Are wedding blogs evil?

I hear so many opinions about wedding blogs, ranging quite fascinatingly from good to bad to even worse. Blogs are powerful; they can make a wedding business (and in at least one instance, have had the occasion to break one). And their influence on brides and grooms, on wedding trends and even spending habits, is pretty strong.

It’s something I try really hard to be aware of. I try never to push ideas onto readers: styling a wedding and finding suppliers should be all about personal choice. I can share things I love, suggest suppliers I admire, but I’d never say you ‘need’ anything for your wedding which is really only optional.

Jennifer Sinclair Photography

Image credit: Jennifer Sinclair Photography, Hampshire

I love wedding blogs.

I think they’re a harmless dose of pretty, a relaxing and enjoyable read with extra eye candy, and often feature superb advice from real couples alongside expert tips from the loveliest wedding suppliers. They’re a beautiful and helpful place to be!

It’s interesting though: in the wedding industry many people are still wary of blogs, and of wedding bloggers. The faces and characters behind the blogs have reputations, and we can be seen as wannabe celebrities (chuckle) or media darlings… which really isn’t true.

Personally, I’m a girl who’s more comfortable trying to help people from behind a computer screen than out in the real world schmoozing with wedding industry’s big names!

I’d like to think every wedding supplier could submit an idea, image, product or advice to the English Wedding Blog without feeling nervous about my reply (and yes, every email reply comes from my very own typing fingers). I hope brides and grooms feel they can contact me to ask about their weddings, recommend their amazing suppliers for a feature, or submit their weddings to feature on the blog. I very often say yes. When I do have to say no, I do it nicely – and it’s usually only down to the blog being super busy already.

I really wanted to lay to rest any misconceptions about wedding blogs and bloggers being unapproachable, and get across the friendly side of wedding blogs! So I asked a few of my friends and sponsors for their thoughts with one simple question: Are wedding blogs evil?

Andy Stonier, Howling Basset Photography: Are wedding blogs evil?

Wedding blogs are like newspapers of old in that in order to keep up with each other they tend to publish the same type of image and article. For instance every blog currently seems to show bow-tied, braces, bearded and b’tattooed weddings when in reality these type of weddings are actually few and far between.

howling basset photography

Image credit: Howling Basset Photography

Normal weddings between normal people with normal jobs tend not to get shown. This leads to undue pressure being placed on your everyday wedding couple to try and emulate these boho, shabby-chic, jam jar obsessed and hay bale filled affairs.

From a photography perspective if one blog favours out-of-focus, feet cut off, total disregard for framing, shooting into the sun, filtered to death work then they all tend to show that kind of thing and these “filter-fauxtographers” proliferate.”

Do you agree?

I try to keep the English Wedding Blog very balanced. I like to feature every style of wedding I can, from the alternative and innovative to the ‘normal’ weddings – and I’m finding a lot of brides and their friends and families are really enjoying a little crafting of jam jars and the like before their big day!

I do feature bow ties and braces… because I love couples who have real character. I also feature normal ties and grooms in jeans, and that’s because I don’t think you should have to follow traditions and conventions for a wedding: spending hundreds on a dress and hiring from Debenhams isn’t all that necessary when you can be yourselves and still look amazing! It’s all down to personal choice, and as a wedding blogger it’s not my place to judge.

As for the photography… I will feature a wedding for its details if they’re amazing. Sometimes the photography comes second. I will feature a wedding for its photography alone if it’s beautifully shot. Often I’ll feature a couple’s day because I think they’re lovely people – and this includes normal, weddings as often as it does alternative ones! I publish photographers who are early on in their careers and established photographers, and I like to share the work of photographers with different styles, because I know blog readers aren’t all looking for the same photography style.

Steven Anthony Photography: Are wedding blogs evil?

No, wedding blogs are great.  The one thing I say to couples is that if you enjoy DIY’ing, crafting and designing then that’s great, but if you don’t, then don’t feel the need to keep up with the Joneses. Not just in weddings, but sites like Pinterest do create an image that everything is perfect which creates stress and anxiety for you. 

I always feel that a wedding should be about marrying the person you love and then having a great time with all your friends and family.  All the details can be decided as you go, don’t feel the need to go crazy with decorations if that’s not your thing, keep it simple and elegant.”

Steven, I totally agree. And I found this blog feature about Pinterest being evil – although we all love it just as the author does! – which you’ll enjoy, I think!

Steven Anthony Photography

Image credit: Steven Anthony Photography

Jennifer Sinclair Photography: Are wedding blogs evil?

“Ah, who ever said wedding blogs are evil!  Although a wedding photographer for a number of years, I’ve only recently got into the world of showcasing my work on wedding blogs.  It’s a fantastic way of sharing my work with a wider audience.  For me, it is wider than that though. 

I love being a wedding photographer and hope I portray that passion to my brides and grooms.  So what wedding blogs do for me is they keep me in touch with the wedding industry and what brides and grooms are looking for in their weddings. I’m not sure whether my brides are frequent visitors to wedding blogs (maybe I should ask and encourage them in future) although I am starting to see enquiries coming through to me from potential clients who have seen me on wedding blogs. For next year I’m definitely going to make sure I work closer with my favourite wedding blogs.”

Benjamin Toms Photography Kent

Image credit: Benjamin Toms Photography

Benjamin Toms Photography: Are wedding blogs evil?

“I don’t follow wedding blogs as much as I used to – now my business is very established I only follow the blogs I sponsor and feature on as well as those of a few top photographers whose work I find inspiring.

I think wedding blogs are good for businesses starting out; they’re great for discovering people and they’re useful for brides and grooms who are looking for real weddings at their venue.”

I’ve really enjoyed reading your opinions about wedding blogs – thank you to Andy, Steven, Ben and Jennifer for sharing! I’m going to extend the discussion on my facebook page so please do join in the debate: it’s your turn now to tell me: are wedding blogs evil?

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    Knowing you as well as I do this made great reading. Especially the sentences between the lines that only a few will ever see or understand ? .

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