What a fantastic quote from today’s gorgeous bride Katie! I love it. Vintage, countryside and rustic weddings are definitely the biggest trend I’m seeing from all of your real weddings right now. But Matt and Katie went all out with their theme and style and created a really amazing tipi wedding day. “As country bumpkin as possible”? It’s how I’m living my life for the whole of 2013… so this is right up my street!

Oxfordshire tipi wedding images by Barrie Downie (1)

The styling and general decor all looks fantastic. Katie and Matt have made it look easy – and the wedding tents are lovely and welcoming, pretty and full of special touches which make their tipi wedding a very personal one.

Oxfordshire tipi wedding images by Barrie Downie (2)

Congratulations and big thank yous to an amazing couple. Matt, Katie – your wedding report is fab. Your photos are brilliant. You look beautiful (yes, both of you!) and like a match made in heaven. Thanks ever so much for sharing your wedding on the English Wedding Blog today! With special thanks as well to wedding photographer Barrie Downie for sharing his lovely images of today’s tipi wedding blog too. Everyone – enjoy! Claire xxx


I think a lovely summer wedding is just what we need! (I’ve been up for hours and my blogging fingers are freeezing this morning.) So I’m sharing Sarah and Nathan’s rustic, countryside wedding which is full of lovely ideas for your own big day.

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We’re talking delicious blue cornflowers and big white daisy bouquets. There are dinky little jam jars with ribbon and flowers. I love the wedding signs, the rustic wedding post box, heart decorations and ice cream selection: Mmm… breakfast! (it’s OK, I live by the seaside. We’re allowed to do that here.)

Sarah and Nathan’s wedding day has two sides. The details are sweet and easy to recreate for your own wedding – with lots of impact and a really fresh, vibrant countryside wedding feel. But the moments between the bride and groom are magical as well: the little glances and big smiles are what a wedding day is all about. Gorgeous. Enjoy!

countryside wedding blog oxfordshire (1)

Thank you to beautiful bride Sarah for the wedding report below. Wedding photography is by Peagreen Photography, Oxfordshire
countryside wedding blog oxfordshire (2)


I honestly don’t know where to begin with today’s real wedding – the title doesn’t do it justice! Emily is our beautiful bride and her wedding story is full of little moments of delight. From the nun who catches the bouquet, to ‘Heston’ style catering, via a backwards proposal to Rob written on Emily’s own bottom… I absolutely love this to bits!

Alice in Wonderland wedding blog (15)

All images are by Lime Leaf Wedding Photography in Devon. Wedding photographer Laura says, “the more people we spoke to on the day the more it became clear that EVERYONE loved these two, and if there is one phrase I heard quite a lot on the day it was “that’s just so Emily”. Emily is extremely creative and was determined to put her own stamp on the day.”

She most certainly did! This is fabulous from beginning to end, words and pictures… ace! There are funny moments, beautiful ones and touching, heartwarming ones too. Shall I hand straight over to the bride to share her story with you? She tells it so well…