Rosie & Jon are amazing. Their relaxed city wedding is gorgeous: full of pretty details contrasting beautifully against the built up backdrop – and their reception venue is perfect.

Jonny Donovan Photography shot this beautiful city wedding in London (17)

Rosie’s dress is out of this world: she looks stunning and I was convinced she’d bought from one of our top designers… until she told me her mother made it for her – “My heart swells at the thought of how much love she put into that dress. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever worn.

Jonny Donovan Photography shot this beautiful city wedding in London (27)


Sometimes you see an image which stays in your mind for the whole day. I get it all the time – looking at the fabulous yellow flowers from today’s real wedding I find myself feeling as though summer has barely begun! (Can you believe it’s November already?!)

An English wedding in Nonington, Kent photographed by Benjamin Toms (1)

I stumbled across a blog by my friend and sponsor Benjamin Toms Photography this morning and simply had to share it with you.

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An English wedding in Nonington, Kent photographed by Benjamin Toms (4)


Rachel and Alex chose a select few exceptional suppliers to make their Cotswolds wedding day an incredible success. Their focus on fabulous food and cocktails is brilliant, and the styling of the day has blown me away.

Camilla Rosa Photography on the English Wedding Blog (27)

The flowers tie in beautifully with this statement theme ‘The Hunt is Over‘ – which I love. Every detail is considered – and this is the work of some of the very, very best wedding suppliers (with not a homemade detail in sight). I adore today’s real wedding.

Camilla Rosa Photography on the English Wedding Blog (19)

Images are by the wonderfully talented Camilla Rosa Photography. Do visit her website and social media here:


The alpacas were a surprise… Caroline told me their wedding was an informal, countryside celebration with “alpacas as the accidental stars of the show” – and I think they’re adorable. The appeal of an outdoor wedding is unpredictability, to an extent… but this is something new! I love it!

Yorkshire wedding blog from Harrogate with Susie Lawrence Photography (30)

Planning a wedding in just 4 months makes DIY a little trickier, but it didn’t stop Caroline and Rory from making their own stationery, with friends helping out with other crafty details. One friend made 200 metres of bunting for the day, and at the last minute too! It looks so lovely in blue tones strung across the reception space.


Two beautiful brides, four lovely bridesmaids in pink and four in blue… the most incredible bouquets and a day full of creativity and love. Today’s real wedding is one of my favourites this year and I just know you’ll love it too…

Old Rectory wedding photography by Taylor Hughes (8)

Wedding signs and slogans are best when they’re just that little bit different… so when I read ‘Choose a seat not a side, either way it’s for the BRIDE!’ it made me grin. A lot. Jessica and Fiona are a gorgeous couple whose wedding at The Old Rectory in Handsworth has plenty of lovely personal touches just like this.