4 reasons to choose artificial flowers instead of fresh for your wedding decorations

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Flowers at weddings are one of the main elements of the decor. They give character to your event and introduce a natural atmosphere. Couples decorate wedding venues, churches, cars, tables, and outdoor spaces with flowers and there’s no denying the fact that if we want to create amazing statement displays we have to set a high budget for floral design.

Is there a way to have breathtaking floral displays without the cost? Can statement florals be made to last all day long in a summer heatwave? Can you save time and money with hassle-free floral design?  My answer to all of these questions is artificial flowers.

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Here are my 4 top reasons why it’s worth choosing faux flowers for your wedding decorations.

1. Any flower. Any colour. Anytime.

Is your favourite flower out of season for your wedding and now too expensive elsewhere due to its inaccessibility? It’s not a problem with artificial flowers!

You’ll get your favourite flower all year round, no matter what time of the year – even colours you can’t find in fresh flowers.

This makes it extremely affordable and hassle-free when it comes time to buy flowers for your wedding. Don’t give up on your favourite flower, just opt for artificial ones!

2. Cost! Faux blooms are inexpensive

Artificial flowers are less expensive than buying real flowers in bulk because you pay one price and walk away with everlasting flowers! Even if you decide you don’t want to keep them permanently, you can sell artificial flowers without much trouble.

3. Artificial wedding flowers won’t wilt or get damaged – and they last so much longer

High-quality artificial flowers are durable and can withstand many things that can damage fresh flowers. Travelling home from the flower shop and then to the ceremony venue can be a challenge for fresh flowers, especially on hot days. From the inevitable crushing and breaking, to the lack of space to safely transport your flowers.

With artificial flowers, you don’t have to worry that your flowers will wither or die sooner. They stay fresh and beautiful for years after purchase.

4. Modern faux blooms look so realistic these days!

Many couples are concerned that artificial flowers look unreal and kitschy. Not any more! Right now the quality of artificial flowers is so good that in some cases guests won’t realise your displays are made of artificial blooms. Of course, it depends on the manufacturer and workmanship so choose trusted companies and always ask for samples.

So don’t be afraid to go crazy with artificial flowers at your wedding. A flower wall is one of the most fashionable accessories – can you imagine how much a fresh flower wall costs? It is definitely an economical solution and an amazing effect at the same time.

And the money you’ll save you can spend on your dream honeymoon!

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