Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had the loveliest weekends… and for anyone who’s not in a work mood right now I have a really charming DIY wedding to share with you. Matt and Steph were married at The Ashes in Staffordshire and poured their hearts into creating a pretty day full of little details and DIY touches.

Real DIY wedding at The Ashes with One Little Daisy Photography (7)

Steph’s Mum was a star, crafting so many of the tiny details of the day. Steph told me, “We went a little mad on the decor and had loads of flowers, vases, candles and ornaments but it all worked out and looked beautiful!”


Hannah and David really are the sweetest couple, and their vintage tea party wedding is wonderful. The little details and handmade touches make this a very special day – by being thrifty today’s bride and groom could afford a reception in a venue they’d had their eye on for eight whole years!

A pretty vintage tea party wedding at the Barns Hotel with Amanda Karen Photography (36)

So many brides tell me it’s hard to relax on the day, but Hannah’s lovely approach worked well: “I thought I would stress too much, but I actually stayed calm in the knowledge that we were getting married and it didn’t matter about minor things.” The smiles prove it!


Every wedding is different: the details make a day different and so do the memories… and every bride and groom have something amazing to offer a wedding blogger like me. Today’s stunning bride Kirsty surprised me with this: “At the end of the night when everybody had left we sat on the head table with a bottle of bubbles for an hour just chatting about the day. We could still feel the buzz from the room from the day which was really quite incredible, it was a really special moment for us.

Real wedding in Kent by Parkershots Photography (51)


There’s a wonderful story behind every wedding, and you really mustn’t miss today’s! Samantha and Jamie are not only gorgeous – like, ridiculously stunning, the pair of them! – but they have shared some lovely pearls of wisdom in their English Wedding Blog interview. What a super couple… you’ll love them!

A real wedding at Eridge Park with Steve Fuller Photography (13)

For example, Samantha did an hour of yoga on the morning of her wedding. What a wonderful way to relax! Every guest had a personal, handwritten message on the day, and there were no expensive wedding favours. The advice from today’s bride is priceless: “Spend on the memorable and impactful elements and cut back on those that seem important during the planning stages but on the day are quickly forgotten.


Often a wedding will catch my eye for its simple elegance – there is sometimes a sparkle, a hint of beauty in the images which I can’t put a finger on. Theresa and Anastasios’s big day is one of those. They were married at Statham Lodge earlier this year and focused on a simple, classy celebration for their friends and family to enjoy.

Beautiful real wedding at Statham Lodge with Jo Bradbury Photography (18)

I adore the images of Theresa with her little boy – she’s such a beautiful bride I couldn’t resist sharing all the most loving moments of this wedding day with you. Grab a tissue as well as a cuppa, because there might be a few tears!