Despite saying that the Royal Wedding “is sooooo last month” recently on my own little blog (a bold statement I know) I have to confess that I’ve stocked up on the Kate & Wills memorabilia. As well as collecting the Daily Mail’s free souvenir I also snapped up the Royal issue of Hello, the Sun and the Royal Mail Collectors Stamps (oh how very OAP of me). I thought that it would be nice to keep a few mementos from the Windsor’s big day as they decided to get wed in the same year as us… I’ve phrased it this way as we’ve been planning our DIY nuptials since Garry popped the question on Bognor Beach on 13th June 2009 (so at the risk of sounding like a school girl, we started planning first).


Were you tweeting about the royal wedding day, or on facebook chatting about the celebrations? Whether you were in the garden ignoring your iphone or glued to the telly hopping channels (some I know were avoiding one BBC presenter in particular!) you won’t be surprised to hear the internet was bursting with royal wedding discussion on Friday morning. I got this report through on Friday, pretty interesting so I thought I’d share it.

The Big Numbers

· Over a million people in the UK used Facebook statuses to discuss the Royal Wedding in the past 24 hours.

· During the morning alone some 684,399 status updates referencing the wedding were posted in just 4 hours in the UK – equating to an average of 47 mentions every second.

· Many people in the UK were so excited they couldn’t sleep, with just under 500 people updating about the pending nuptials per hour ahead of 8am


alternative royal wedding Tierney Photography (4)The royal wedding – a huge event for media in the UK, for the royal family and for anyone who enjoys a good bank holiday. It would be childish not to wish Kate and William well, so I’ll be raising a glass or two to the royal couple later today.

alternative royal wedding Tierney Photography (14)But I won’t be slavishly following proceedings. I’ll be playing out, enjoying a nice family day instead. I like a big event. I like that people are celebrating and looking forward to seeing Kate’s dress and all the pomp and ceremony. If you’re brave enough for a street party in the rain, have a brilliant time!

alternative royal wedding Tierney Photography (15)Here on English Wedding there was only one way to mark the occasion. One of my favourite wedding photographers, Mark Tierney of Tierney Photography, was official photographer for an alternative royal wedding a few weeks ago. Mark has very kindly shared some lovely pics from his wedding photography blog.


I’m sat watching the royal wedding commentary on the BBC this morning as I type. It’s fascinating to see how the nation – led by the media – becomes so involved in the wedding day.

I was asked on Twitter yesterday about coverage of the royal wedding on this blog. “Surely it’s the ultimate English wedding?” @katylunsford asked me. And I’ve been considering the question since then.

Kate and William: the ultimate English Wedding?

Yes, in that the UK’s media is entirely tuned in. (Even as I put the tv on this morning, it was on Channel 5 from last night, and the kids’ tv presenter and his mascot were in capes and crowns.)

Yes, in that the world is watching! TV crews from around the world are in London to report on the big day. Why we’re having an Olympics next year I’ve no idea. The royal wedding is THE big event.

T-Mobile does the Royal Wedding Dance

Thanks Dad 🙂

Earlier this week I shared T-Mobile‘s silly, funny and ridiculous Royal Wedding dance on the English Wedding facebook page. I love it. As I said then, I’m not a big fan of corporates jumping onto events to promote themselves… but if it’s done this well, then fair play to them.

T-Mobile does the Royal Wedding Dance

If you haven’t seen this yet, you’re going to love it.

And thanks Dad for telling me to get it on the blog. You’re right – it should be here! Anyone who isn’t getting English Wedding facebook updates, now’s the time to hit that Like button so you don’t miss any facebook exclusives. (There’s a hint there for someone 😉


It’s as if someone’s announced the official launch of royal wedding pap this morning. In my inbox, two press releases I’ve decided to share only the funniest bits from. Selected highlights follow…

Are you safe from post-wedding picture blues?

by LG Electronics

“With the Royal Wedding just around the corner, 2011 will definitely be a year to remember, especially for couples who are about to tie the knot. [fine so far, but after a paragraph or two this segues into…]

“If you’re now thinking about what effect losing pre-wedding records and, worse still, the post wedding photos stored on your home PC would have, it is worth considering that compact storage devices are now available on the high street. [Ooh the fear…]

“The special ‘RAID management’ contained within the LG Super Multi NAS, keeps important data safe from unexpected hard drive failure. NAS also enables high-resolution images and video to be stored and accessed from anywhere that an internet connection is available. [How did we get to this from the Royal Wedding?!]


There aren’t words for this one so I’ll just show you the pics and leave you to giggle. Thanks to my dad for finding the first two, and to Amazon for suggesting I might like to buy the third.

A very special edition of Wednesday Writes

Royal Wedding inspired literature…

Dress Up Dolly Royal Wedding Book

Dress Up Dolly Royal Wedding - William and Kate in pants. Love his!

