Hello everyone! I find myself captivated by today’s wedding… as I’ve been scrolling through the beautiful images of Kirsty-Anne and James’s London wedding this morning I’ve welled up a little – this is an incredible story.

Wedding in London MCB weddings Martin Beddall (1)

But I can’t resist introducing this wedding in a different way: there is a wonderful sequence of images showing Kirsty-Anne’s pretty flower girl whose excitement is the most amazing thing to see!

This of course is a beautiful wedding from beginning to end: Kirsty-Anne and James make a stunning couple; the dress is divine; the venues magnificent. Documentary wedding photographer Martin Beddall captures the emotion of this London wedding and his images have put me in such a romantic mood this morning!

Kirsty-Anne was run over just six months before her wedding day and her recovery gives us real perspective on what’s important here: love, marriage and the celebration of two people committing to sharing a life together. With my thanks to Martin Beddall for the images and to Kirsty-Anne and James for sharing their story. This is beautiful. Enjoy.


Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a nice morning so far. Whatever you’re up to I hope you’re keeping well wrapped up – I have taken to wearing my biggest scarf for cosy blogging this week! And today’s Ingatestone Hall wedding is one of my star weddings this week – an Ian Stuart dress, gentle pinks and traditional styling for a really classic and gorgeous English wedding day. I hope you love it!

UK wedding blog, Ingatestone Hall (1)

Elizabeth and Paul had an elegant English wedding with a light colour palette, pretty details and some special touches: a horse and carriage, a string quartet and lots of lush pink roses! Elizabeth’s dress is the exquisite Coppelia by Ian Stuart – she’s absolutely stunning. I’ll hand over to Elizabeth for the wedding report and to wedding photographer Gary Roebuck for all the lovely images of their Ingatestone Hall wedding now. Enjoy the pretty! xxx
UK wedding blog, Ingatestone Hall (2)

Elizabeth and Paul’s Ingatestone Hall wedding

UK wedding blog, Ingatestone Hall (4)

The bride and groom: Elizabeth Petchey and Paul Sowden


Imagine the romance of waves on a beach, the soft ripple of the sea on a still day. Rachel and Eugene’s wedding with waves has everything: the looks of pure love are reflected in every image, even in the styling of their day: pastel palettes, delicate flowers and a dream wedding venue.

St Donat's Castle photography credit Simon Biffen (1)

Rachel’s hair is divine – with twists of the prettiest wildflowers in a beautiful braid. The love in Eugene’s eyes is there for all to see. This is an inspiring and wonderful wedding in every way imaginable. Watch out for the ice cream and the bubbles too! Thank you to Rachel and Eugene for writing a little wedding report, and to wedding photographer Simon Biffen for sharing their day with us all at English Wedding Blog. Enjoy today’s little sprinkling of beauty. Claire xxx

St Donat's Castle photography credit Simon Biffen (14)

Rachel and Eugene’s wedding with waves – St Donat’s Castle

St Donat's Castle photography credit Simon Biffen (2)
St Donat's Castle photography credit Simon Biffen (3)
St Donat's Castle photography credit Simon Biffen (4)
St Donat's Castle photography credit Simon Biffen (5)
St Donat's Castle photography credit Simon Biffen (6)
St Donat's Castle photography credit Simon Biffen (7)
St Donat's Castle photography credit Simon Biffen (8)
St Donat's Castle photography credit Simon Biffen (9)
St Donat's Castle photography credit Simon Biffen (10)
St Donat's Castle photography credit Simon Biffen (11)
St Donat's Castle photography credit Simon Biffen (12)
St Donat's Castle photography credit Simon Biffen (13)
St Donat's Castle photography credit Simon Biffen (15)
St Donat's Castle photography credit Simon Biffen (16)
St Donat's Castle photography credit Simon Biffen (17)
St Donat's Castle photography credit Simon Biffen (18)
St Donat's Castle photography credit Simon Biffen (19)
St Donat's Castle photography credit Simon Biffen (20)
St Donat's Castle photography credit Simon Biffen (21)
St Donat's Castle photography credit Simon Biffen (22)
St Donat's Castle photography credit Simon Biffen (23)
St Donat's Castle photography credit Simon Biffen (24)
St Donat's Castle photography credit Simon Biffen (25)
St Donat's Castle photography credit Simon Biffen (26)

“We organised the wedding from Australia and wanted a venue which was simple to organise and minimal fuss, but characterful and close to home and family in Wales, to perfectly blend with our interests and tastes.


