Days Married: 82

The final instalment of The Wedding Report is upon us!

Here’s my mum’s friend holding up the photo montages we gave to our parents of our engagement shoot. Annoyingly – we forgot to give them out during the speeches so had to do it a little later… oops!

Here’s Alice preparing for her amazing jazz set later on.

So, yeah, we went to play crazy golf 😉 Jeff, our videographer, asked us if we were up for it and my response was something along the lines of ‘Jeff, you get us the clubs and balls, and we’ll play golf!’

And now for the ceilidh! This is Triple Scotch welcoming us into the evening. I was a little worried about how the ceilidh would go down, but as you’ll see, it went down a REAL TREAT!

As we hadn’t had our official first dance yet, we had an unofficial first ceilidh dance, where we took centre stage in the middle of the circle!


Days Married: 80

Before we sat down to eat, Phil our photographer wanted to get some dramatic shots in the window of the Great Hall.

We also had some time to look at the Drawing Room – all set up and ready to go! The staff at Peckforton Castle did an amazing job with setting up the tables to my detailed specifications!

Our guitar and piano favours with our personalised plectrums. How good do they look?! We also made the menus and table numbers!

And the cake made by the lovely Gina. (Very unfortunately I only managed to eat a tiny bit on the day – luckily Gina had made a practice one and we all tucked in earlier this year!)

The view from my seat at the top table!

It was a beautiful day to relax out in the courtyard!

Here’s my sister and I – replicating one of the Hen Do shots!


Days Married: 78

So, here we are in the magnificent hall – getting married!

I remember on the day my face was hurting from smiling so much.

Richard’s mum and dad got up to do a reading that they wrote themselves whilst they were staying in the same place we got engaged – and it was about that very place! Doesn’t Richard’s mum look AMAZING in leopard print!

You know, after watching other wedding videos and seeing other photographs of the first kiss of marriage, I realise ours is not the tamest I’ve seen – much more fire and passion! He held me so tight. 🙂

I just love how happy we are here ‘pretending’ to sign the register for all the photographs!

Obligatory confetti shot.

This was when we had just left the Great Hall and were greeted with champagne. It was bliss!

I love this photo of my sister giving me a hug!


Days Married: 76

It was an overcast morning and I was awake at around 4am and in the shower at 6am. I had planned the morning schedule to the minute and had handed out colour-coded schedules to everyone involved – so to be honest I wasn’t worried about time and getting things done – even though I regularly shouted ‘WHAT’S THE TIME?!’ to all who would listen. We were, in fact, early!

Plenty of champagne was consumed by all and Emma (make-up) and Sara (hair) did an absolutely sterling job.

The boys were getting ready at the other side of the castle after arriving at around 9:30am. I remember making a journey up to Richard’s mum’s room to give her the boys’ shoes and after that I was confined to my corridor for fear of seeing anyone I shouldn’t! I remember being very calm whilst having my hair and make up done – maybe I was a mix of serene, excited and a wedding-automaton – I knew what had to be done so I was doing it!


Days Married: 74

Good news readers! I now have the disc of hi-res images from Phil Barber so I can bombard you with photos and wedding reports! Hurrah!

You may remember in a past post that I was keeping secrets about my dress. No more secrets from me – I wore Cabaret by Ian Stuart. To be honest I don’t think the model on the website does the dress justice – as I really don’t like it in that photo. However, trying the dress on was a completely different story – this dress needs curves!

Also you may remember I mentioned that I didn’t like something about my dress initially – the flowers! I thought there were far too many flowers and they looked too busy. Little did I realise that of course these roses fitted in perfectly with my wedding theme, and actually, when the dress is on, they look amazing. I did change something about the original dress though – I had a back panel put in rather than showing my bare back through the corset lacing.


Days Married: 52

Time really does fly doesn’t it! I know I haven’t been around much but I’m still here lurking about – and today I bring you our wedding video, expertly crafted by Jeff Wood who is an absolute legend of ours. Seriously, if you want a classy, personal and unique wedding video – you want Jeff and his team. Words cannot express how thrilled we are with our video – and I think one of the most special things about it is that he recorded the jazz trio that were playing during the wedding breakfast and used that music as the basis for the soundtrack. He really took the time to know us and what our wedding was about and was able to incorporate everything (and more) into a gorgeous production.

