Hello everyone! Time to take five… drop your pens, put on your “I’m only pretending to work” face (but keep it convincing) and smile! Today’s wedding feature is short and oh-so-sweet… as was the whole wedding planning journey for Liliya & Adenis before their wedding in Nottingham.

Nottingham Council House wedding (1)

Gary from wedding photographers oneLove told me that Liliya & Adenis are Russian (Although Adenis is half Cuban) but live in England. The whole wedding was arranged within 3 weeks so that their families were able to attend. They wanted a typical Nottingham wedding & so they chose the iconic Nottingham Council House.

Liliya is the most beautiful bride and together they make such a lovely couple. Friends and family are an important part of today’s wedding blog, with the bridesmaids often taking centre stage! I hope you love the images – it’s the first time I’ve seen inside Nottingham Council House, so join me and enjoy this real wedding on English Wedding Blog today!

Claire xxx

Nottingham Council House wedding (2)


However you’re feeling this morning, it’s time to smile – today’s wedding will lift your heart and inspire you with the loveliest decor and details, and such beautiful images of the Cornish coast… needless to say it’s already a favourite for me! I’ve already shared sneak peeks on facebook – I couldn’t wait!

wedding blog Keith Riley Photography (1)

Thank you to Keith Riley Photography for making my day with these amazing images. Congratulations and huge thanks to Claire and Ryan – the most inspiring and gorgeous couple imaginable! – for sharing their wedding report (which you’ll find halfway down this page).

I absolutely love this wedding, from the styling of the marquee (the palest pink roses; delicate touches and fabulous stationery and details) to the beach scenes and the most beautiful bride… I know you will too. Enjoy! Claire xxx
wedding blog Keith Riley Photography (2)

A beautiful wedding in Cornwall – Claire and Ryan

wedding blog Keith Riley Photography (13)

wedding blog Keith Riley Photography (4)
wedding blog Keith Riley Photography (5)
wedding blog Keith Riley Photography (6)
wedding blog Keith Riley Photography (7)
wedding blog Keith Riley Photography (8)
wedding blog Keith Riley Photography (9)
wedding blog Keith Riley Photography (10)
wedding blog Keith Riley Photography (11)
wedding blog Keith Riley Photography (12)
wedding blog Keith Riley Photography (14)
wedding blog Keith Riley Photography (15)
wedding blog Keith Riley Photography (16)
wedding blog Keith Riley Photography (17)
wedding blog Keith Riley Photography (18)
wedding blog Keith Riley Photography (19)

Wedding venue:

St Carantoc church, Crantock and Cornwall marquee venue, Crantock


What is it about Dirty Dancing?! The mere mention of “I’ve had the time of my life” and I’m singing all. day. long! But it makes me happy… and dancing to it is one of today’s gorgeous couple’s favourite wedding memories. Michelle and David had the most beautiful wedding in Nottingham last year: modern and elegant with lots of white and classy decor ideas.

wedding in Nottingham (1)From the details on Michelle’s Sassi Holford wedding dress to the streamers outside the church… this is a fabulous day and a wedding I know you’ll love! The images are by Butterworth Photography, who get a glowing review in Michelle’s wedding report, which you’ll find halfway down this page.

This wedding’s a feast for the eyes so grab a cuppa and enjoy! Claire xxx

wedding in Nottingham (2)

Michelle and David: an elegant wedding in Nottingham

wedding in Nottingham (3)
wedding in Nottingham (4)
wedding in Nottingham (5)
wedding in Nottingham (6)
wedding in Nottingham (7)
wedding in Nottingham (8)
wedding in Nottingham (9)
wedding in Nottingham (10)
wedding in Nottingham (11)
wedding in Nottingham (12)
wedding in Nottingham (13)
wedding in Nottingham (14)

I married my amazing husband, David, on 23rd June 2012, at the Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Woodthorpe, Nottingham. We had our reception at The Carriage Hall in Plumtree, Nottingham.


Hi again! I can’t believe it’s Tuesday morning already! Did I sleep through Monday (or was I working too hard… hmmm…) Anyway, I hope you’re having a lovely day. I have all the gorgeous images from Zoe and Mark’s wedding at Styal Lodge to share with you this morning.

