DIY watercolour crepe paper flowers tutorial

Hello again and welcome into my little world! I’ve been playing with my paints and with the help of some wonderful people I’ve put together a lovely little tutorial for any brides and grooms who fancy getting painty this weekend!

paper flowers tutorial

Ingredients for your paper flowers: crepe paper, cotton wool balls, big paintbrush, tube(s) of watercolour or gouache paint, double sided tape, scissors, bamboo skewers, bowl, and a microwave… and about 6 hours per 50 flowers!

The finished paper flowers were taken to a creative shoot which I hope will inspire couples to design and make some pretty bits and pieces for your own weddings. All of the paper pieces I made can be recreated at home so do watch out for the shoot – coming to a wedding blog near you soon! The three images from the shoot are by Jamie at Vickerstaff Photography and a full list of the fab suppliers involved is at the end of this feature.

watercolour flowers vickerstaff photography

paper flowers project vickerstaff photo

Step 1: cut bamboo skewers to desired length for flower stems

paper flowers step by step

Step 2: cut petals from crepe paper. You’ll need 3-4 petals per flower (experiment with different petal shapes: these hearts are nice and easy)

watercolour paper flowers

Step 3: cut square centres from crepe paper. You need one per flower, and just large enough to wrap around your cotton wool balls and stick to your – er – sticks!

paper wedding flowers

Step 4: Take petals and centres and place onto an upside down microwaveable bowl. Soak your paintbrush with plenty of water and gently ‘paint’ the petals with water. They’ll stick to the bowl. Dash a bit of watercolour paint on too – but not all over. You might fit 4 or 5 petals on the bowl at once, depending how large it is! Leave them on the bowl…

5a-close-up-paint-petals home made paper flowers

Step 5: You might find it helps to use a spray container with water instead of your paintbrush… I used both but you don’t need to really.

creative paper flowers

Step 6: When you have about 4 petals on your bowl, pop it in the microwave. Cook on the highest setting for 30 seconds or so, then keep a careful eye on the petals as you cook them for 10 seconds at a time. You’ll know when they’re dry as they’ll lift away from the bowl a little. Careful – the bowl will get hot!

diy crepe paper flowers

Step 7: Gather everything together: tape, stems, dry petals and centres, and cotton wool balls. The flowers will come together quickly now!
watercolour wedding flowers

Step 8: Wrap a little double sided tape around the top of your skewer. Spear a cotton wool ball with it, and wrap it all up with a dried, painted paper centre piece to make a ball which will form the centre of your first flower. It doesn’t have to be perfect!

easy watercolour paper flowers
Step 9: “Skewering action”!
crepe paper watercolour flowers wedding flowers paper tutorial

Step 10: When the flower centre is made, you can begin to add petals

diy wedding paper flowers

Step 11: It’s really easy – use a small piece of double sided tape (roughly where my fingers are in the image above) and then stick a petal on. Squish and squeeze to shape.

diy wedding step by step

Step 12: Add 3 petals per flower, or more if there’s a gap to fill at the end. The image below shows the basic stages of flower from ball to bloom!

wedding project crepe paper flowers

Step 13: Your finished flower… don’t worry, the process will get quicker as you make more of these!

crepe paper flowers tutorial

Display your watercolour paper flowers in mini milk bottles with name tags as escort cards. I used one flower per bottle at our styling ideas shoot and made the most of the pretty tables at Broadoaks Country House by putting a few bottles in the drawers! They’d look fab on upcycled wooden stepladders or bookshelves as well – and you can experiment with colours as much as you like!

watercolour paper flowers styling

Image credit Vickerstaff Photography | table styling Beautifully Vintage | Kelsey wears Sassi Holford from Julia Tasker Bridal Couture | Hair by Aqua Salon | Definitions Make Up


Thanks to everyone involved in our creative wedding styling shoot:

Julia Tasker Bridal Couture (facebook:
Brackens of Bowness (facebook:
Caroline’s Cake Company (facebook:
Beautifully Vintage China Hire (facebook:
Aqua Hair and Beauty (facebook: )
Definitions Mobile Beauty (facebook:
Broadoaks Country House (facebook:
Pumpkin and Pye (facebook:
Vintage Twee (facebook:
With huge thanks to Jamie at Vickerstaff Photography (facebook:

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