A Welsh wedding with a barbeque picnic and blue hydrangeas at The Outbuildings, Llangaffo

Morning my lovely blog reader! I do hope you’re keeping warm wherever you are. It’s 3-jumper time for me here in my little studio! But today I have a lovely treat to warm your heart – with gorgeous bride and groom Faye and Matt. Their Welsh wedding has pretty much everything and then more – a silhouette artist, barbecue picnic, a home made cake of meringue kisses (I know!!! I want one too!)… And then there’s Faye’s beautiful dress, her fabulous shoes and little jacket… it’s all just wonderful.

Welsh wedding blog photos Captured by Katrina (1)

Do enjoy the wedding and please take the time to read Faye’s fantastic wedding report. She made me chuckle, and cry, and smile along with her – and the advice she gives on budgeting and enjoying the day is priceless from beginning to end.You’ll find the full report from the gorgeous bride at the end of today’s blog feature. Don’t miss it!

Welsh wedding blog photos Captured by Katrina (2)

My thanks to lovely wedding photographer Katrina Bartlam for sharing the wedding photos with us all today. I do hope you love them too! Have a great day everyone, and if you have a sec please leave a little comment for Faye and Matt at the end of the feature!

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Welsh wedding blog photos Captured by Katrina (3)

Faye and Matt – a beautiful Welsh wedding with a barbeque picnic and personal touches

Welsh wedding blog photos Captured by Katrina (4)
Welsh wedding blog photos Captured by Katrina (5)
Welsh wedding blog photos Captured by Katrina (6)
Welsh wedding blog photos Captured by Katrina (7)
Welsh wedding blog photos Captured by Katrina (8)
Welsh wedding blog photos Captured by Katrina (9)
Welsh wedding blog photos Captured by Katrina (10)
Welsh wedding blog photos Captured by Katrina (11)
Welsh wedding blog photos Captured by Katrina (12)
Welsh wedding blog photos Captured by Katrina (13)
Welsh wedding blog photos Captured by Katrina (14)
Welsh wedding blog photos Captured by Katrina (15)
Welsh wedding blog photos Captured by Katrina (16)
Welsh wedding blog photos Captured by Katrina (17)
Welsh wedding blog photos Captured by Katrina (18)
Welsh wedding blog photos Captured by Katrina (19)
Welsh wedding blog photos Captured by Katrina (20)
Welsh wedding blog photos Captured by Katrina (21)
Welsh wedding blog photos Captured by Katrina (22)
Welsh wedding blog photos Captured by Katrina (23)
Welsh wedding blog photos Captured by Katrina (24)
Welsh wedding blog photos Captured by Katrina (25)
Welsh wedding blog photos Captured by Katrina (26)
Welsh wedding blog photos Captured by Katrina (27)
Welsh wedding blog photos Captured by Katrina (28)
Welsh wedding blog photos Captured by Katrina (29)
Welsh wedding blog photos Captured by Katrina (30)
Welsh wedding blog photos Captured by Katrina (31)
Welsh wedding blog photos Captured by Katrina (32)
Welsh wedding blog photos Captured by Katrina (33)
Welsh wedding blog photos Captured by Katrina (34)

The happy couple: Matt & Faye

Wedding venue:

The Outbuildings, Llangaffo, Anglesey, North Wales

Can you describe your wedding in a single sentence?

A relaxed summer picnic BBQ, with the most important thing being that everyone was comfortable and had a great time!

What was your reaction to seeing your wedding photos for the first time? Were you pleased with your wedding photographer?

We love the photos, we knew they would be great. We had a pre-wedding shoot with Katrina in Oct. We have photos from both that and our wedding on our walls.

The photos were amazing, so perfect. Katrina really captured the day. She also videoed our first dance and ceremony. The first dance was hilarious!!! We did The Beatles’ “Octopus’s Garden”, had friends join in doing the Macarena for the final verse and chorus…

Your wedding style and theme:

A relaxed, comfortable and fun summer picnic BBQ wedding. A focus on looking after our guests, especially as some of them had come a long way. We had a pic n mix, a silhouette artist, a free bar, great BBQ food, a ceilidh… and tennis! The groom and groomsmen were in flip flops (so was the bridesmaid…) We just wanted to really enjoy our day with our guests. No table plan, no top table… Just picnic blankets, cushions and deck chairs…

Any happy tears on the day?