UK wedding blog photography (1)

Before we begin – did you see yesterday’s competition to win your wedding photography? Don’t miss that one! It’s a fantastic prize and the competition’s open to couples anywhere in the UK.

But now for today’s main feature with Zoe and Mark. You’ll have seen their wedding film on the blog yesterday, along with a few of my favourite images… now we have the full wedding report from Zoe and images from the lovely Jonny Draper Photography to share with you. For anyone who missed the wedding film, I’ve shared it once again at the end of the blog post – with thanks to Craig from Unforgettable Memories for sharing it with us!
UK wedding blog photography (2)
UK wedding blog photography (3)

A beautiful Cheshire wedding: Zoe and Mark

UK wedding blog photography (4)
UK wedding blog photography (5)
UK wedding blog photography (6)
UK wedding blog photography (7)
UK wedding blog photography (8)
UK wedding blog photography (9)
UK wedding blog photography (10)
UK wedding blog photography (11)
UK wedding blog photography (12)
UK wedding blog photography (13)
UK wedding blog photography (14)
UK wedding blog photography (15)


Good morning! How was your weekend? I hope you survived the snow… and had some fun playing in it too! Back to weddings now, and I have an absolute cracker to begin the week with. Zoe and Mark’s Cheshire wedding has bags of character and is guaranteed to make you smile. Zoe is beautiful, they make a fantastic couple and the wedding film will bring a tear to your eye… I should mention it’s by the lovely Craig at Unforgettable Memories.

Zoe and Mark from Unforgettable Memories on Vimeo.

I’m sharing this wedding in two blog features, this morning and tomorrow (there’s something VERY special and exciting on the way this afternoon at 4pm in between!) – the wedding film is simply amazing, and I’ve shared a little of Zoe’s wedding report with you here. My huge thanks to Jonny Draper Photography for sharing the lovely images of the day with us all today.

Cheshire wedding blog (1)


The first I saw of Louise and Ben’s wedding was the fabulous wedding table plan – and it seems only fitting that I share it with you first. Funny how a gorgeous detail can take me on a journey… and so I found wedding photographer Simon Gough, and got in touch with today’s stunning bride Louise to share this vintage Las Vegas wedding on my blog!

wedding blog Simon Gough Photography (1)

Louise told me, “We wanted to take our guests back in time, to when Vegas hotels, shows and the stars they boasted were cool and exclusive. The Angel Hotel fitted the bill with its quirky and individual style, large function rooms and stage. I wanted to use props to provide an accent of Vegas and hoped it wouldn’t appear gaudy or tacky. I am a huge Elvis fan and both my husband and I enjoy jazz music. I wanted to incorporate the ‘Rat Pack’ era and ‘Elvis’ as to me they both epitomised Vegas in its most glamorous time.”


Anyone fancy a touch of sunshine this morning? Me too… so in glorious technicolour I bring you this beautiful wedding film from Marry Me Films today. Karen and Simon were married at Cheshire’s Arley Hall in the autumn… cue gorgeous colours and one of those wonderfully crisp autumnal days – perfect for guests to play boules and croquet on the lawn.

The Wedding Film of Karen & Simon at Arley Hall from Marry Me Films on Vimeo.

Karen wore a beautiful Sassi Holford cap-sleeved wedding dress, and is such an incredibly beautiful bride – both she and Simon look fabulous! One of the loveliest touches from this Cheshire wedding is the Vicar, who married Karen’s parents years before. They were his first wedding ceremony, and he came back especially to marry Karen and Simon – which is such a wonderful story.

There’s much more for you to read about the wedding on Marry Me Films’ Love Heart Blog (thanks Sara – what an amazing story to share) so do pop over there for a look when you’ve watched Karen and Simon’s wedding film here. I hope you love it! Claire xxx


As a huge lover of music this wedding has instantly leapt into my top ten of all time! Vic and Chris describe their wedding to me as “A mix of loves and eras – mainly focused around our mutual love of music” – which ticks all of my boxes!

Musical wedding London Shakespeare's Globe (1)

They’re an amazing couple with the coolest taste in tunes and as I write this blog post I’m listening to every single song they’ve mentioned – there’ll be links below if you’d like to have a listen as well: as far as musical wedding inspiration goes, this is definitely the best I’ve blogged so far – bar none!