Good morning everyone! I’m having a very exciting week this week and today’s gorgeous wedding totally fits my romantic and happy mood…

Festival wedding ideas blog  (1)I begged for this one – Essex wedding photographer Tracy Morter happily said I could share her lovely images with you on English Wedding Blog (hurray!) and today’s beautiful bride Claudine has written a fantastic wedding report to share with us all.

So do get yourself comfy and prepare to enjoy some amazing moments: from a bunny to a first kiss so good the vicar made them do it twice, all the way past the Mosh Pit table to the Festival of Light, which was kept a secret until the end of the day. Beautiful images, wonderful memories and a really lovely couple.

“Just be there for each other and embrace the unplanned because it will be something you’ll remember and smile about for the rest of your lives.”

Festival wedding ideas blog  (7)

A fun festival themed wedding in Essex

The bride and groom: Claudine & Ian Webster


Good morning! A special hello to everyone who’s popped back (although not literally popped, because I was careful with you) after reading yesterday’s oh-so-tempting blog post about Bev and Nath’s Walcot Hall wedding! Today as promised I can share all the fabulous details of their day as well as some wonderfully spontaneous, romantic, beautiful moments from the wedding reception.

DIY wedding UK Walcot Hall (1)

Bev told me the DIY was hard work but it meant they had the most personalised wedding. She said there was nothing they would have changed. Nath spent many a weekend stamping quotes from films and songs on cards that were placed around the venue, and this loveliest of couples took the time to write a small personal message on the back of each person’s place setting tag – it’s one of the lovely touches that prove to me that details on a wedding day can mean so much to people. The trick is to find a balance – and Bev and Nath did it perfectly!


Hello there! What do I have for you this morning… let’s see. A romantic, DIY-filled, inspiring wedding with hydrangeas, home baking, wildflowers… but I am only going to show you half of Bev and Nath’s incredible Walcot Hall wedding, because there’s far too much for one day. I don’t want any of you lovely blog readers to pop, after all. Or me!

walcot hall wedding blog

So today I’m going to share some beautiful things with you, and then tomorrow I’m going to share even more. We’re talking hydrangea bouquets in a rainbow of colours, a gorgeous UK bride and groom, a quirky dream wedding venue, a cathedral length veil and a wedding dress by Romantica of Devon. Bev and Nath’s wedding also features individual bridesmaid styles, tons of ideas for reception decor (coming up tomorrow!) and the most sublimely romantic wedding photography…

Photographer Emma B says she was “in wedding heaven” with Bev and Nath at Walcot Hall – and I can really see why this gorgeous day made such an impression.  I know you’ll love it too. Remember to come back tomorrow for more!


As Tom’s voice breaks at the very end of this moving, magical and emotional wedding film, you’ll cry. I did. And then the second time I watched it I cried again. This is love as the most pure and all-encompassing emotion two people can feel. Enjoy the beautiful wedding film by Allora Visuals.

Matt & Tom | Wedding Weekend from Allora Visuals on Vimeo.

Matt and Tom were married at The Grove in Hertfordshire. The wedding film includes special moments from their wedding weekend, from heartfelt words during their marriage ceremony through to magical lighting, exquisite details (the wedding cake is out of this world!) to the most in love and romantic couple you could imagine.

Your heart will melt a little bit. But this romantic wedding film will stay in your heart for the rest of the day and keep you smiling. It’s just so beautiful!

Photography | Eliza Claire – blog post: Tom and Matt get married

Wedding Coordinator | Laura Tickle

Venue – The Grove Resort and Spa Hertfordshire


I wish I could stand here in front of you and introduce Emma and Paul’s wedding with a showmaster’s flourish. They deserve your full attention – and the images (by Shutterleaf Photography) of their Cumbria wedding day are more than amazing as well.

