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8 unique ideas for your first Valentine’s Day as Mr & Mrs

A guest article by Bibi at Truly Experiences; Images from the English Wedding archives by Amanda Karen Photography

Everybody needs a little romance in their lives. But for newlyweds enjoying their first Valentine’s day, “a little romance” takes on a whole new dimension. Your brand new marriage comes with all kinds of exciting new experiences and memories. Wherever you are, you’ll want to make that first big romantic day special for both of you. Make your first Valentine’s day traditions as a couple exciting, with these seven ideas for a unique Valentine’s Day.

1. Make Your Date A Tradition

It’s tempting to go big on your very first valentines, but if you’re just married bear in mind, there’s something nice about building your own traditions. Maybe you have a favorite restaurant that’s perfect for the two of you. Maybe you both love hiking, or foreign films. On your first Valentine’s day as a couple, try something traditional that’s also completely you. Make it something you can take a day off for, even if you’re still in the exciting throes of your honeymoon, and get reconnected with the humble beginnings of your relationship with a cheesy romantic date that can take you back, and will fit into your new family traditions!

2. Try A Care Package

So you’re away on your first big romantic getaway. Valentine’s day might be the perfect opportunity to spend time alone in the hotel room. A cozy Valentine’s care package is a great tradition whether you’re off on a romantic whirlwind together, or at home. Put some thought into how to personalize it. You could fill it with a bottle of your favorite wine, sexy lingerie, massage oil, or even romantic coupons that promise back rubs, and special dates. Whatever you think will make your first Valentine one to remember.

3. Go On An Adventure Together

These aren’t the couples getaways you’re used to! For a memorable day, try an experience package for two! You can go low-key, like a couple’s spa date, but for the more adventurous, try something truly exciting. What’s more romantic than a tropical trip to a floating resort, where you can actually stay in a hotel room underwater? Truly’s Mermaid experience package offers all that and much more! For a first Valentines that’s truly unforgettable, take on the adventure of a lifetime, together!

4. Take A Winter Getaway

The only negative thing about Valentine’s Day is it happens in winter! Beat the cold at its own game with a romantic ski-lodge holiday for two. Learn to ski or snowboard together. Cuddle up by the fire with a fondue pot or a cup of hot chocolate. Go ahead and get cozy. It’s your day after all!

5. Take A Hike

You might find that you like your adventures closer to home. Going on a hike, or taking part in other outdoor activities is a romantic way to spend time alone together. Visit your favorite spots in nature, and make some romantic memories with a winter picnic for two. Take a walk around your neighbourhood, and discover a cute new coffee shop, garden or park, just the two of you.

6. A Romantic Dinner For Two

Everybody loves a romantic dinner! And the only thing more romantic than a home-cooked meal is a meal you cook together. Take a cooking class, and spice up your love life, along with your kitchen. It’s a great way to spoil each other. Leave aside the whirlwind romance for something cozy and domestic, and have your adventure with your taste buds instead.

7. Go Dancing

Dancing is perfect date material! It’s good for the endorphins, and the perfect excuse to get close. It’s also a lot of fun! Dance lessons make a great Valentines Day gift for you and your partner. Using the classes as one of your date nights also promises a commitment to spending time together that your new husband or wife is sure to appreciate.

8. Romantic Scavenger Hunt

That first Valentine’s Day is all about fun and excitement. So don’t be afraid to get adventurous! Leave clues only your partner would know, like important dates in your relationship, favorite places, and most romantic memories. Hide special gifts for them to find. They should be leading to you, of course, ready to spoil your partner in person!

Your first Valentine’s Day together should be fun and exciting. Bear in mind, you’re making a memory that will last a lifetime. Whether you’re still on your honeymoon, or just experiencing your first Valentine’s Day as a married couple, you’re building a new tradition into your family. So go wild. Take an adventure together at home or away. Take the time to make the day special for both of you, and start your marriage off right!


7. Go Dancing

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