Today’s is a fabulously fun, colourful and creative wedding on a budget – Charlotte and Gareth were married at Fison Barn and wanted to keep their day informal and pretty without breaking the bank! Their ideas are lovely; Charlotte’s DIY tips and her English Wedding Interview are a great read. I love Charlotte’s honesty too: they tried making invitations but in the end, as it can be so time-consuming to do, they bought their invites online and focused on the craft projects they’d really enjoy. And the ones where Gareth spent a few days covered in glue… oops!

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Claire and Nico’s wedding is fabulous – full of pretty homemade touches and all with the help of their wonderful family and friends. The flowers are stunning, the rustic wooden props and accessories look gorgeous!

Homemade wedding ideas on the English Wedding Blog with Jennifer Sinclair Photography (29)

“Our wedding was the happiest day of our lives… totally perfect! I wanted something really chilled and relaxed, nothing too styled or formal. It was very much a homemade affair styled around the English countryside, relaxed, and shabby chic!

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We’re blessed to have such fabulous historic wedding destinations in the UK – our coastlines, countryside and quaint, quintessentially English cities inspire the loveliest of weddings. I’m so happy to be sharing Janina & Steve’s day with you this morning. They’re the sweetest couple – the details are stunning (LOVE that bouquet!) even though they chose not to have a theme: the spirit and style of their day comes from the grace of the city of Oxford and its architecture.

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I always like to pick out my favourite few photos to show you first – it’s a great way to set the scene for a gorgeous wedding blog feature, and I always love scrolling through a wedding, looking out for those amazing, eye-catching, breathtakingly beautiful moments to share with you. However… I tried it today, and within moments I had a list of a dozen STUNNING moments from Dale and Charmaine’s day. Safe to say this is a knockout, and I love every. single. pic.

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Romantic college courtyards steeped in history, a series of charming locations around one of England’s proudest cities, a truly beautiful bride and groom – today’s wedding is more than perfect. Elly and John had a wonderful summer wedding in the heart of Oxford, keeping the best traditions and adding their own special touches to personalise their day. I love this!

“We had a ‘first duet’ instead of a first dance (my husband on trumpet and me singing), and we were done by 8pm which meant that those who wanted to travel home could, and those who wanted to stay a little longer met with us at a river-side pub for a convivial couple of hours to reflect on an amazing day!”