Lots!! We really personalised our ceremony, had my Mum and his Dad read Pam Ayres “He never leaves the seat up”. His Mum and my Dad were witnesses. We even did a reading ourselves. Matt read Steven Reiser “Because…”, I read Deborah Bridea “I belong in your arms“. Then together we read Stephen Chapman “I will be here” . We cried, a lot. So did everyone else! My sister (bridesmaid) was the worst! She started at 2:45 pm when she zipped up my dress, and didn’t stop… She was even crying at 7pm during the first dance!!

“Because” by Steven Reiser

Because we have things in common
We have the joy of sharing them

Because we are so different
There is so much we can learn from each other

Because we love each other
We look for the good in the other

Because we are forgiving
We overlook the faults in each other

Because we are patient
We give each other time to understand

Because we are filled with kindness
We compliment the things we do for each other

Because we can empathize
We know what it’s like to stand in each other’s shoes

Because we have character
We enjoy each other’s uniqueness

Because we have faith
We believe in the best for the future

Because we are honest
We are comfortable to trust each other

Because we are filled with loyalty
We always know the other will be there

From Weddings Galore

How long did you spend planning your wedding?

About a year. Matt proposed on 27th July 2012, we were married 3rd August 2013…

Best bit of budget advice?

Ebay! I got SO much from there. We didn’t really have a budget in the end. We started off well, but by Oct 2012, we’d done and saved for all the big things. It was more like, we’ve saved an extra £… What can we get now…? We never spent what we didn’t have and weren’t in debt at the end. We really didn’t want to start our marriage in debt.

Be careful with all the little finishing touches, they can really add up. I had a spreadsheet with automatic totals. I put EVERYTHING in it. Don’t not include small things. You’ll lose track of what the wedding is really costing…

Invitations and stationery:

We went simple and casual with these. We had printed and sent postcards to all our guests.

Did you fall in love with your wedding dress?

Honestly… No, not really…
I’ve worn and own quite a few ball gowns and formal dresses, so it didn’t feel unusual.
I took 20 minutes to choose my dress. It was the 3rd one I tried on in the first shop!
It was beautiful though, especially after it was altered. We customised it a bit, removing some frilly flowery bits… and adding extra straps for the Ceilidh.

I did feel great in it though. It was really comfortable. I had it altered to fit me, I wasn’t rushing to lose weight to squeeze into it… I wanted to be able to sit on the picnic blankets with my guests and dance the Ceilidh.

I did LOVE my veil and flowers though… I made those myself!

Glitz and sparkle: the bride’s accessories:

Very simple. Diamond stud earrings, bought by the groom for Xmas 2012. A diamond drop necklace bought by my parents, and my beautiful and unique engagement ring.
I did have some special sparkle in my bouquet – I included rings from female family members who had either passed away or couldn’t make the day, both my Nans and my Aunt.

I also included the ring that Matt proposed with. He bought a cheaper dress ring as he proposed 5m underwater in the Red Sea (we’re Scuba divers!). Matt was worried about dropping the ring!! We had it copied in platinum and diamond later.

Ooo…! I almost forgot about my shoes!! I LOVED those!! I had 3 pairs, I only wore two.
They were all Irregular Choice. I absolutely love this brand and have over 60 pairs, so I had to wear these on my wedding day. The flats were worn in the evening. I wore the other heels which had a big gingham bow on the front and a clear perspex heel.

I really loved my shoes and had the dress altered shorter to make sure they showed from under my dress. Couldn’t hide them away!!

The groom wore:

A linen suit, stone trouser, navy jacket, Oakley flip flops, and lake blue paisley shirt. No tie, no hat!

Beautiful bridesmaids: what did your best girls wear?

My sister was my only bridesmaid. We spent a day looking for her dress (she’s not a dress wearing kind of girl…) we found one, got it copied as it was a bit short for her liking. Then on the day she wore a dress of her own!!! I really didn’t care- the most important thing was that she felt comfortable. I thought she looked beautiful, she always does.

