alternative royal wedding inspiration photo credit Damian Hall (15)Back in the very beginning of English Wedding Blog I wrote my ‘About‘ page to introduce myself. I love pretty things: I adore edgy, provocative and rebellious things as well. My response to the diamond jubilee and Olympics marketing-fest has been halfhearted… until Mat Hepplestone of Red Floral got in touch. Mat’s flower designs are always a revelation – and his flair for the alternative and cutting edge in flower design is unrivalled. With such a top creative team behind this shoot, I’m convinced: Britannia rules!

This is a wedding industry shoot which stands out from the crowd of red, white and blue-bedecked blog features. And while I might sample a cupcake and wave a bit of bunting come jubilee weekend (I’ve moved back to a little Cumbrian village – my Dad will make me!), inside my heart this is the Britannia I can relate to. The story behind the shoot is just as inspiring – over to Mat to tell you more.


I’m avoiding union jacks and red-white-blue features with every glance at my inbox these days! There are gorgeous ideas out there, and yes a little inspiration from current events is nice… but before we all plan red-white-blue weddings (and before I start buying red-white-blue accessories for my new home!) I’m going to try and win you over today with some regal wedding inspiration done a little differently. Which is what we love here on English Wedding Blog, yes? Enjoy…

Photo credit Meg Hawkins (1)

Davenport House wedding inspiration shoot

On English Wedding blog – shared by Big Little Things with photography by Meg Hawkins. All supplier information is towards the end of the page
Photo credit Meg Hawkins (2)
Photo credit Meg Hawkins (3)

Big Little Things needed no encouragement to style a shoot to pay tribute to the Queen and the Jubilee. It is potentially the last time in our life time we’ll celebrate a Jubilee of a reigning Queen – how exciting is that?


So pleased, and happy. I’ve discovered a real life French wedding blog in La Mariée en Colère (translated: The Angry Bride). So the plan for today is I’m blogging Nathalie’s gorgeous inspiration shoot for you, then I’m off to brush up on my français.

wedding blog inspiration France (1)French inspiration shoot from La Mariée en Colère

This shoot (“shooting d’inspiration”) is deliciously girly: with perfect pinks and delicate pastels, beautiful little flower arrangements for tables, a bright and summery bouquet plus wedding stationery (elegant as you’d expect!) – it’s just divine. The pictures speak for themselves, and I’ve credited all the suppliers involved below:
wedding blog inspiration France (2)
wedding blog inspiration France (3)
wedding blog inspiration France (4)
wedding blog inspiration France (5)
wedding blog inspiration France (6)
wedding blog inspiration France (7)
wedding blog inspiration France (8)

Wedding supplier list and credits

French wedding photography : FairyDaily www.fairydaily.com

Décor and wedding invitations : 123nousirons http://123nousirons.blogspot.fr

Wedding dress : Confidentiel Création www.confidentiel-creation.fr

Cupcakes : Candy’s Cupcakes Bordeaux http://candyscupcakesbordeaux.blogspot.com

Hairdressing : Event Coiffure Bordeaux http://eventcoiffure.blogspot.com

Make up : Jenny Make Up https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003511126846


the wedding institute new wedding fairs (23)
Another treat directly from my inbox today… The Wedding Institute. This one’s for the ladies (loving the acronym the W.I. there!) – a project created by the lovely wedding stationer Vicky Trainor and photographer Becky Mitchell, both established national and regional businesses in the creative and wedding market.

Vicky’s email had me smiling from the start. “It’s grim up north”, she said. Looking out of my window this morning I have to agree… and yet the “do like to be beside the seaside” feel of the postcard Vicky sent to introduce The Wedding Institute makes me feel quite fond of my northern roots…
the wedding institute new wedding fairs (22)Over to Vicky to tell you what The Wedding Institute is all about and how YOU can get involved with one of their wonderful events…

“In January this year an exciting photo shoot took place in an old manor house in the coastal town of Saltburn by the Sea. A shoot that was to bring together a wealth of creative suppliers who work in the wedding industry, all from the North East/North Yorkshire area, all designers and specialists with a passion for working in creative and interesting ways.


wedding photo blog by Carla Thomas (16)I’m posting a 1950s wedding inspiration shoot today for two reasons: one, the dresses and make up are so pretty – I couldn’t resist! two, I love hearing how creative shoots like this come about. Wedding photographer Carla Thomas got in touch and told me about her inspiration for the shoot and how the idea grew to involve a great team of wedding suppliers and some fabulous dresses and accessories.

