Gill and Andy’s wedding is like a dream – the perfect beach location; breathtaking spots for those keep-forever photographs and the prettiest of seaside styling touches. They married at Tunnels Beaches in Devon, and chose Evolve Photography to capture their day and the fabulous Pumpkin & Pye for beautiful florals.

Boho wedding inspiration from Tunnels Beaches Devon. Image credit Evolve Photography (19)

Gill’s bridal separates are exquisite – she knew she wanted a skirt and a top rather than a dress. “I tried on about 20 different dresses before I found a store that had a skirt and a top. I knew as soon as I put it on that it was the one! The designer was Karen Willis Holmes and the boutique I bought it from was Martin Charles Bridal in Peterborough. I couldn’t recommend Martin highly enough. He is incredibly talented and made my dress fit like a glove.

The sunlight in these wedding images is just dreamy – when wedding photographers talk about golden hour you just know you’ve found the right one, don’t you? And Annabel and Sam’s wedding portraits are so beautiful I just had to start with their evening pics! What a gorgeous couple… and the loveliest set of images you can imagine.

A sweet and pretty vintage wedding on the English Wedding Blog. Image by Love in Focus (27)

Wedding photographer’s website:
We chose Love in Focus after recommendation from a friend and looking at his website.

Let’s start this week on a high, shall we? Gorgeous Katherine and Nick’s wedding at Cleatham Hall has everything: the most amazing bouquet, a breathtaking dress and the loveliest of details to share with you. It’s fabulous and the perfect pick me up for all of our Mondays!!

A fabulous bouquet for Nick & Katherine's designer wedding at Cleatham Hall, photography by Kazooieloki (13)

Katherine’s interview is ace – don’t miss it at the end of the blog post if you’re getting married this year. I love her words of wisdom: “Stay true to both your styles and choose the things that you like . Everyone says ‘it will always come together ‘ when you are at your most stressed times with planning and they are so right. After the day, you’ll have no idea why you were so worried.”

Kaari and Kelly's Osea Island wedding - image credit Ayshea Goldberg Photography Essex (19)

Osea Island is paradise personified. The venue only needed a few touches to make our Gatsby theme come to life!

In the months leading up to the wedding my flat looked like a storage depot mixed with a mad artist with a penchant for glitter, ribbon and foam board. A shout out to my amazing girlfriends who DIY’d into the stratosphere with me and forgave my toddler like meltdowns (e.g. world is now ending because one shade of gold ribbon is different than the other :/) I so owe them.

Kaari and Kelly's Osea Island wedding - image credit Ayshea Goldberg Photography Essex (3)

If you love colour and are searching for styling ideas for your wedding which are a little more interesting than most, today’s gorgeous wedding is perfect! The multicoloured hanging lanterns are spellbinding – alongside Alison’s ribbon decorations and pretty DIY touches, they make for a fabulous theme and colour palette!

Bright and colourful spring wedding styling at the Matara Centre on the English Wedding Blog with Oobaloos Photography (35)

“Our wedding was exactly what we wanted. Styling was colourful but simple. I love tulips so was set on these as my flowers. I pinned a lot of rustic type things but decided to put my own spin on things with colourful ribbon instead of twine and string.