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1. If you haven’t done it on the day, or you’ve forgotten something, it probably wasn’t that important and so don’t spend your day worrying about it. Make sure you benefit from all of your hard work!

~ Katherine & Ben

2. Be philosophical about the details, as much as every detail may have seemed important in the planning, in the grand scheme of the day you will get caught up in the moment and things will inevitably be overlooked. If there are details that really matter to you both, entrust them to someone else, don’t try to do them yourself on the day.

~ Ananda & Darren

3. Don’t feel pressured to do things you don’t feel comfortable with. Alex didn’t want to stand and give a speech so he made a video to play on the day. Me and all our guests were in tears and we get people complimenting us on it even now. It meant that Alex could relax and give a speech he knew he was happy with and it is much more his style than a traditional speech. It goes to show that adapting the rules can give the best results!

~ Alex & Nina

4. I woke very early so decided to go for a walk by myself and took photos of the beautiful area: it was a very memorable moment for me and helped me relax.

~ Kerrie & Nick

5. Do your research and make sure you’re happy with your suppliers – Don’t just go with somebody if you have doubts – iron them out or change supplier.

~ Lizzie & Henry

6. At one point my best friend took me to one side and walked me to the end of the field. She said stand back and take this moment to take it all in!” As much as the alcohol had started to take effect I can still remember that moment as if it happened an hour ago! The day goes so quickly…do this one thing and spare a moment to take it all in!!!

Also, where you can personalise your day do so, get people involved and enjoy the lead up to it. It comes and goes so quickly, embrace every moment…even the stressful bits! And if you can, get a wedding planner… ours helped us think of things that we’d never have thought of and having her there on the day was the peace of mind needed to be able to relax and enjoy every moment.”

~ Mark & Chris

7. We spent an inordinate amount of time planning the wedding – the schedule, the venue, the food, the details, etc., etc. We enjoyed doing so and wouldn’t change anything, but at times we lost sight of the most important part of the day – the ceremony.

We decided to write our own vows and read these to each other after the registrar did her bit. We’re really glad we personalised our wedding vows.

~ Claire & Christian

8. Carry a sewing kit – Doug, rugby player at large, did a few too many enthusiastic dance moves and ended up splitting his trousers down the bottom! Luckily someone had a needle and cotton, so Doug sat in his pants in the bridal suite, whilst he was sewn back together!

~ Doug & Kath

9. Decide on a time to stop planning and creating so that you can ‘tool down’ and enjoy!

Try and have the wedding over a couple of days so that you can get all your introductions and greetings out of the way the day before, so that the day itself doesn’t feel rushed.

~ Emily & Aaron

10. Make sure someone else knows what is going on. You won’t be available to coordinate things or tell people where to go or where to find everything on the day. And you won’t want to!… Don’t worry about whether people are having a good time (they are if you are!) or whether you are circulating enough. It is your day and it will fly past so quickly.

Take a few moments at a few points through the day to be together just the two of you. The day is about your relationship and celebrating it with the people you love.

~ Nicola & James

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