I love Suzanne and Dan’s wedding – it’s relaxed, homemade, filled with DIY and the loveliest personal touches. It’s also at a winery… which ticks every box for me!

Wildflowers, DIY and the loveliest barn wedding venue for a relaxed summer wedding, with Alexa Poppe Photography (13)

“My mum did our flowers as she’s a horticulturalist and I knew that no-one could do them better. We had Cornish wildflowers in a blue, pink, lilac and white colour palette, and they were arranged in sweet little jam jars.

The venue was a converted barn with beautiful exposed bricks, so we just added lighting, bunting, flowers on the windowsills, and the table decorations. The whole venue and setting was very picturesque, so we didn’t want to gild the lily.

Today’s wedding is a blissfully sunny treat for your eyes… the images on the bridge are just so incredible, the light, the beautiful bride and groom – it has everything, it really does. I hope you love today’s wedding blog as much as I do – what a wonderful location with beautiful imagery!

A beautifully homemade Dorset wedding blog, image credits Candid Capture (13)

“Spend as much time together as possible on your wedding day – it goes so fast and it’s filled with so much love from everyone around you its easy to miss out a quite few moments alone together.

A beautifully homemade Dorset wedding blog, image credits Candid Capture (17)


Individual, fun and full of colour and personality - a real wedding at Nyland Manor (31)

The colourful, happy vibe of Lucy and Steve’s wedding is just how I’d imagine the perfect wedding to be. Perfection isn’t about colour palettes or a theme, it’s not even about the day running to schedule or being stress free: the perfect wedding is one where everyone is smiling from beginning to end, where the dancefloor is full, where the best memories are unplanned, unexpected and all the more amazing for it. Today’s gorgeous bride Lucy and super handsome groom Steve show us exactly how it’s done…

Individual, fun and full of colour and personality - a real wedding at Nyland Manor (14)

When lovely Jessy Jones got in touch to show me Tom and Natalie’s day I was so excited – honestly, their day is just so pretty and perfect to share with you here. The bride and groom are gorgeous: the flower crown is super sweet and I LOVE the daisies – I hope you will too! Oh, and did I mention the awesome golden dinosaurs? 😉

DIY details and little gold dinosaurs for a village hall wedding, images by Jessy Jones Photography (26)

“We didn’t really have a theme – we wanted the wedding to reflect us both. Flowers were a big part of our wedding, particularly daisies and roses, with zombies, dinosaurs and mermaids thrown in!

Greenery is where it’s at for 2017 weddings. Foliage and textures for a wonderfully organic look make my heart sing. So Phoebe and Wayne’s DIY wedding is perfect to share on the English Wedding Blog, with all its greenery and homemade touches. This gorgeous couple’s day is full of ideas so I am thrilled to be sharing it with you today!

Gorgeous village hall wedding blog with foliage and greenery (5)

We chose our venue because of its gorgeous setting in the heart of the south downs. We kept the styling very simple, keeping the focus on the lovely surroundings. We hung white lanterns but not much else. Everything that we could have made ourselves, we did. My husband even made our cake table from an old cable reel. I definitely enjoyed it, I hope he did!