Sticker Dolly Dressing Weddings - Royal Wedding Special Edition

Sticker Dolly Dressing Weddings - Royal Wedding Special Edition

Knit your own royal wedding

Knit your own royal wedding

Comments welcome. I’m lost for words! Loving the imagination behind every one of these though.


this is a cheeky preview of my latest shoot where we set fire to wedding stuff... more coming soon.

Morning everyone! This blog post is a simple question really:

Is your wedding venue having a celebration of any kind on the 29th of April? (OK 2 questions) and Will you be going? (no pun intended)

My enthusiasm for the royal wedding has kind of flopped at the moment I’m afraid, and cynicism taken over.

royal wedding brunch

And when I look at wedding venue websites and press releases about these royal wedding brunches and tea parties my reaction is a half-hearted, sceptical “hmmm”.

So – royal wedding brunches in stately homes: like watching the footy on a big screen, only with tea and scones in china instead of Stella in plastic cups? Is it odd?!! Or is it me? (sometimes it’s me, I know 🙂

I’d love to know what you think.


fairy liquid royal weddingThis post is for you, dear readers. Because I’m a little at a loss for words: inwardly chuckling, and yet slightly alarmed that I find this funny: “Procter & Gamble is developing a special-edition plastic bottle of Fairy Liquid to commemorate the royal wedding in April“.

Emma Hall, London editor of US magazine Advertising Age, contacted me to ask for a quote and – trying not to be insulting but failing, I think – I obliged and have been quoted in her article here:

Even P&G’s Fairy Dishwashing Liquid Is Part of U.K. Royal Wedding

Personally I won’t be buying a bottle. I will be looking for it to see how it’s priced though! Emma’s article is an entertaining read. I’d recommend it. You’ll enjoy the bit about Crown Jewels’ royal wedding condoms, I’m sure!


So let me know your thoughts. Royal Fairy Liquid: friendly and harmless or mildly sinister?


royal wedding place cards from Vintage TweeIt’s been a little while since we heard from alternative royal bride Cat Muddleton, but I really think things are hotting up on the wedding planning front for English Wedding’s very own princess bride – with just three months until her wedding day.

Royal wedding favour box by Vintage TweeThe wedding venue is agreed, guests are having outfits designed and hats made, top UK chefs are having a televised competition to create an exciting menu for the wedding breakfast* and top secret wedding dressmakers have been squirreled away to a top secret workshop full of silkworms, diamonds and elves.

royal wedding lottery ticket holders from Vintage Twee*probably

However, Cat Muddleton is in a quandary. She’s looking for “something fabulous to put on the tables”. We had a chat yesterday and she wanted a little help finding affordable wedding favours to fit a royal wedding theme. Easy peasy…

I showed Cat Muddleton Tuesday’s blog post all about Vintage Twee. Bless her, our alternative royal bride squealed and ran around the house before picking up the phone and gasping her excitement. She LOVED it! The lady clearly has taste.


I had an email from the lovely royal-bride-alike Cat Muddleton this week: she’s a little overwhelmed by wedding budget woes and was looking for advice.

Here at English Wedding we have plenty of down to earth, sensible wedding budget advice and our friends in the wedding industry are always happy to share their best tips to help brides on a budget.

Here’s Cat Muddleton’s email:

Hey Claire, hope you’re ok. I wanted to pick your brains about my wedding budget as I’m getting in a bit of a pickle. This whole ‘royal wedding’ theme is doing my head in. So basically my family feel like they should pay, for tradition and stuff. But they’re not as rich as Willy’s family and so his family feel like they should pay which makes my mum & dad feel bad. And then apparently we’re having some of it paid for by “the public” which is a bit weird – but I don’t want to overspend on anything and I don’t know where to start. My parents have said they’ll supply streamers and party tricks. Willy’s parents have ‘connections’ (bit worried… sounds dodgy to me) and they’re getting the venue for us. For the rest I want to keep costs down but I don’t know how. You know what Willy’s like, he calls money his “spendy buttons” and loves giving them out! Cat Muddleton xxx Sent from my iPhone


Mia Sposa - High Street bridalwear collection

It’s been a few days since I’ve heard from my newest best friend and royal-bride-alike Cat Muddleton. Now rumour has it she’s been looking for a wedding dress… and naturally she came to English Wedding for some down to earth advice.

Cat told me she’s seen hundreds of wedding dresses online and is frankly a little dazzled by the choice. It’s something I hear again and again: there are so many wedding dress styles to choose from, and you can browse online till you’re dizzy, find a few you love but still be wondering whether they’ll suit you.

My advice to brides is always to put the laptop down and go and try wedding dresses on. Find a good bridal store, book an appointment, and go and see what suits you and what you really love.

I suggested Cat visit Mia Sposa (who’d very usefully just sent me a press release) – they’re a high street brand so prices are affordable for most UK brides. They stock traditional wedding dresses with contemporary designs. Pretty pictures for you first (these are Cat’s favourites from the Coco Couture collection) and then the press release is below.