20 unique wedding portraits from UK photographers: 20Collective

I love wedding portraits: those romantic images of the happy couple totally wrapped up in each other or exploring their wedding venue and glorious surroundings. Most often what sings to my heart is the photography: beautiful lighting or an unusual setting can make a wedding portrait stand out so much.

As a wedding blogger I see so many portraits: some are posed and some natural; some are incredible, and some are more traditional and romantic. Sometimes I see wedding portraits which are even a little different from the norm… and then once in a blue moon I see something which blows my mind. You’ll love these: 20 unique wedding portraits from the supremely talented UK wedding photographers who form 20Collective. Enjoy.

Image title: Out to Grass Wedding – Samuel Docker Photography

20 unique wedding portrait photographs by 20Collective (18)

A photographer’s best friend has and always will be light, even more so when it’s the famous golden hour and that light is yummy and glowing orange! This was just the case for Jane and Sue’s gorgeous Worcestershire wedding at the incredible Out to Grass site. It was late evening in the middle of summer, guests were kicking back after a feast, and me, Jane and Sue went to sit in the long grass overlooking a killer sunset for 20 minutes.


Image title: Cardiff City Hall Wedding – F5 Photography – Rahul Khona

20 unique wedding portrait photographs by 20Collective (15)

I love chasing light. We walked around outside the venue, when the sun broke just underneath the clouds and I spotted this light coming through the trees. This was at the end of the portrait session, and I quickly placed the couple here, to get this portrait, moments before they entered


Image title: Mitton Hall Wedding – ARJ Photography

20 unique wedding portrait photographs by 20Collective (4)

Taking unique wedding day portraits is in my soul. As much as I see my main job being about creative storytelling, I love it when I get the chance to spend a little time with the couple and just have fun making cool, different photos like this one from Katie and Andy’s Mitton Hall wedding in Lancashire. The sky was incredible and I knew I wanted to create something that showed it off but in a different way – I was delighted with the result!


Image title: Cheshire Wedding – Adam-Riley-Photography

20 unique wedding portrait photographs by 20Collective (1)

Portraits don’t always have to be posed, I like to look for opportunities to shoot natural portraits throughout the day. This shot of Vivian, taken at her home wedding in Cheshire, was taken as she walked through a patch of light on the way to the ceremony.


Image title: London Wedding – Albert Palmer Photography

20 unique wedding portrait photographs by 20Collective (2)

I tend to think that it’s virtually impossible to create a completely unique wedding portrait. I have seen so many photos online that they all become a blur. But I do love this one taken on a pre wedding shoot in London. I love those yellow leaves, the perspective and the complimentary colours. The couple look pretty cool too.


Image title: Narborough Hall Wedding – Andy Gaines

20 unique wedding portrait photographs by 20Collective (3)

I love to make portraits as and when the moments and light is right. This shot of Olivia and Doug was grabbed in a short window when the sun came out and was shining down this amazing avenue of trees at Narborough Hall. The final image is stitched from 60 frames to get the effect I wanted.


Image title: Richmond Hill Hotel Wedding – Ben Joseph Photography

20 unique wedding portrait photographs by 20Collective (5)

This image was shot at the Richmond Hill Hotel in SW London. This was at the getting ready stage and the room was busy and full of make up artists and bridesmaids, so I decide to isolate the bride with this composition. A nice soft amount of window light worked well and the background is dark enough not to distract from the bride’s face; I like the block of solid black tone followed by a lighter grey tone in the background which contrasts well with the white dress.


Image title: Fetcham Park Wedding – Jackson & Co Photography

20 unique wedding portrait photographs by 20Collective (7)

This portrait of Kieran and Vinita stood on the grand staircase of Fetcham Park I like to think is one in a million. Fetcham Park hosts incredible weddings every weekend of the year I’m sure but right then and there, when that shaft of light burst through and lit up Vinitas incredible Vera Wang dress I really felt like this was a scene that could never be recreated and would be completely unique.


Image title: Village Fete Wedding – Kristian Leven Photography

20 unique wedding portrait photographs by 20Collective (8)
It looked as if Laura and Clive’s village-fete themed wedding was going to be a wash out – heavy, heavy downpours continued throughout the afternoon, meaning all the guests were kept inside the marquee, despite an array of outdoor games waiting to be played. Then, a break in the clouds, the sun came out, and Laura and Clive had this wonderful moment.


Image title: Doubletree by Hilton Chester Wedding – CG Weddings by the Crawleys

20 unique wedding portrait photographs by 20Collective (6)

This image was created at Doubletree by Hilton in Chester. This image epitomises everything that CG Weddings by the Crawleys are all about … being different. My number one priority when I shoot is to try and be ‘me’. We are all unique as people, so too should we be as artists.