Cumbria wedding Shutterleaf Photography (1)

I honestly don’t know where to begin – the sunlight flooding through the windows of Broadoaks Country House Hotel near Coniston will take your breath away. Emma’s red wedding dress from Coast is simply stunning (I knew I recognised it… it got a mention at the end of this blog post from February where I claimed this dress as Mine! Revisiting this blog post made me smile).

But more than anything else, Paul and Emma’s wedding report will stir the romance in every single one of you. It did for me: a couple so much in love they spent their day holding back happy tears, whose advice for you all is to:


Mark and Jag were married in the town where I was born – in the hotel where I used to stay, as a little girl, with my family every Christmas time. I have very fond memories of The Old Hall Hotel in Buxton, and to see it pop into my inbox this week was pretty amazing.

Buxton wedding blog Lucy West Images (1)

Even more special is the wedding I have to share with you today. Mark and Jag chose to have an intimate celebration of their love with their closest family and friends. As today’s beautiful bride Jag says, this is…

“A wonderful, small wedding full of memories shared with people who meant the most to the bride and groom (parents, grandparents, siblings, best mates and that’s it). I wouldn’t have changed anything.”

It really is perfect. I must say a huge thank you to the lovely Lucy from Lucy West Images for sharing her photographs of Jag and Mark’s wedding in Buxton. It’s all about the love – a very special wedding day I’ve been looking forward to showing you!
Buxton wedding blog Lucy West Images (2)


I love the couples whose weddings I can share on this blog, I truly do! Richard and Katey are fantastic – both absolutely gorgeous and the loveliest people. Here’s proof for you – when I asked for wedding day advice Richard and Katey suggested this little gem:

“The day should be about the marriage, not just the fuss afterwards, remember why you are making the commitment to begin with and embrace it.”

vintage broadway wedding blog (17)

A beautiful sentiment from a lovely couple – and one I’d reiterate with every blog post if I thought for a second you didn’t know it already! But of course, this being a wedding blog there are as many gorgeous details as there are magical moments. Katey wears Jenny Packham, Richard looks amazing in Duchamp. Their vintage broadway wedding theme included the most amazing tickets as escort cards and – oh, yes – a red Cadillac to take Katey to church.


Oh, don’t worry – there’s more to today’s English Wedding Blog post than a first dance photo… but this one had to come first: how captivating and romantic a moment and an image is this?! You’re going to love this Durham Castle Wedding, I promise!

Durham Castle wedding photos Holden Jones (25)
With every wedding I blog, I ask the couple to share their favourite moments from the day. Their responses are what sets each wedding apart. Jenn’s reply stopped me in my tracks:

“Sitting at the top table with my new husband, looking around at all the people who mean most to us & feeling full up with love.”

This is what weddings are all about. Not the details, not the planning, not the dress or the readings or even the ring. The love. I hope you’ll enjoy today’s blog post for what it’s truly about: volumes of love which sing higher than anything else you’ll see today.

With photographs by Holden & Jones, and a fantastic wedding report by gorgeous couple Chrissy and Jenn. Enjoy! (I know you will!)
Durham Castle wedding photos Holden Jones (2)


This doesn’t happen too often – such a beautiful wedding comes in that I feel compelled to share 100 images with all of you wonderful blog readers. But as you may have read in part one yesterday, I begged photographer Sam Clayton to share it with all of you – and I couldn’t be happier to have so many amazing pictures and ideas to share!

Gate Street Barn wedding by Sam Clayton (31)

So this second feature of Laura and Jamie’s DIY wedding starts where we left off yesterday morning, with Jamie waiting as Laura walks down the aisle – I love the anticipation of this part of the day, and the romance as eyes meet… and today’s blog feature only gets better and better as we scroll through all the beautiful wedding pictures.

Gate Street Barn wedding by Sam Clayton (34)

You’ll love the rustic DIY table centrepieces, the children’s wedding favours (so cute!), the charm of Gate Street Barn wedding venue. I want you to smile at the enchantment of the sparkling candelabras, be inspired by the fabric printed table plan which Laura made, and resolve to make your own newspaper confetti cones… but most of all – just feel the love.