I’ve seen about 1% of beautiful Northern Ireland – we have friends in Newcastle, and the tiny section of coastline I’ve seen is just wonderful. I’d love to explore more. Luckily via the blog I can… because today is one of the very best celebrations of love I’ve had the pleasure of sharing on English Wedding! Let’s escape to magical Dunluce Castle, on the northernmost tip of County Antrim, for gorgeous Emma and Simon’s breathtaking and romantic elopement!

Dunluce Castle elopement Northern Ireland Antrim, images by Luke Flint Media on the English Wedding Blog (40)

I’m secretly loving the fact that it’s not only wedding season right now, it’s beginning to feel like elopement season too. If you’re considering it – just do it! And if you need convincing, check out this week’s TWO elopement features on the English Wedding Blog. The first we featured on Tuesday (Daryl & Kathryn in Canada) and the second is here for you right now. Gorgeous girls Marta & Zoe have been together for 9 years, but with Marta’s family being in Brazil the girls won’t have a big wedding over here. Instead, wedding photographer Verity Westcott and a team of lovely suppliers joined forces to create a beautiful elopement styled shoot with all the ‘trimmings’!

So this is the English Wedding Blog… and I try to make every feature useful for all of you wonderful UK brides and grooms out there looking for ideas for your big day. I rarely feature destination weddings, although we’ve been known to skip across the borders to France, Italy, and of course Scotland, Wales and Ireland for a beautiful celebration feature. Never Canada though, despite it being one of the most amazing destinations and top of my list of places I’d love to visit in the entire world. When Daryl and Kathryn sent me these images of their breathtaking mountain elopement for the blog, I couldn’t resist sharing them with you. Somehow they slipped through a gap in my editorial schedule and I’ve kept these beauties from you since January. Is their Canadian elopement relevant to UK brides and grooms? Yes!!! I now believe we should all elope to Canada. Ditch all your other plans and just look at this… 

How is your Monday going? Would you like to see something really beautiful? As those of you who follow my calligraphy instagram will know, my favourite place is outside. The more breathtaking the location, the happier I am – and so today’s elopement shoot has my heart.

Breathtaking elopement photography on the English Wedding Blog (16)

Words and images by English Wedding Directory member, Steve Fuller Photography

Breathtaking elopement photography on the English Wedding Blog (8)

“There are some places I’ve photographed on this lovely planet that I simply want to keep secret.  Places off the beaten track, away from the hustle of daily life, jaw droppingly beautiful and yet a comparatively short stone’s throw from where I live.

beautiful elopement images from Gretna Green, images by Camilla Lucinda Photography (16)

There’s something about an elopement – the romance of it all just gets me, every time! Nick and Kristina’s love just shines from the photos of their special day. There’s no nerves, none of the formality or embarrassment that being in front of a big crowd of people can sometimes bring. These two lovely people are joyful, blissfully happy from the moment we first see them – and yes, it makes me want to elope, right now, to Gretna Green!

beautiful elopement images from Gretna Green, images by Camilla Lucinda Photography (14)



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Image credit: Oobaloos Photography

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