – aren’t they pretty? The cake is spectacular, the bouquet wonderfully trailing foliage and with statement blooms to create a real talking point. The crafts are so lovely too… I adore the pretty baubles on the tree, the forget-me-not favours and sweet place settings.


Today’s real wedding is one of those timeless celebrations which I know I can blog now, and brides in 2025 will still be turning to it for inspiration. It’s sheer luxe and so beautiful – Rebecca is breathtaking, her husband Dominic looks fabulous, and the venue is out of this world! Wow.

Luxury wedding at Greenwich Painted Hall with Claire MacIntyre for Bardot Weddings (33)

The venue was magnificent and required minimal decoration. Our florist decorated both the day and evening rooms. The evening venue was the Queen Mary Undercroft at the Naval College which had pillars in it. Our florist put fairy lights and ivory up around the pillars and we had two large pedestal flower sprays which were at the entrance.


Happy Tuesday! I hope you’re ready for something really lovely… today’s Lincolnshire wedding is so so beautiful. I love Rebecca’s stunning dress (she’s just sooo beautiful!) and George’s beard – between the two of them this is just a perfect wedding for the blog and I’m thrilled to be sharing it with you today!

Batemans Brewery wedding blog from Lincolnshire with 166 Photography (23)

“We met while studying fine art at uni so it seemed a bit of a no-brainer to make our own stationery. George made the drawings for our invitations, order of service and table plan, while I made the layouts and put them together. It was pretty time consuming but we spend a lot of time making stuff anyway, and it was great because we got to include lots of little details and a lot of lavender!”


This is an absolutely perfect blog post – the flowers are so vibrant and colourful, and the mossy details are fab. I adore the fireplace, so full of colour – and the portraits of beautiful bride Hannah & her new husband Matt outside Woodhall Spa Manor are wonderful.

Bright and beautiful English wedding at Woodhall Spa Manor with Heather Jackson Photography (9)

Our flowers were multi coloured and summery – truly breath taking – they were by Flowers by Suzanne. I added a few personal touches of my own creation, including a timeline of the day on an old mirror painted with chalk paint (borrowed from my cousin’s wedding) and a fingerprint tree guest book I made from an online template. I absolutely loved putting these few things together; luckily I am a teacher so had a few weeks before the wedding in the holidays to do all of this.