Wedding blog bridal shoot Jane Austen inspired. Photography Joe Dodsworth (20)

Photographer: Joe Dodsworth www.joedodsworth.co.uk

I’ll warn you before I begin: this is a bit mad! Inspiration for your wedding day can come from anywhere – your taste in music, your love of books… perhaps you’ve read Pride and Prejudice, or you fancy yourself as a bit of an Emma?

I love bridal shoots. I love to see what photographers and wedding suppliers come up with when they get together to do something creative. In this case, a rather eclectic group of very talented people brought Jane Austen’s fantasies back to life in a way that’s so ‘English Wedding’ I couldn’t possibly say no! Lisa from The Wedding Affair has written a little about the shoot below. Smile, giggle if you wish, and enjoy the drama!

The Wedding Affair Jane Austen Military Photo Shoot at Newby Hall

Wedding blog bridal shoot Jane Austen inspired. Photography Joe Dodsworth (1)

Photographer: Joe Dodsworth www.joedodsworth.co.uk

When we decided to do a photoshoot at the stunning Newby Hall in preparation of our October wedding fair, we looked to its history for our inspiration. For those who don’t already know, an adaptation of Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park was filmed there a few years ago and there we found our answer – a Jane Austen inspired shoot. Perfect!


I love Charlotte Balbier. She’s one of the most exciting wedding dress designers in the UK right now, and wherever I turn I see brilliant reviews and a real buzz about her 2012 wedding dress collection.

Speaking of which…
wedding dress blog feature images by Jonny Draper (2)When I blogged the launch of Charlotte’s 2012 Candy Kisses wedding dress collection last month, it was thanks to lovely Manchester wedding photographer Jonny Draper that we got to see so many gorgeous sneak previews of the dresses. Remember – this was a trade launch, so officially (shhhhh…) no one else has seen them yet!

wedding dress blog feature images by Jonny Draper (1)… and guess which lovely wedding photographer, in his own words* whisked a few of the models away for an exciting secret photoshoot while Charlotte wasn’t looking! Jonny – you’re ace!

*not exactly his own words. I read between the lines…

wedding dress blog feature images by Jonny Draper (3)Charlotte Balbier is about to launch a new website for 2012 which promises to showcase the 2012 Candy Kisses Collection. Charlotte’s designer wedding dresses are stocked in high end bridal boutiques across the country.


A girl lived with her mother on the outskirts of a smoky city. The girl was beautiful: she had a gentle smile and kind eyes with a little laughter behind them. Her hair was the colour of sunshine and she wore red. She loved red. She always wore red.

creative wedding photography blog shoot (1)

creative wedding photography blog shoot (2)The beautiful girl was in love. She was looking forward to seeing her beloved for a special date, so she decided to take a short cut through the forest to meet him. Smiling as she plucked her favourite cape from by the door – for she loved to be noticed – the beautiful girl stepped outside. Heads turned.

Little Red Riding Hood was her name.

creative wedding photography blog shoot (3)The forest was a magical place. Birds sang, cute little animals scurried around in the undergrowth, pretty flowers blossomed all year round. Little Red Riding Hood felt alive, free and happy there.

Only this day, something felt wrong.


Bring on the glitz and glamour – let’s brighten up a working morning with a little luxury, sparkle, glamour and elegance in a stunning stately home wedding venue shall we?

wedding photography uk (10)

Jonathon Watkins of Photoglow Photography sent me this beautiful collection of photographs which showcase his style and approach to shooting weddings. And I love it: this is what English Wedding blog is all about, embracing glamour and stunning imagery.

wedding photography uk (7)

The bridal shoot took place at Ellenborough Park, which is a luxurious stately home just outside Cheltenham. With a history dating back to the 1400s, Ellenborough Park is a fascinating and magnificent venue for weddings, and the perfect location for a wedding photo shoot!

wedding photography uk (9)I adore the scope and atmosphere of the wedding venue: the murals paint a picture of times gone by – and yet it’s easy to imagine the lords and ladies, even kings and queens, treading the same stairs as the bride and groom in the shoot.

wedding photography uk (32)What a stunning, elegant wedding dress. This is Papillon by Jenny Packham.


