The top 10 wedding food trends for 2016, by Emma at Goose and Berry

Sometimes I spend hours gazing at delicious-looking photos of food. It’s a worthwhile pastime… because food comes in the top 5 wedding priorities for most couples. Your guests will remember the food and music from your wedding day above almost everything else – so make the most of your menu sampling sessions, everyone!

Today I have some brilliant advice from wedding catering expert Emma at Goose & Berry. Emma’s been investigating your favourite wedding foods and shares her top tips for wedding menus for the coming year.

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The top 10 wedding food trends for 2016

As a wedding and event caterers we start to recognise trends and patterns long before they start to become well known. Having the benefit of also being wedding and event planners we are also able to incorporate these and utilise our catering skills to the max!

Couples come to us with certain ideas in mind, but don’t know how to go about them and this is where we come in, giving them guidance and offering fresh new ideas and turning their dreams into reality. So many new ways of presenting food have surfaced recently and they are a whole lot of fun! So what are we seeing on the wedding menu currently?


1) Rustic / Less Formal Dining

Yes people are still opting for a sit down meal, but we have seen sharing platters and family style dining go in place of individual starters, mains and desserts. It’s less fussy and guests have more interaction, which brings on a more relaxed and fun feel to the meal.

2) Food Vans

Whether it be throughout the reception or in place of a formal wedding breakfast, perhaps even used for the late night snacks, food vans are increasing in popularity. Think ice cream vans, fish & chips and burger vans.

3) Organic and Fresh

Couples and caterers alike are opting for locally sourced, fresh and seasonal ingredients. They understand the importance of good quality food and the more local, the better. Everyone likes to do their bit for the environment it seems! And the food tastes so much better! Raw and Vegan food is also starting to creep into the wedding catering world. Watch this space!

4) Comfort Food and Big Kids

Pizza, Burgers, Hot Dogs and Fish & Chips. These are incredibly popular and rightly so! Who doesn’t love them! Popular with everyone and you could have these at reception, on a buffet or as a late night snack. The presentation however is key, maybe monogrammed wrappers or boxes. You still want to impress after all!

5) Brunch

Weddings aren’t just for the afternoon now. Lunches and dinners are still the most popular time to sit down; however we have started to notice there are some early morning weddings (it may be because it’s cheaper) but brunch is a big thing, especially in the wider foodie world. Mimosa’s, Bloody Mary’s, Eggs Benedict or Royale, Avocado, Bacon…breakfast foods are so popular and who says they can’t be for a wedding!

6) Drinks Stations


Champagne served on trays has led into signature cocktails and now we are seeing drinks stations, be it DIY ones or staffed. A lemonade bar is super popular currently, and particularly with the children, as are Prosecco bars, infused waters and cocktails. A great way to have fun with the reception drinks.

7) Getting Involved


Similar to the drinks stations, DIY food stations are popping up and requested more frequently. Making your own burrito seems to be ‘the thing’ to do at the moment as well as dessert stations, which we seem to have an abundance of this year. Guests love interaction and it creates a fun and relaxed feel to the day. Look out for Interactive food stations – chef’s preparing food in front of your eyes! It’s something we are predicting will be huge!

8) Street Food

This seems to be everywhere currently. With pop ups and restaurants taking this and running with it, it really is the most popular trend and it is filtering down to the wedding world. Set up on different food stations around your venue, guests can try a variety of snack food and it offers the variety that maybe the couples love and I’m sure guests will too. Ceviche and Burrito wraps seem to be the most popular choices.

9) Truffles

The ingredient of the moment. Truffle risotto, truffle burgers, truffle chips, truffle mac n’ cheese – ok I’m hungry now. A personal fave of mine since going to Florence (I think I may have binged on truffle) it simply is delicious and it goes so well with many things. Not to everyone’s taste, but if you want to impress, then this is how.

10) Late Night Snacks

These have been around for a while, but we have certainly seen an increase in popularity over the past year or so. It’s a great way to end the night and satisfy any remaining hunger cravings. Handed out on trays, or on a buffet or even food stations, food such as mini hot dogs, or burgers, hog roast, sushi or even a sundae bar or sweet cart are the way forward and will leave everyone with a smile on their face.

So whilst I’m left craving truffles (and if you haven’t tried truffle mac n’ cheese, then you really should), have a think about the different foods that you love and discuss with your caterer about what you would like. Maybe incorporate some of the above and put on your own twist on it: you never know, you could be starting a new food trend!



Emma is Co-Planner at Goose & Berry, a luxury wedding & event planners and caterers based in Buckinghamshire and London. When she isn’t planning and styling weddings and writing blogs, she can be found on the farm, creating floral displays or watching rugby and cricket.





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