I was going to call this blog post “one lucky man’s day out” but I thought that would be a bit naughty. I’d better hand over to Carla…

“We wanted the shoot to epitomize the grandeur of the socialites of the 1950s – choosing to steer clear of the stereotypical milkshake shop image of the era and instead basing our shoot on the style of wedding that would have been attended by the rich and wealthy.

Creative photo shoot Nia Fiori Vintage Twee
Creative photo shoot Nia Fiori Vintage Twee

Behind the scenes on a secret photoshoot with Fiori and Twee (by Goldie)

The very least I can do to finish a bizarre and wonderful week is thank my friends for making it that way. The secrets will come out soon I’m sure. For now – an Oscars-style thank you goes out to:

Mat Hepplestone of Red Floral Architecture. Mat is a genius. Chris Hanley Photography. you already know how much I admire Chris and Claire. Marry Me Films. Meeting Tony and Sara for the first time on Monday, by Tuesday I was smitten with the pair of them. And I’m so excited to see the movie…

Joanne Linder, aka Vintage Twee. Joanne’s inner genius came out to play and had the best time ever! Not only is this designer gorgeous, she’s a star on set. Jo, you rock. Nia Fiori, glamorous artist and illustrator. Nia’s naughty side inspires her designs; her burlesque style and sense of humour shine in everything she does. And oh yes, she looks like a goddess. Truly!

by wedding photographer Brett Symes (5)

by wedding photographer Brett Symes (4)

This morning as we all shiver our way through the day I have some more winter bridal inspiration to share with you. I loved this shoot, with beautiful images by wedding photographer Brett Symes -with help from make-up artist Tora Young and stylist Natalie Dale. Brett has photographed numerous bridal fashion shoots, many of which have ended up in the national wedding magazines. He told me, “it’s incredible how these shoots start in influence and spill over into the way in which I photograph a wedding”.

Winter wedding look one: ethereal lace

by wedding photographer Brett Symes (7)by wedding photographer Brett Symes (1)Lace is a huge trend in 2012 weddings. Kate Middleton made a big statement with her beautiful lace sleeves (the story of which still brings shivers up my spine: lacemakers having to wash their hands every 20 minutes, the lace so very delicate and fine) – but there’s none of the formality of Kate’s dress here. Lace is beautiful and ethereal, a fabric so intricate spiders could have made it for the queen of the fairies in a forest…


winter wedding blog by Lifeline Photography (18)I’ve been waiting so long for a cold snap. I pictured myself blogging all wrapped up and toasty, with glistening icicles outside and this winter berries wedding inspiration shoot on my screen, next to a mug of steaming hot chocolate…

Well there’s no snow outside (yet). I give up!!! But it’s chilly. It’s been frosty… and the sparkles on the pavement in the morning say it’s time to blog this lovely wedding inspiration shoot!

Two posts – all about the shoot today, and an inspiration board to share with you tomorrow. If you’re having a winter wedding, think of sparkly frost and crystals, red berries all shiny and light with a little snow on top… a little bit of white (fake) fur, and plenty of gorgeous sparkle. Hannah Webster (of Lifeline Photography) and friends are here to show you how!

Enjoy x

Wedding Inspiration: winter berries – the details

winter wedding blog by Lifeline Photography (17)
winter wedding blog by Lifeline Photography (19)
winter wedding blog by Lifeline Photography (20)

winter wedding blog by Lifeline Photography (32)The shoot was photographed by Hannah from Lifeline Photography. “The more weddings I shoot, the more I fall in love with the little hand crafted details that make things feel so personal.


60s wedding ideas photos by Kat Hill (32)
Morning everyone! A little treat today in the form of a bridal shoot with a classy vintage style. A collaboration of wedding suppliers including the fabulous FCNK, there are some great ideas for brides here too.

60s wedding ideas photos by Kat Hill (31)

I’m a big fan of sixties and seventies make up and styling: I’d kill for a willowy figure to match my daily slash of black eyeliner! and the sixties sounds like so much fun to have lived in… so when wedding photographer Kat Hill got in touch with this gorgeous, glamorous vintage shoot to share on English Wedding blog I said yes! I hope you love it too! Kat shares her inspiration for the shoot below.