While the images of this fabulous wedding are a treat – by long time supporter of English Wedding Blog, Mark from Sheffield based Tierney Photography – please do read Vic and Chris’s wedding report in full. Their focus, inspiration and love is truly inspiring and I was captivated reading their story.

Musical wedding London Shakespeare's Globe (2)

Before we begin, here’s one of my favourite quotes from Vic:


Today’s wedding is all about the pretty details: Katie and Craig were married at Buxted Park and opted for an English country garden wedding style with pastel shades of pink and flower garlands to decorate wedding tables.

Wedding blog UK Cecelina Photography (1)

Katie made all of her wedding reception stationery herself, and the details made for a very beautiful day at one of England’s luxury wedding venues. I’m sure her lovely ideas will inspire some of you – it would be great if you leave a comment at the end of the blog post for Katie and Craig.

All of today’s images are by London’s Cecelina Photography – my huge thanks to Cecelina for submitting this wedding. The wedding report is halfway down this blog feature, but before I launch into the words and pictures, I’d like to share Katie’s glowing review of the staff at Buxted Park wedding venue with you – because it’s so lovely:

“They cannot do enough to help you before, during and after the wedding day. It runs like clockwork without making you feel like “just another wedding”.”


Happy Monday morning everyone! Did you have a lovely weekend? Mine was wonderful – life by the seaside is amazing, even in January… I’m glad I have a drawer full of scarves though! Today I have a fabulous distraction from work to share with you, in the form of a beautifully elegant Buckinghamshire wedding.

Bucks wedding Tom Redman Photography (1)Anoushka and Dan were married on a sunny September day – remember all that warm sunshine? They used candles and flowers to create a sophisticated look for the wedding reception. Their wedding day is modern and elegant, perfectly suited to the magnificent setting of Notley Abbey.

Anoushka and Dan have very kindly shared a wonderful wedding report with us today – you’ll find it halfway down the page. First let me share my favourite extract from the happy couple with you:

“After all the build up to and the fanfare of the day it is all really about you committing to spend the rest of your lives together and sipping our champagne as husband and wife knowing we had the rest of our married life ahead of us was the most exciting part!”


Do you know the wedding reading about the two dinosaurs who fall in love? I do – it’s one I’ve written in calligraphy many times and a firm favourite. There’s something beautiful about the simplicity of this love story – and I’m so proud to be sharing Donna and Paul’s wedding with you today because they used the lovely love story as a key theme for their wedding day.

UK wedding blog Belinda McCarthy Photography (1)

UK wedding blog Belinda McCarthy Photography (2)I love weddings where the bride and groom think creatively. Whether it’s a handmade theme, or something different, artistic or alternative – creative weddings make my world go round. Today’s stunning bride and gorgeous groom are simply amazing. Their wedding theme stems from Paul’s childhood and from their very first Valentine’s day (not forgetting as far back as the Jurassic period, I guess!) – it’s a timeless tale of the most beautiful romance. I know you’ll love this and I’m sure you’ll take some great ideas from their wedding day to inspire your own – it’s all about creating a personalised wedding style and loving every minute of your day!


Wedding films always make me cry. I can’t help it! Romantic words of love from a groom, the exchange of vows, and a flutter of laughter just have me welling up every time!

Sarah & Steveo from Philip Smith on Vimeo.

Sarah and Steveo’s wedding film is no exception, and I thought I’d try and make you cry too this morning. It’s so lovely – Steveo’s speech will have you smiling and then surprise you into tears. With thanks to Philip Smith Visuals for sharing this gorgeous wedding film with us all today, and congratulations and huge thanks to Sarah and Steveo for sharing details of the wedding too! (See below)

wedding film essex by Philip Smith Visuals

Our wedding 10/11/12

140 guests celebrated our traditional style wedding with us. Everyone gathered at my home church of St. Peters in Great Totham, Essex for the ceremony followed by our reception at a barn conversion 3 miles from the church where we had a champagne reception with canapes followed by a traditional wedding breakfast, speeches and a disco.