Sharpie markers and your wedding – just maybe!

So I poked a little fun at the marketing team for Sharpie markers recently, when they sent out a press release telling me that marker pens were a perfect match for weddings. Maybe it was a little bit mean… they didn’t know I was a wedding calligrapher… and my choice of pen is a little more refined, traditional and elegant.

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My Sharpie marker story continues…

Rebecca Williams got in touch with me straight away after reading my post Bad wedding marketing from Sharpie marker pens – “As the director of the Sharpie PR account, I couldn’t help but notice your blog about our wedding press release. While you’re absolutely entitled to your opinion (and you’re right, Sharpies are not to be used for calligraphy) we’d love to change your mind about them being a fat marker pen.  With this in mind, I’d like to send you our standard Fine Point range, along with some of our Ultra Fine markers, for you to use in your own time.”

I’m always impressed by fellow marketeers who can turn a story around – and I’ve even come up with creative ways you can use Sharpie’s fine and ultra fine markers for your wedding.

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Talk about a U-turn, right? 😉

I’m an old-fashioned girl. I love paper, writing, scribbling notes. I can’t keep my life organised on my laptop; I need to have little notes stuck everywhere to remind me of things. I write on the back of my hand (not with markers!) (er – usually not, anyway) to remember important stuff. And when I have Big Plans to make you’ll find me sprawled on the floor with a huge sheet of paper and pens scattered all around me. Bliss.

Organising a wedding blog has plenty in common with wedding planning. There’s a lot to plan – and plenty of opportunity for those huge sheets of paper to come out. Seating plans anyone? Guest lists? Budget spreadsheets?

Get your Sharpies out – it’s far more satisfying than Excel, I promise. Plus, you can doodle at the edges while you’re thinking.

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I’ve been using my Sharpie markers to make plans and lists behind the scenes at English Wedding Blog towers for weeks. I’ve even become quite fond of them.

So while I stand by my comments that big fat pens aren’t quite right for wedding place cards (and I’m still not convinced by the mugs!) I will confess – I’m a secret fan of Sharpie markers. I’m not the only one – days after receiving my pens to try, I found out my all-time favourite singer, lovely Frank Turner, carries a Sharpie in his back pocket everywhere he goes – “for writing on stuff and writing on people.”

I love them now. Hehe!

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Claire Gould

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