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I was having a fascinating – albeit brief – discussion with a wedding photographer the other week. It was one of those discussions which I could have carried on for hours, sadly cut short by distance and time… email’s not as easy as a proper chat after all. BUT it got me thinking and I haven’t been able to put this one down.

Image credit Melissa Beattie Photography calligraphy by Claire Gould

Image credit Melissa Beattie Photography | quick hand lettering by Claire Gould

We had a lot in common. Let me begin with photography: I said something about “a ‘bloggy’ image – something crafty or a portrait with flare from the sun” – one kind of image I have a total weakness for. He was quick to reply with a positive comment about making images interesting and enticing for blog readers, but told me “flare from the sun is technically inept photography“. I never knew… although it does make sense, in a way.

Image credit Howling Basset Photography

The beautiful summer sun adds atmosphere to a romantic wedding photograph | Image credit Howling Basset Photography

I still love a bit of lens flare though! And if it looks fabulous, should it matter that it’s not the ‘right’ way to do it?

It struck me that calligraphy is the same. I can write a near-perfect copperplate script with all the swirls, dots, swells and flourishes exactly where they should be… but more often than not I’m asked to write in a casual, quirky style.

A 19th century calligrapher would most certainly describe my writing as “technically inept“, but for me, and for the brides and grooms I write for, its imperfection is what makes it looks so charming and enticing!

Image credit Melissa Beattie Photography | wonky calligraphy by Claire Gould

Image credit Melissa Beattie Photography | wonky calligraphy by Claire Gould

 Is it ok to get it wrong on purpose?

Photographers, calligraphers, florists, cake designers – we all adapt our styles to suit trends and fashions. (Not too much: I’m not a fan of wedding photos artificially doctored to look like they’ve been in a box since the 1970s.) We do it because YOU love it; we do it because it’s fun. For me, it’s all about creativity.

The bottom line: so long as you’re capable of getting it right, making a conscious decision to creatively get it wrong when you’re asked is absolutely fine!

Artistic freedom is hugely important to me. My life wouldn’t shine so brightly if I was constrained by too many rules. I’m sure that applies to most of us – and especially with weddings. We all want to have something a little bit different, to apply our personalities and individual style. So tilting the pen a little too far, or pointing the lens just a wee bit the wrong way, is fine – if you know what the result will be and you’re confident it will look amazing.

A Sorrento wedding | Image credit Simon Biffen Photography, added beauty by Mother Nature, with thanks 🙂

I love that we can all use our tools in creative ways: cameras, pens – and by getting it ‘wrong’ we cross boundaries and creatve new styles and ways of doing the jobs we love. Even new trends come from our explorations… and it’s thanks to brides and grooms (maybe also to wedding bloggers) that we can see what YOU love. Between us we push the wedding industry forwards, and it’s you who make the world we live and work in such a wonderful place to be.


Lens flare adds magic to a first dance photograph | image credit Tierney Photography

 Image credits (I adore every one of these!):

Claire Gould

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