5 Top Tips for planning an epic wedding video

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This article is by our friends at HD Moments, luxury wedding videographers based in the UK.
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There are a couple of important events in your life which deserve to be captured on film forever, with your wedding undoubtedly one of the most important ones.

But what can you do to make sure your wedding video captures the true beauty, love and emotion of your special day?
Your wedding day can feel like a blur, with nerves and excitement making the day pass in a flash. That’s why it’s important that your video can crystallise the parts of the day you may have missed forever.

The tips below will help ensure your wedding video goes smoothly:

5 Top Tips for Planning a Wedding Video

Research Suppliers

Finding the right wedding videographer is, of course, the most important step to ensuring the perfect video for your big day. If you are working with a wedding planner ask for their recommendations, but if you are planning the wedding yourself there’s still a huge range of suppliers to be found online to suit different budgets. You may also want to contact the venue to see if they have any recommended suppliers.

Any suppliers you consider, make sure to look through their portfolio to see if their previous videos fit with your desired style. Of course, the more elaborate cinematic videos tend to cost more due to requirements for camera equipment, drones and time spent editing so bear that in mind when choosing a supplier.

Decide on a Theme

There are many different types of wedding video now, so it’s worth speaking to your supplier about this to find the best for you. Think about the theme of your wedding and how the video can fit in with this – for example if you have opted for a winter wedding you may want the video to feature seasonal music and natural shots of winter scenery.
You can choose a video which has a more romantic tone focusing more on you and your partner or a livelier one that may give equal time to the after-party and how your guests are interacting.

Plan Your Day down to Perfection

Being prepared for your wedding is clearly very important for several reasons, helping you map out the day in your mind and making sure you don’t get flustered. This all ties in with the wedding video, as – if your videographer knows the timeline of events – they can prepare more for certain shots and angles.
Although it sounds counter-intuitive, the couples who are most prepared tend to enjoy their wedding more as they don’t get flustered by any unexpected events during the day.

Find the Ideal Song

Whether you opt for your first dance song, a fast-paced number, or a range of musical styles that move with the emotions of the day, choosing the right song for your video is another important step to getting the perfect wedding video.
Some wedding videographers will select the music for you, but you can always discuss your preferences directly with them. A song that fits in with your theme will bring all those special memories flooding back for you when you get the chance to watch the footage.

Relax and enjoy!

The best way to let the true emotions be captured is to show your joy and love for each other throughout the day. The number one priority for any wedding is to enjoy yourself, and if you are doing that your videographer will have a much easier task to capture the perfect video!
Try and forget about the cameras as much as possible and those natural moments of joy between you and your partner or guests will shine through even more.

This piece was contributed by Justina Frankowska, Director of HD Moments Wedding Videography.

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