Image title: Brixton Town Hall Wedding – Lorenzo Photography

20 unique wedding portrait photographs by 20Collective (10)

This was a winter wedding at Brixton Town Hall in the heart of Brixton, London. Unusually for that time of year the weather was glorious with bright winter sunshine and lovely long shadows. The couple wanted some portraits taken around Windrush Square opposite the town hall and I couldn’t resist taking a few with the iconic Ritzy Cinema in the background. Okay I’ll admit to a bit of artistic licence and photoshop wizardry with the listings! Just for Bea and Jules!


Image title: The Polurrian Bay Hotel, Cornwall Wedding – Lyndsey Goddard Photography

20 unique wedding portrait photographs by 20Collective (11)

This portrait was taken at Amber and Nathan’s wedding at The Polurrian Bay Hotel, whilst a storm raged outside. We had already taken some portraits during the day, on a cliff top so windy we almost got blown away. Not long after, it began to rain heavily which put paid to any ideas of portraits outside at sunset. Instead, I asked the couple to stand in the window and silhouetted them against the blues of the sea and the sky. I love the space ship like orange ceiling lamp which adds a pop of colour and the last rays of the setting sun hitting the bride’s wedding dress.


Image title: Ironmongers Hall, London Wedding – Matt Tyler Photography

20 unique wedding portrait photographs by 20Collective (12)

Ironmongers Hall is famous as the location of Dumbledore’s office in the Harry Potter movies. Matt and Dino wanted to have some fun and make the most of the location. Traditional portraits were definitely not on the agenda at this wedding! I love the energy in this photo. It really captures Matt and Dino’s personalities.


Image title: Barbados Wedding – Miki Photography

20 unique wedding portrait photographs by 20Collective (13)

Lucy & Pitch (as he’s known to all his friends) had their wedding in Barbados and I was keen to NOT do a beach photo as one of their main portraits.  They had there reception in this beautiful villa and the light-house was down the road in pitch black (pun intended).  So the only way we could get it was to wait till all the guests had gone home. So at about 1:30am in the morning we’re all standing there in utter darkness but we managed to get this shot with all the stars and I’m really pleased with it – a risk but well worth it!!!


Image title: Eaves Hall Wedding – Neil-Redfern-Photography

20 unique wedding portrait photographs by 20Collective (14)

It’s always fun to try something a bit different at weddings and this shot, taken at Eaves Hall in Lancashire, was one that I hadn’t tried before. Taking this photograph was fun as it required the couple to stand still for around 15 seconds, whilst all the while they were being watched by their laughing guests who didn’t know what I was doing as I ran round them with my light! I’m especially pleased it worked as it was very cold and I only took one shot.


Image title: Chateau de la Bourlie Wedding – Rik Pennington Photography

20 unique wedding portrait photographs by 20Collective (16)

This is one of my favourite portraits from a couple shoot. For me everything came together to produce an image that almost has a film noir quality to it. Emily’s 50’s look, her gaze into the distance, and the spot of sunlight on her face that throws the rest of the picture into sharp relief combine to make this one of my favourite black and white portraits.


Image title: Shilstone House Wedding – Sam Gibson Photography

20 unique wedding portrait photographs by 20Collective (17)

This shot was taken after Millie and Alex’s wedding at the gorgeous Shilstone House on the edge of Dartmoor. We actually drove up onto the moor after their wedding ceremony and we were joined during the portrait session by a group of wild horses! Not something that happens every day.


Image title: London Wedding – Stephen Bunn Photography

20 unique wedding portrait photographs by 20Collective (19)

With this portrait of Megan and Stephen, I wanted to show some context to their London wedding. London can be busy at the best of times, not least on a Saturday. The light here was very contrasty, so I asked my couple to stand in this spot, where St Paul’s was behind them. The area directly behind them was dark, but they are lit by the sun so they really pop against the dark background.


Image title: Curradine Barn Wedding – Lawson Photography

20 unique wedding portrait photographs by 20Collective (9)

Us photographers are always on the look out for something a little unusual. It’s best to start with the standard pretty images, but you always know that given half the chance you’re going to end up by the bins/shipping container/grotty wall. Or in this case, the end of Curradine Barn’s car park.

Not only did we love the textures of the bricks and rusty metal, but also the slight role reversal with the groom leaning back. Might not be to everyone’s taste, but we love it.



Image title: Colehayes Park Wedding – York Place Studios

20 unique wedding portrait photographs by 20Collective (20)

This was an awesome wedding at Colehayes Park in Devon and we absolutely loved every aspect of the day. We had such fun with the portraits and this one was of our favourites, a reflection shot next to a spectacular giant tree! Hollie and Kieran are an incredible couple and it really was a pleasure to capture their personalities!

If you like what you see – perhaps you’ve fallen in love with a particular image from today’s feature – please take the time to discover more from the photographer’s portfolio at 20Collective. Most will be very happy to travel throughout the UK (or further afield) for your wedding… and trust me: investing in a great photographer is a decision you’ll never regret!

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