Mini wedding cheesecakes delivered all over the UK – tried, tested, loved and highly recommended!

Mmmm… cheesecake! Over the last couple of weeks I’ve shared some of my favourite tiered wedding cakes as well as this blog post full of advice about real cheese cakes for your wedding. But today’s blog post about mini wedding cheesecakes goes above and beyond the call of duty for this wedding blogger! We’re talking thorough research, scientific questions and a rush of willing volunteer taste testers – all so we can bring you a Proper Review of mini cheesecakes.

wedding cheesecakes review (3)

Photo from The English Wedding Cheesecake Company – Raspberry White Chocolate mini cheesecakes

Mini wedding cheesecakes from The English Cheesecake Company – my review! (part one)

The English Cheesecake Company will deliver mini cheesecakes, wedding tiers, cupcakes with cheesecake frosting and so much more – all to your door, across the UK.

I am incredibly proud to have been chosen as a tester / reviewer / official cheesecake taster (dream job or what?!) for The English Cheesecake Company. Together with my lovely family and fab friends we’ve reviewed them on your behalf – and the verdict?

Highly recommended for your wedding!

What can I say? We loved them!

wedding cheesecakes review (4)

The mini cheesecakes – flavour selection box

First on my testing agenda was a box of 9 mini cheesecakes. We’re using the word ‘mini’ rather loosely here – they’re full sized desserts for one, and my testers were most certainly pleased with their lot! (I’d imagined cheesecakes the size of those little dessert chocolates from Thorntons – but these are proper puds!)

The box includes one of each of the following mini cheesecakes:

  • Strawberry Vanilla – I reviewed this one and was pleasantly surprised that the little strawberry pieces were so yummy even after being frozen and defrosted for their journey via courier from London to the wild side of the Lake District!
  • Alphonso Mango Passionate – reviewed by my Dad (often to be spotted on the English Wedding Blog facebook page) who loved the fruity taste
  • Blueberry White Chocolate – my Mum went for the ‘superfood’ topping and loved this cheesecake. The blueberries weren’t too sweet, and they were nice plump berries as promised on the label! A success 🙂
  • Millionaires Shortbread – I reviewed this one too! (I had quite a few didn’t I… oops) one for the sweet toothed, this has a rich shortbread topping and will send you to sugar heaven and back!
  • Honey I’m Comb Golden Nugget – I was saving this one for my boyfriend, when our weekend plans were thwarted by blizzards and unfortunately the cheesecake had to stay in my apartment. I certainly didn’t mind – it was my favourite of all the mini cheesecakes (and a great name too!) Sorry, Steve 😉 you’d have loved this one!
  • Raspberry White Chocolate – Scarlett reviewed this gorgeous cheesecake for us, and being only 3 she chose the prettiest one in the box! The raspberries went down a treat, and Scarlett swiftly and happily moved on to her mum’s cheesecake topping of cookies…
  • Cookies and Cream – full marks for this creative and indulgent cheesecake from my friend Esther (lovely owner of My Coat Of Many Colours), who said it tasted great – Scarlett agreed!
  • Sicilian Lemon – reviewed by Esther’s mum Ann, who said it was delicious. Not too sweet, but with a lovely lemon flavour
  • Chocolate Profiterole Smash – not sure where “smash” comes from – this is a slightly strange-looking mini cheesecake but there really is a profiterole in there – and it was ace. Reviewed by yours truly 🙂
wedding cheesecakes review (8)

Chocolate Profiterole Smash, Strawberry Vanilla and Honey I’m Comb Golden Nugget flavours – tested by yours truly!

wedding cheesecakes review (7)

Alphonso Mango Passionate and Blueberry White Chocolate mini cheesecakes

So how does a box of mini cheesecakes make it intact, safely and quickly from London to rural Cumbria?

My first questions when I was contacted by The English Cheesecake Company were about delivery. I didn’t really think they’d be able to send me samples as soon as they realised I wasn’t in London (happens all the time!) – BUT this time I was in luck.

The cheesecakes are sent by courier on an overnight delivery (so you do have to be in to sign for them). They’re packed in a big polystyrene box, and rather excitingly are frozen with dry ice.

They really do arrive very cold – completely frozen and ready to go straight into the freezer. There are safety instructions inside for handling the dry ice (“DO NOT play with dry ice”…) – basically you just put it in your outside bin. Because the mini cheesecakes are so well frozen the toppings stay put while they’re on the move – and then when you’re ready to eat them it just takes a few hours in the fridge first.

Once defrosted, there’s absolutely no sign the cheesecakes were ever frozen and stored – your wedding guests will never know!

The perfect “Something New” for your wedding day?

wedding cheesecakes review (1)

Mini cheesecakes in a lovely display for your wedding – from The English Cheesecake Company

wedding cheesecakes review (6)

A whole tower of Honey I’m Comb Golden Nugget mini cheesecakes – here’s what you could have had…

Find out more about mini wedding cheesecakes here:

I still have cheesecake treats to test – first will be the delicious-looking cheesecake cupcakes – equally as gorgeous in a display for your wedding breakfast so do have a look at them on the official website for The English Cheesecake Company.

wedding cheesecakes review (5)

Millionaire’s Shortbread mini cheesecakes tower

And finally… my grand finale will be a tray of cheesecake which I plan to decorate creatively – ideas on a postcard please! (or you can pop them in the comments box below if you like!)

With thanks to The English Cheesecake Company for being so generous and yummy. Watch out for part 2 of my review coming soon!

wedding cheesecakes review (2)

Sicilian Lemon classic vanilla cheesecakes got a glowing review!

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  • Toni
    7 years ago

    Oh wow, these look so good!

  • Nathan
    7 years ago

    I think I tried these at one of the national wedding shows. They do indeed taste great.

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