I won’t say anything else because it really does speak for itself. Just enjoy! 🙂


Days married: 28

Claire had told me a while ago that there was a little ‘thing’ she was making for me. I had forgotten about this until she mentioned it when I got back. I had forgotten about it again until it landed on my doorstep this afternoon! (And here I was thinking it was a special kind of blog post!)

What a lovely surprise to receive this cute little thank you box with my favourite type of ribbon tied around it!

And what’s more – inside the box was Claire’s speciality – beautiful calligraphy for Richard and and me! (I really don’t know how you do it Claire, it’s beautiful!)

What a beautiful keepsake to remind me of the times I shared with English Wedding and you all! It’s very fitting that the calligraphy is oh-so-very regal – like we were when we got married in a castle! Yes!

Thank you very much Claire. It’s beautiful.


Days married: 19

Check out the new header!

Yes, I am back! I am slightly nervous to be back. I don’t know why. Perhaps it has to do with not wanting to accept it’s all over – or perhaps because being ‘on the other side’ has changed my perspective about a lot of things, and caused me to realise I became quite a wedding monster during the run up to my wedding! I don’t want to say ‘Bridezilla’ – because I’m a nice girl and I wasn’t mean to anyone. I say wedding monster because I became greedy for validation. I wanted my wedding to be everywhere and I wanted everyone to know about it. I wanted my wedding to be featured on EVERY BLOG IN THE WORLD.

I totally missed the point. All that doesn’t actually matter. When you spend hours looking at other weddings you want to envisage your wedding being celebrated and appreciated by the whole world in the same way. But I don’t need that now. No one really needs that. I have my own memories. I have my own validation. I have the words from my friends and family that mean more to me than any stranger’s words could ever mean. And more importantly – I have my husband.


Days to go: 0

The day is finally here! I wish I could tell you how I am feeling but I probably don’t know myself. (Especially as I’m obviously writing this in advance!)

I thought I’d take this opportunity to share with you some of the ‘secret’ photos we had taken on our engagement shoot. These have formed the basis of our parents presents – which are photo montages of our shoot. I made a little booboo and forgot to take photos of the finished montages before Richard wrapped them up – but I’m sure you’ll get the idea.

These will also be used for our thank you postcards to send out to guests, and they are also for all you readers out there.

Enjoy and I’ll see you on the other side!

All photos by Phil Barber.


I’ve deservedly given Salma the blogging limelight for the past week or so, because, (in true Salma countdown style)…

1 day to go!

Salma & Richard.. 1 day to go!

Salma, I can’t imagine how you must be feeling I’m nervous enough now and I have 86 days to go! It’s been a real pleasure hearing the details of your day and how excited you both are, I’m sure your musical wedding will go down a treat.. You’ll have to get some videos as well as photos up showcasing your talented friends and ex-bandmembers’ talents!

So this is just a short post wishing you both the best of luck tomorrow, I hope everything runs smoothly; and here’s looking towards your music and laughter filled future together!

And make sure you get back on English Wedding soon to tell us all all about it!

Sally xx

Nearly There…


Days to go: 2

Our planning journey is almost over! Today we picked up the suits for the boys and have been putting all finishing touches into place and packing for honeymoon. We’ve also been making lists to ensure we don’t forget anything tomorrow when we depart for the castle and so the boys don’t forget anything when they make their way over on Friday morning. Whilst Richard takes the cats on their little holiday tomorrow, I’m spending all morning in the salon with the girls tomorrow and to complete the experience I will be taking champagne and the salon are providing us with yummy cupcakes done out in the colour scheme of our wedding!

I’ve had lots of butterflies in my tummy today and I can probably safely say they will remain with me until 12:30pm on Friday when the marriage ceremony is over and we can party on down! I can’t quite believe how close it is now!