Blackboard Signs


Just a short post about something I forgot to blog about earlier: my blackboard signs. These are so easy and cheap to make, but are such a nice touch and keepsake, or even to give away as a thank-you gift after the day.

Blackboard painting! (Probably not the best idea on the dining room table..)

The idea originated from my Dad (who owns a printing business), when he said “Oh I’ll do a sign for the bottom of the drive to show guests where the house is” as, basically, we live in the middle of nowhere. I thought it would be a nice touch to have a big gilt framed blackboard saying something along the lines of “Dav & Sal’s Wedding” or “Wedding This Way!”, and handily I had a spare gilt mirror lying around the house since we moved.

Like most of the wedding paraphernalia (vases I’m thinking of you), I got a little carried away. I ended up making smaller blackboards for the cake table (to say ‘Let them eat cake’), the guestbook, parking, the toilets, etc. They’re so cute though, and we’ll be using them for our couples shoot idea which I’ll be blogging about soon.

A Monday Makerie

Inspired by Ribbons via Brides Cafe wedding blog

I’ve seen so many bits of pretty wedding craft online this week I have to write a Monday Makerie for you to enjoy.

The Monday Makerie is all about making things for your wedding – I share my best finds from the internet of things you can make for your wedding, or things other people have made that you can buy!

Cardstock flower tutorial by Christie Bryant

Cardstock flower tutorial by Christie Bryant

Pretty paper flowers tutorial – cute, curvy and easier than you’d think! From Pretty Paper Book

Colourful books from Made With Love stationery blog

Colourful books from Made With Love stationery blog

Colourful books for all your wedding plans via Made With Love blog talk about a pretty filing system – you could have one for guests, one for diy projects, one for venue research, one for things to remember, one as a little diary…

Sweetie bar idea via All Things DIY Bride

Sweetie bar idea via All Things DIY Bride

What could possibly be more fun to make than a sweetie buffet for your wedding reception? Finding jars and decorating them, sourcing pretty sweets (and eating them), making labels, stamping and colouring them… bliss! from All Things DIY Bride


Thanks everyone who entered the competition to win a copy of ‘One of a Kind Handmade Weddings’ over the last couple of weeks.

The winner is JoS – plucked at random from a magic internet randomiser gadget earlier today. Congratulations Jo!

Jo – I’ll send you an email to get your postal address later tonight. Well done! (If you try it, do be careful!)

The book One of a Kind Handmade Weddings is available on Amazon now so if you didn’t win you can still get hold of a copy. Read my review to see what it’s all about if you missed the original competition.

Speaking of competitions… there’s a new one coming up in a day or two, and I think you’ll love it!


Update 16th May: comments are now closed and I’ll announce the winner later today!

Serious negotiating goes on behind the scenes of the English Wedding blog, you know – and all so I can find treats and beautiful things for you gorgeous brides and grooms out there. Today’s Monday Makerie is a little bit different! You could win…

Handmade weddings book review on English Wedding blog (2)

Win a FREE copy of “One-of-a-Kind Handmade Weddings”

How? The clue’s in the review. Read it, then answer the question in the comments box at the end 🙂 A winner will be picked at random from all correct entries.

Handmade weddings book review on English Wedding blog (1)

One-of-a-kind Handmade Weddings – reviewed by English Wedding

For DIY brides and grooms, this brand new book is full of ideas for personalising your wedding. There are over 70 ideas inside for wedding craft projects – and they’re all easy to follow and accessible for anyone. You don’t need to be Martha Stewart! (co-author Laura Maffeo has worked as a stylist for Martha Stewart Weddings, so this book really is full of expert wedding craft advice!)


I’ve been a busy bee this week so unfortunately this isn’t a long blog post.. Just a few tantalising tidbits to keep you going until I get more organised!

