Today you get to see one of the loveliest weddings to grace my inbox this year. The ideas are wonderful; the craftsmanship fabulous on so many levels. Gorgeous bride Emma made her own dress and corset – she looks amazing and I love her style! I love the flowers, the way the venue looks, the bar(!) – how cool does that look?! – and Peter and Emma are just perfect together.

The loveliest Lillibrooke Manor wedding you ever did see! With Samie Lee Photography (19)

Peter designed all our wedding stationery using the Adobe Creative Suite then had it printed through Printed.com. He did a fantastic job, it was very personal to us and very reasonably priced.


I love this wedding, the blues, the pretty bouquet and all of the wonderful handmade touches. Rachel and Damian are a gorgeous couple – and then there’s the venue. Oh, my word – what a fabulous space to celebrate in!!

open barn wedding with DIY decor in Surrey by Penny Young Photography (48)

“We were incredibly fortunate that a family friend, who lives next door to the church we got married in, offered her garden and barns to us. It was such a naturally beautiful and down-to-earth space that we knew without looking anywhere else that it was the place for us. We had the meal in an open barn and then the evening dancing and drinks were opposite in the old barn and marquees. It was very open to the elements and in the whole month leading up to the wedding it was incredibly wet and windy so there were lots of weather-proofing and contingency discussions but in the end we were very lucky with the weather!”


You can win my heart a million times with beautiful lettering… and this is amazing!!! I’m head over heels in love with today’s wedding – it’s gorgeous, I love all the writing! The flowers are so pretty – the cake is perfect! And Jas & Will are so good together – their portraits are super sweet! Love this to bits 🙂

Tons of lettering ideas from a real wedding at The Green Cornwall. Images by A Thing Like That (11)

“We didn’t really have a theme, everything was very ‘us’. I suppose, understated, elegant, natural, romantic.

Tons of lettering ideas from a real wedding at The Green Cornwall. Images by A Thing Like That (17)


If I ever have a wedding, I hope I’ll be able to describe the day as Maud does hers: “A beautiful, colourful day filled with love and madness.” In my world, this is everything a wedding should be! And Maud looks amazing, she and Andy both do. I jumped at the chance to share their day with you – the images capture the spirit and excitement of the day in such a magical way!

Amazing wedding party inspiration from Deepdale Farm with Kazooieloki (2)


DIY weddings don’t get much prettier than this… and beautiful bride Rosie just happened to marry her lovely husband at one of our favourite wedding venues, the fabulous Launcells Barton in Cornwall. Safe to say then, that today’s wedding is magical inside and out…

Cornwall's new barn wedding venue Launcells Barton, Rebecca Roundhill Photography (9)

The flowers are divine – gorgeous colours, super bright and colourful throughout the day. I love Rosie’s flowers in her hair – aren’t they pretty? The cake is spectacular, the bouquet wonderfully trailing foliage and with statement blooms to create a real talking point. The crafts are so lovely too… I adore the pretty baubles on the tree, the forget-me-not favours and sweet place settings.