60s wedding ideas photos by Kat Hill (26)

The idea for this bridal shoot started bubbling away in my head a few months ago when I came across the Town Hall hotel, a really unique hotel nestled away in London’s East End. I fell in love with it straight away, it’s such a wonderfully quirky mix of traditional charm with retro and modern twists. It sounds a bit ambitious, but it really works! The hotel is decorated throughout with works by up-and-coming artists and they’ve shot scenes from Atonement, Brideshead Revisited and Poirot there.


Yesterday I blogged a brilliantly eccentric bridal shoot from The Wedding Affair, with photography by Joe Dodsworth and set at Newby Hall. You will of course remember it for the antique military uniform, sword – who knew Wilkinson Sword made swords?! – and Ben, the horse. Missed it? Click: Jane Austen inspired bridal shoot

Today I have some behind the scenes photos from the shoot to share with you. They’re all by wedding photographer Nicky Chadwick, who was there to ‘shoot the shoot’ – so we get to see what goes on at a bridal shoot like this one. First of all – yesterday’s blog convinced me Anastasia had fallen from the pages of a Jane Austen novel. So let’s start with her looking very 21st century…

Wedding blog Jane Austen feature photography by Nicky Chadwick (16)

Photographer: Nicky Chadwick www.nickychadwickphotography.co.uk

Wedding blog Jane Austen feature photography by Nicky Chadwick (15)

Photographer: Nicky Chadwick www.nickychadwickphotography.co.uk

Photographer Joe Dodsworth directs model Chris – and I’d love to know what Chris thinks of his outfit! Definitely not the usual modelling work, hey?!

Wedding blog Jane Austen feature photography by Nicky Chadwick (14)

Photographer: Nicky Chadwick www.nickychadwickphotography.co.uk

Wedding blog Jane Austen feature photography by Nicky Chadwick (13)

Photographer: Nicky Chadwick www.nickychadwickphotography.co.uk

Wedding blog bridal shoot Jane Austen inspired. Photography Joe Dodsworth (20)

Photographer: Joe Dodsworth www.joedodsworth.co.uk

I’ll warn you before I begin: this is a bit mad! Inspiration for your wedding day can come from anywhere – your taste in music, your love of books… perhaps you’ve read Pride and Prejudice, or you fancy yourself as a bit of an Emma?

I love bridal shoots. I love to see what photographers and wedding suppliers come up with when they get together to do something creative. In this case, a rather eclectic group of very talented people brought Jane Austen’s fantasies back to life in a way that’s so ‘English Wedding’ I couldn’t possibly say no! Lisa from The Wedding Affair has written a little about the shoot below. Smile, giggle if you wish, and enjoy the drama!

The Wedding Affair Jane Austen Military Photo Shoot at Newby Hall

Wedding blog bridal shoot Jane Austen inspired. Photography Joe Dodsworth (1)

Photographer: Joe Dodsworth www.joedodsworth.co.uk

When we decided to do a photoshoot at the stunning Newby Hall in preparation of our October wedding fair, we looked to its history for our inspiration. For those who don’t already know, an adaptation of Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park was filmed there a few years ago and there we found our answer – a Jane Austen inspired shoot. Perfect!


I love Charlotte Balbier. She’s one of the most exciting wedding dress designers in the UK right now, and wherever I turn I see brilliant reviews and a real buzz about her 2012 wedding dress collection.

Speaking of which…
wedding dress blog feature images by Jonny Draper (2)When I blogged the launch of Charlotte’s 2012 Candy Kisses wedding dress collection last month, it was thanks to lovely Manchester wedding photographer Jonny Draper that we got to see so many gorgeous sneak previews of the dresses. Remember – this was a trade launch, so officially (shhhhh…) no one else has seen them yet!

wedding dress blog feature images by Jonny Draper (1)… and guess which lovely wedding photographer, in his own words* whisked a few of the models away for an exciting secret photoshoot while Charlotte wasn’t looking! Jonny – you’re ace!

*not exactly his own words. I read between the lines…

wedding dress blog feature images by Jonny Draper (3)Charlotte Balbier is about to launch a new website for 2012 which promises to showcase the 2012 Candy Kisses Collection. Charlotte’s designer wedding dresses are stocked in high end bridal boutiques across the country.