I met What Katy Did Next again on Saturday to talk about the flower girl wreaths (which I finally bought again since I lost the last two somewhere in the process of moving house), wicker hearts which Katy is going to adorn with some beautiful fabric flowers, much like the ones for our wedding cake and headbands (it’s all coming together!); and also an idea I’d been having for a while, which may not initially sound that interesting: a personalised parent album. I though rather than a bunch of flowers (Dav’s suggestion), it would be more exciting to organise a really unique gift for both our sets of parents, and as soon as I spoke to Katy she came up with an abundance of ideas which I loved! Here are the ‘parent’ albums which will be filled with photographs after the wedding:

diy wedding bunting for a marquee from a wedding in wellies

I’m splitting today’s Monday Makerie into two parts. Find gorgeous things handmade for you, from Etsy and further afield. And for those of you feeling crafty out there, I’ve also listed my favourite things from the web this week where you can get your fingers gluey and cover yourself in paper and paint and glitter and suchlike. Go play!

Handmade wedding inspiration

Make your own wedding projects


More inspiration and wedding ideas from blogs I love today.

Twitchy fingers? Feeling creative? Need a project for a rainy day? I hope these might inspire you…

vintage suitcase table plan idea

wedding stationery project on The Knotty Bride



More wedding projects and ideas for crafty bits and things to make in the Monday Makerie…

Autumn wedding cake from Style Me Pretty and Orchard Cove Photography

Autumn wedding cake from Style Me Pretty and Orchard Cove Photography

Cheap and cheerful ideas to make your wedding sparkle – with lighting ideas from Design Sponge this week. Including (but not all as mad as…) this excellent funky chandelier made out of paper.

paper chandelier idea

Paper chandelier idea from Design Sponge

My bedroom light is one of these paper globes… wonder if my beloved would kill me over a bit of paper craft diy?!!

I’ll try and remember Wednesday’s weekly feature this week too 🙂


Fortunately/unfortuntely, we’re reaching the point of wedding planning where most things have been done, but what’s remaining isn’t fun, colourful or exciting! The dresses have been bought, the cake is arranged, I’ve met with the florists, we’ve organised the food, most of the drink and 99% of the decorations. It’s getting down to the nitty gritty; working out whether we’ll need a generator for the band, where the caterers can organise themselves, how much space the DJ’s kit will take up… So, instead of boring you with stress and details I’ve decided to share something a little less taxing!

We weren’t originally going to have favours, David and I weren’t too bothered about giving everyone chocolates in a box or a bag of sugared almonds to thank them for celebrating with us, and we felt it had lost its meaning a little. I started googling “DIY favours” and “original favours” before coming back round to one of my favourite sites, Martha Stewart Weddings. I saw her seed favour ideas, and had seen them in some other places and quite liked the idea; you plant the seeds after the day to remember the couple’s wedding in the future, what a lovely sentiment!


This week’s Monday Makerie is dedicated to I Am Staggered. Hello fellas!

This week I want to share ideas for all of you creatively minded brides- and grooms-to-be. Whether you want to make your own wedding crafty bits or buy handmade treats for your wedding, you’ll find something to inspire you here!

Table decorations, wedding favours, or just something to make on a dull Monday: Moroccan inspired mini lanterns from Design Sponge

Aren’t they gorgeous? There’s a full how-to blog post over at Design Sponge, and they’re easy to make from sauce or jam jars – it’s just glass paint on the inside and gold paint on the outside (the stuff you get in a little tube that’s quite chunky).

How about some air plant wedding favours to decorate your offices? I found these on the Project Wedding Blog, they’re by Mary Swenson and they’re just mad enough to be gorgeous!

Our very own Star Bride Sally blogged a little how-to feature for origami fortune teller wedding favours. These are so much fun… I followed her instructions and made one in minutes.


Happy Monday everyone! Hopefully you’ve got a little spring sunshine where you are, but if not perhaps I can add a little cheer to your day. It’s time for something a little new and different (for me!), and in tune with what the focus of the English Wedding blog, this is all about creativity and gorgeous weddings.

rose garland from not on the high street

Introducing the Monday Makerie on English Wedding

The Monday Makerie is all about making things. It’s for brides and grooms who want to have fun and perhaps save a little money too – but it’s more about fun than finances. The Monday Makerie is a new weekly feature on wedding crafts and ideas, where I’ll show you my favourite things from around the web each week – all to inspire your wedding diy projects.

If you haven’t tried making anything for your wedding yet, don’t be scared to have a go. Crafting is fun – and I’ll try and include links to ideas for all levels of craftiness in this slot. Trust me… as a calligrapher I spend many a happy evening having gold-leafed my glasses and painted my elbows purple by accident. It’s brilliant!