… and the wedding photographers I love best of all ARE! {drum roll}…

Some wedding photographers are brilliant. Some bowl me over with their gorgeous images, their empathy, their signature styles. And (shhh) I have favourites. Sounds a little unfair, unprofessional even, doesn’t it?

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Bear with me. 😉

Why do wedding photographers submit to blogs?

An easy question. For free promotion of their work to a huge readership. Top reason.

Also – for their brides and grooms. If you’d like to have your wedding featured on a blog, mention it to your photographer! They’re lovely people, and if you’ve found your photographer on a wedding blog it’s more than likely they’ll be happy to submit your wedding!

There’s another reason, and this is the one I like best of all: to build business friendships.

Photographers and wedding bloggers – a match made in…

Fair to say there’s a bit of a love / hate relationship between wedding bloggers and photographers, right? We know each other well. Photographers have a lot of contact with wedding bloggers via submissions, sponsorship and so on.

Winters Barns Kent wedding blog Parkershots Photography (49) Winters Barns Kent wedding blog Parkershots Photography (39)

Wedding photographers are the closest of all suppliers to the wedding bloggers. It’s actually much harder for the rest of us: stationers, florists, cake people – to approach a wedding blog and get featured.

Even then, we need damn good photographs of what we do to send to the wedding blogs. Professional images probably increase a supplier’s chance of getting featured on a blog by about – ooh – 95%.

I’m getting sidetracked. You’re here to find out who my favourite wedding photographers are…

The photographers I like best of all are those who’ll submit weddings to blogs, or who’ll happily share their work with us even if they don’t need to.

Those photographers are awesome. They’re helping little guys like me: the calligrapher me, and all of my stationer / cake designer / florist / jeweller friends by giving us the access to blogs we need for our businesses.

My favourite photographers are the ones who share.

I don’t blog to be famous. I don’t blog about me (much). Or for me. I enjoy it – and it earns me a little extra to help make a living from calligraphy and weddings. But what drives me to write the English Wedding Blog is being able to share people’s creative work in the wedding industry.

If I can boost an independent business, then I’m happy.

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A plea to wedding photographers

Every photographer has friends in the industry – the craftspeople who live locally and whose work creates a stir at weddings. The indie businesses like me who get totally overexcited when you share our work on a wedding blog.

I’m speaking as one of those indie businesses now.

Share us? Please?

Either on blogs – yours or mine – or by word of mouth, or on social media.

Share a photo – hashtagged, shared – of something a wedding crafter has made, dreamed, designed – because it makes us ridiculously happy.

Thank you. You’re my favourite wedding photographers.

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Images in today’s blog feature are all by lovely Parkershots Photography. Flowers are by Confetti Connections. Louise gets a lovely review from bride Kirsty in the real wedding feature I shared on the 5th of June. See the full feature here: Kirsty and Rod’s beautifully home made Winters Barns wedding


Winters Barns Kent wedding blog Parkershots Photography (51)

Claire Gould

Claire spends her days writing - either in beautiful calligraphy or online. She lives on the edge of the English Lake District only minutes away from the beach, where she loves to escape and unwind. Claire's calligraphy can be found at Claire launched the English Wedding Blog in November 2009 - it's been a top 10 UK wedding blog ever since, with a regional focus we hope you LOVE.



  • Sarah
    5 years ago

    For me, one of the best parts of working in the wedding industry is the collaboration with other businesses! I love meeting new talent, collaborating on joint ventures and sharing ideas and always get excited when I meet like-minded people in other fields too 🙂 I actually started writing blog posts, recently, on my blog, sharing other suppliers who’s work I admire. It’s funny though, I put out a few messages offering these blog features and I’ve had very little interest from people wishing to be featured, which surprises me. I’m not expecting payment or anything in return – it’s just my way of giving a little something back if I can. Hey Claire, maybe I could write a little something about you and your work? x

    • Claire Gould
      5 years ago

      Hi Sarah!
      Thanks for your comment 🙂 Feel free to write a little something about the English Wedding Blog on your own blog, that would be lovely!
      I love your blog post about Heavenly Petals – clearly Ed is a good friend in the industry and I’m sure you’ll recommend her in real life as well as online. It’s these relationships which mean more than single blog posts I guess, when it comes down to your photography blog. Your photos of her flowers are beautiful and I’m smiling because I know your paths will cross again and again – which is the sort of happy karma which makes our little industry go round!
      Claire x

      • Sarah
        5 years ago

        Oh I’m definitely all for happy karma! I will definitely do a little write up on your fantastic blog, thank you so much!

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