I don’t squeal. I’m calm, collected and simply love being a wedding blogger. No hysterics. So when top UK wedding dress designer Charlotte Balbier herself emailed me I didn’t squeal*. At all.

*I jumped four foot in the air and did a quick lap of the ceiling in my excitement.

Last month Charlotte Balbier did a sneaky peek preview day for her boutique owners of the new 2012 ‘Candy Kisses’ collection at www.greatjohnstreet.co.uk. The event was to give the boutiques a preview into the new 2012 collection and also to have a time to meet fellow boutique owners, relax, chat, network and be spoilt with champagne, yummy canapés and afternoon tea.

Who’d have liked to be a fly on the wall for the event, hey ladies? Tell you what, who’d like to play along RIGHT NOW and pretend we have front row seats for the exclusive wedding industry only event? Hmm?**

**I’m on the edge of my seat, hand in the air shouting ‘Meeeeeeeeee!’


How can I introduce today’s English Wedding blog feature? Well… it’s for me. It’s a bridal shoot that I want to be in. Or maybe I want to be it. It’s striking, stunning, different and inspiring. It’s a confidence thing, about nature and being in your element. It’s about being a gorgeous bride and therefore beautiful. (All photo credits: Rings n Veils wedding photography)

Bridal shoot wedding photography blog by Rings n Veils (1)It’s about fairytales. But not fairytales with a simpering princess who needs rescuing… fairytales with a strong princess, a gorgeous heroine who’ll have an adventure all of her own and win your heart. A fairytale, perhaps, where the forces of nature are enchanting and captivating and mother nature plays a vital role.

I love fairytales – my dad brought me up on fantasy fiction and I love stories like this. When I saw this bridal shoot from Rings n Veils wedding photographers I had to have it on the blog. Because for me, this is every heroine I admire. And it’s an inspiring shoot, I think, for every creative bride out there!


There’s something enchanting in the dramatic beauty of the seaside. The beach isn’t all about buckets and spades: if you’re going to the beach any time soon, do what I’ll be doing and find a quiet spot, watch the waves, see the life and spirit of nature out there. Sometimes there’s nothing more fascinating than the wild beaches around our shores.

I have another breathtaking collection of photographs for you, this time with a seaside twist. Photos and words by Chris Hanley Photography

wedding blog photo shoot seaside Chris Hanley Photography (1)Richard and Anne-Marie were married in Monton and celebrated at the Worsley Marriott. Anne-Marie is from the south coast of Ireland, a little village about 25 mins south of Waterford. Anne-Marie and Richard wanted a little bit of Ireland at their wedding.

They went to the beach where Anne-Marie spent her childhood. They collected pebbles as name place settings for their guests.

wedding blog photo shoot seaside Chris Hanley Photography (4) That August we flew back to Ireland to shoot a beach bride™ shoot on the very beach were they collected the pebbles. We also shot Anne-Marie in the village harbour where she learnt to swim.

bride on horseback photoshoot (7)

bride on horseback photoshoot (14)When I couldn’t resist posting “Bride. Horse. Bus Stop.” on facebook, you loved it as much as I did!

Inspired by my visit to The Riverside Studio and my Proper Interview with the delightful Chris Hanley, I’d been poking around the albums on display and – sorry to say I think I actually squeaked when I saw this photo.

bride on horseback photoshoot (7)So in the tradition of creative bridal shoots and inspiring wedding photography, I bring you this absolute treat: Lucy’s Chris Hanley Photography shoot. Let your eyes have some fun!

bride on horseback photoshoot (1)

bride on horseback photoshoot (2)How gorgeously dramatic are these pictures? The dark skies, white horse… the flash of white wedding dress and the landscapes all combine to create really beautiful shots.

bride on horseback photoshoot (3)

bride on horseback photoshoot (4)

bride on horseback photoshoot (5)

bride on horseback photoshoot (6)

bride on horseback photoshoot (8)

bride on horseback photoshoot (9)Lucy is stunning too – a natural beauty in her element.

bride on horseback photoshoot (10)

bride on horseback photoshoot (11)

bride on horseback photoshoot (12)While the pictures are incredibly beautiful, I do find myself grinning because they’re so deliciously mad! The gorgeous wedding dress draped across the horse… the white wedding umbrella! The thought of a bride dashing around on horseback on country lanes! I LOVE it!