You can win my heart a million times with beautiful lettering… and this is amazing!!! I’m head over heels in love with today’s wedding – it’s gorgeous, I love all the writing! The flowers are so pretty – the cake is perfect! And Jas & Will are so good together – their portraits are super sweet! Love this to bits 🙂

Tons of lettering ideas from a real wedding at The Green Cornwall. Images by A Thing Like That (11)

“We didn’t really have a theme, everything was very ‘us’. I suppose, understated, elegant, natural, romantic.

Tons of lettering ideas from a real wedding at The Green Cornwall. Images by A Thing Like That (17)


Ahh… I can almost smell the sunshine from today’s sublime English wedding – looking at these images is the loveliest reminder of summer, and the details of the day are simply perfect. Stunning bride Sarah has written about her day – and I just love that it was so perfect, this family home is set to become one of England’s prettiest new wedding venues.

Inspiration for a beautiful garden wedding at Midway Manor with Louise Adby Photography (22)

“James and I got married at his parent’s house, Midway Manor, in Bradford-on-Avon and we would like to open up Midway Manor to other couples getting married as it is a splendid place.


I was reading today – I can’t remember where – a piece of advice about styling your wedding, and not rushing into anything. The article recommended choosing your venue first and using its decor to inspire your day (something we’ve suggested before on the English Wedding Blog). As soon as I saw Kim and Kevin’s stunning wedding it brought all that advice back: and oh my, did they choose a venue to be inspired by!

A sublimely pretty English wedding at Clifton College in Bristol, with Jennifer Jane Photography (4)

There are so many beautiful touches to Kim and Kevin’s day. The bouquet is sublime (and lovely Jennifer Jane always gets that incredible shot! LOVE!) – the table flowers and florals all around the venue are perfect.


Alex is a wedding florist, and as you’d expect her bouquet is a bit of a knockout. This beauty is unstructured, tumbling, full of delicious foliage and statement flowers… and the rest of the wedding is just as stunning!

A stunning woodland-inspiread wedding in Kent, with Olegs Samsonovs Photography (3)

I’m so proud of the overall image of the wedding but the flowers (from Wild For Flowers, Folkestone) completely lifted it. It changed from just being a village hall wedding to our really special day. Our venue was a village hall and we loved it. It was a blank canvas that we could have for a week before to decorate exactly how we wanted it to be.


I never want to be a dull blogger. I want to share something new every day – and more often, to share things you won’t expect. Images to surprise you; ideas to set you thinking along lines you’d never dreamed of before. Guys like Rox and Scott can inspire me to do just that… because the last thing they wanted was ‘ordinary’ anything at their wedding.

Stunning images of a no rules wedding at Grays Court by York Place Studios (27)