Hair and make-up – did you DIY or hire a professional?

My hair was done by a very close family friend (Mary) – she’s more like an Auntie really. She’s a health and beauty professional.

I did my own make-up after advice from Mary. I wore Benefit.

Wedding flowers:

I made them all myself. Blue hydrangeas. A single large mophead stem for me, with white clusters wired in around each ring. A small white lace-cap bloom for Stefanie.

I then made button holes for the men, a blue trio cluster for groomsmen extended to include immediate family and partners. I made white boutonnieres for the immediate family women.

Matt had a trio of two blue and one white, to match my bouquet. I took his blue flowers from my bouquet- I also gave it a little kiss…

The ceremony:

It was nice and quick, about 20 mins, but very special and personal. The ceremony made me cry, and laugh, I can now always remember the wasp that landed on my veil and had to be shooed off by the registrar (then squashed by me- after the best man and my dad had both tried!!).

My processional was Christina Perri “A thousand years part 2”. We had Ben E King “Stand By Me” during the signing of the register. The recessional was Michael Buble “Everything”

General styling – did your venue need much decoration?

No, The Outbuildings is a beautiful converted barn. It has exposed beams, a vaulted ceiling, arrow slit windows. We put hydrangea heads in low jars and fairy lights in each window. I made table runners for the beautiful oak tables (only 3- for cards, cake and sweets).

The venue has lovely decor, funky sofas and rugs. We bought violet hydrangea shrubs in pots that decorated the sides of the ceilidh marquee. We had green carpet to resemble grass, I accented the shrubs with cream satin ribbon. I also filled a low window ledge with piles of ribbon and three shrubs.

We finished the marquee with bunting around the framing.

The wedding cake: traditional or quirky?

Quite quirky. I made this myself too! It was a tower of meringue kisses decorated with hydrangea. We served this as dessert. DIY “Eton Mess”. Bowls of fruit, vanilla cream… then pull off a meringue or two.

Instead of cutting the cake, we pulled off kisses and made each other a “mess”. We then linked arms to eat a spoonful.

The spoons were special. Silver plated and stamped with a line from our joint reading and the date.


On the day tips and advice:

Relax and enjoy it. You’ll remember it all if you are a part of it. Sounds strange- but get involved in it all. Speak to your guests… You spend ages planning it- so enjoy it!

Don’t stress if things don’t go well – our day went exactly to plan, but if it hadn’t, it wouldn’t have mattered. We were married, all our loved ones were there… Enough said!

Also, WEAR the dress, move in it, sit in it, dance in it. Don’t let it wear you. I also poured an entire glass of rose down mine! Not on purpose… But I just dabbed it and let it dry. Luckily it was a pale rose, but it was post ceremony and photos… So who cares!

Also, I had a change of dress planned for the evening anyway- I suspected I would need a shorter cooler dress for the evening.

What’s the best thing about being married?

Being able to say… “my husband, my wife…” feels really lovely! Also really cool when you hear people saying your new name!

And of course knowing that we’ve made that commitment to each other. It feels very safe and secure, we know we’ll always be there for each other. We’ll change with each other and grow as individuals together sharing one life. We’ve got a perfect partner in each other (we’re not perfect people and don’t expect each other to be…) But we’ll support each other through our lives. Its a wonderful feeling.

Quick supplier list for other brides and grooms:

Claire Gould

Claire spends her days writing - either in beautiful calligraphy or online. She lives on the edge of the English Lake District only minutes away from the beach, where she loves to escape and unwind. Claire's calligraphy can be found at Claire launched the English Wedding Blog in November 2009 - it's been a top 10 UK wedding blog ever since, with a regional focus we hope you LOVE.



  • Monkey
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    Cry ??? Bridesmaid ??? Don’t believe everything you read! 😉 …

    • Claire Gould
      6 years ago

      Ha – lovely comment, Monkey 🙂
      Methinks the bridesmaid doth protest a little too much… but I like it!
      Claire x

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    Love the cake!

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