Everyone will see your wedding from a different perspective. You’ll be in the centre of a whirlwind of emotions and moments you both want to hold onto forever. Your closest family will be overjoyed for you; and reminiscing over your younger days as they watch you become husband and wife. Friends will be thrilled; excited to celebrate with you and catch up if they can grab a minute; flower girls will look up to see the wedding from their own adorable perspective. A wedding – your wedding – will mean many different things to many different people.

Beautifully captured winter wedding from Middleton Lodge, York Place Studios (9)


As we nestle further into our chunkiest knits and wrap our hands around mugs of steaming hot chocolate here at English Wedding Blog HQ I have just a couple of inspirational features to share with you before Christmas. It’s been an amazing year; I’m still full of the joys of the festive season and that’s very much thanks to the guys at Aspire Photography Training. Our last shoot of 2016 was full of winter wonderfulness and I simply had to share some of these ideas with you before we break up!

ideas for a wonderful winter wedding theme with Jenny Heyworth at Aspire (34)


A bouquet doesn’t have to be ‘just flowers’. The bouquets I love most are full of foliage, textures, berries… And a bouquet which is seasonal is the loveliest of all. In the colder months that means silvery leaves, delicate white berries, seedheads and a few choice blooms… Agnieszka’s is one of the loveliest autumn bouquets I’ve seen. And isn’t she a beautiful bride?

Dorset wedding in Blandford Forum with Linus Moran Photography on the English Wedding Blog (21)

Today’s wedding also surprised me with the knowledge that the army has a motorbike display team, who ride vintage bikes and perform stunts at shows around the country! (Check out the bus!) – and while he didn’t bring his bike, groom Simon looks fab in true military style.


Kimberley and Francesco’s wedding is wonderfully sophisticated with an Italian twist. I love it when grooms look a little different, and Francesco’s black suit and dickie bow are just wonderful!

A pretty English wedding at the Four Pillars with Jennifer Sinclair Photography (16)

Kimberley is so very beautiful – her lacy dress is gorgeous and the details of the day are really pretty and romantic – the soft pinks of the roses, the prettily styled wedding cake… this all adds up to a classic, feminine English wedding – and it’s lovely.

A pretty English wedding at the Four Pillars with Jennifer Sinclair Photography (19)


I do love how weddings give the perfect opportunity to glamour things up to the max. Today’s celebration is beautiful and then some. A statement bouquet, a gorgeous bride in the most fabulous dress, and such a stunning venue! Every detail is just wonderful… I do hope you love this as much as I do!

Glamorous Gatsby wedding from Prestwold Hall on the English Wedding Blog (18)

Our theme came from my love of the Great Gatsby, I’ve watched the film and read the book a million times. The whole day from the invitations to the decorations and dress were inspired by the 1920’s era, featuring quotes from the book and patterns from the art deco period. With me being a designer for a living it was really easy to translate the designs from the invitations across to the rest of the theme for the wedding.