The Biggest Style Trends for Grooms Right Now

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Any groom who’s about to get married knows there are plenty of things that require his attention before the big day. From choosing your honeymoon destination to who’s going to make up your groom’s party, you’ve got some critical decisions to make. And that includes deciding what to wear.

Just like any trend, wedding styles are ever-changing – coming into, going out of and returning to fashion. This can make it tricky for a dapper groom-to-be to catch up with what’s in vogue at the moment. That’s why we’ve decided to make it easier for you and present this list of fashionable wedding trends to choose from.

Having looked at hundreds of suits and tuxedos from this year, from high fashion brands as well as regular stores, we’ve put together the ultimate list of style trends for grooms right now.

Barn wedding styling at Coltsfood Country Retreat - images by Becky Harley Photography Hertfordshire (35)

Navy blue

Move over black; there’s a new colour in town! Navy blue has become a big hit this year, making itself number one on this list. Even the husband of Eleonore von Habsburg, Archduchess of Austria wore a full navy suit to their wedding in July. To complete the chic navy tuxedo look, we recommend keeping it simple, going for a black bow tie and a white boutonnière. If you’re all for making a bold statement, combine a navy blue suit with a light blue patterned shirt and a check waistcoat.


Whether you’re going for a refined vintage getup or a boho-chic feel, velvet is an excellent way for a groom to stand out and still be classy. Despite being a rather unconventional choice, this plush, textured material has long been a popular choice for grooms and continues to rise in popularity.

Rich jewel tones such as burgundy, amethyst purple and emerald green complement this look best, especially if you have an autumn or winter wedding. Of course, there’s always a velvet black suit or blazer for a more understated, elegant style. If you’re worried about looking a bit over-the-top in a full velvet suit, you can always nod to the trend with a velvet waistcoat or bow tie. Whichever you choose, it’ll add some dynamic texture to your outfit and give a fresh take on that classic tuxedo look.


This timeless pattern has captured attention for generations, and it should be a serious candidate for your wedding attire this season. Whether it’s just an element of your suit or you have both trousers and coat in this material, you wouldn’t be making a mistake. Just make sure to combine your statement checks with a pocket square or lapels rather than a boutonnière as this is what fits this look best. A light blue shirt and a beige tie would complete your getup and add a modern note to this timeless trend.


You might be focused on your suit, but no groom should forget about what’s happening on his feet! The so-called king of casual dress shoes, a pair of classic coloured loafers that match the rest of your outfit is a safe but stylish choice. Don’t be afraid to show your ankles; this has been another trend that’s all the rage right now. If you want to add some colour or draw more attention to your shoes, consider getting loafers in light brown while keeping the rest of your pieces black and white.

Mismatching coats and trousers

The mismatched trend is growing more and more in the eyes of the public and has become a significant style trend for grooms this year. When Princess Beatrice married Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi in July 2020, he wore a black coat and grey trousers with a subtle pink waistcoat and a light blue tie. This is a classy and modern look you can definitely take some inspiration from. To really make a statement, opt for stark mismatching colours, like ivory red trousers paired with a white blazer with red details.

Jewel colours

In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, jewel tones are colours that resemble those of gemstones, from amethyst and emerald to ruby and sapphire. These darker, richly saturated hues make them the perfect choice for grooms who want to shy away from black and add a pop of colour to their outfit without going too extreme. The hottest jewel colours this season are ruby red, sapphire blue and emerald green. Opt for a well-tailored, coloured suit in your favourite jewel tone, paired with a classic white shirt and black bow tie. If you want to claim the title of “Best Dressed Groom”, have the bouquet feature some jewel toned flowers to match your suit.


If you’re not a fan of extravagance and want more of an understated look, beige is a great choice. For that fresh feel for a summer wedding, consider a suit in a sophisticated shade of beige, paired with a crisp white shirt. You could even have your groomsmen wear a blazer in similar but slightly contrasting shades of khaki tones for some cohesion for your wedding photos. For that pop of pizza, give your beige ensemble a playful update with floral shirts or a stylish navy blue tie.

Contrasting details

From flower prints to brocade and extravagant boutonnière, it’s all on in 2020/21 so you shouldn’t think twice about adding a little colour and contrast to your attire. A good idea could be a light ornate tie or waistcoat with a darker shade blazer. Big striking coloured flowers for your boutonnière would be a fashionable choice as well.

A personal touch

Why should you abide by the rules when after all, this is your moment? Adding a personalized touch to your wedding outfit is a style trend for grooms that will never go out of fashion. An example could be having your wedding date or partner’s initials subtly embroidered on your shirt, pocket square or even socks. For something more flashy, why not have monogrammed footwear to pair with your custom made suit? Adding a personalized flair to your wedding outfit will keep your look unique but still on-trend.

As a groom, choosing your wedding outfit isn’t an easy task. Comfort, inspiration from today’s trends, and a touch of your personal style are all things to consider when picking the perfect outfit. Whatever you decide on, remember not to stress about your choice and most importantly, have fun on your big day.

Barn wedding styling at Coltsfood Country Retreat - images by Becky Harley Photography Hertfordshire (27)

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