The geek in the kitchen: how to securely back up your wedding photos

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Lets start by saying this blog post is not cool.

In fact, if it were a person at a house party, it would be the person who is left standing in the kitchen, clutching its glass of wine and awkwardly trying to make conversation with anyone who passes by.

Much cooler blog posts, such as the themed shoots and real weddings wander past with a wry smile. In short it is the geek.

However, like in many a Hollywood teen movie, the geek is sometimes the real hero. This type of blog post is in fact possibly one of the more important ones you will read during your wedding planning.

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In the age where the wedding album is not as popular and many couples tend to go for digital only packages, these files are super important, and should be treated as such.

Your wedding images will generally be delivered on a USB drive to you. The first thing to do after looking at them is to put in place a secure backup strategy (how romantic). Now almost all photographers will have a backup strategy in place and many will archive images from weddings and will happily resend photos, but what if your photographer moves area or gives up doing wedding photography completely? It does happen.

The beauty of it is, backing up your wedding day photos is pretty simple and incredibly cheap. But how do you do it? Oh, so now you all want to talk to the geek in the kitchen. Come on in…

So here it is. A simple step by step guide to backing up your wedding photos in an almost bombproof way, for under £5.

  1. Buy a USB flash drive. 8GB ones cost around £5 and will have plenty of storage for almost every wedding.
  2. Copy your images over to the new USB drive.
  3. If possible put the second USB drive in a different location, such as parents house, etc. This means that if the worst happens at your place, the images are still OK
  4. Sign up for a new Google account. These come with 15GB of free online storage. We would recommend that you create a new account for this, rather than use your day to day account.
  5. For security enable Google’s 2 step verification process. There are simple instructions to follow when you create your account.
  6. Copy your wedding photos to your Google drive account.

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There you go, 6 simple stages to making sure your wedding photos are secure in almost any eventuality. I know it is not something you want to think about when you’re just married, but imagine what would happen if you lost all of your wedding photos.

And, just like in the movies, the geek wins the day. He elbows past Dream Location Wedding & kisses Miss Top Ten Dress Styles of 2017. She swoons, realising it was him she loved all along. They leave the party together, walking off into the sunset to an 80’s power ballad. Cue the end credits.

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