Focus on… those once-in-a-lifetime aisle moments: at the altar

Good morning and happy Monday to you! With one week to go until most of us finish for Christmas, I’m feeling festive and I hope you are too. I’m also feeling the love this week, and what better excuse to share another episode from my Focus On series of blog posts.

The best aisle moment of all! by Ed Clayton Photography

wedding photography moments (1)

Aisle moments – at the altar. This captures the triumphant spirit of the moment! A magical memory and perhaps one the bride and groom missed on the day but guests will always remember with a smile! Photo credit Ed Clayton Photography

If you read the first of these blog posts – Focus On… the moments that really make a wedding – then you’ll know I’m trying to to rein­force the fact that wed­dings are all about love, moments and mem­o­ries. Details can be impor­tant, yes. But these blog features are here to show you that no matter how many fabulous details you buy, make or hire for your wedding, your memories will be of magical moments.

I asked wedding photographers across the UK to send me their favourite images of ‘aisle moments’ – and they sent dozens and dozens of gorgeous photos. They proved to me that this is one of the most magical and memorable parts of any wedding.

Imagine your big day for a second: he waits at the end of the aisle for you. Perhaps his back is turned, or perhaps he hears you and turns slowly towards you. His eyes light up. He might flash a delighted grin, or you might see a tear in his eye. The moment you reach your husband-to-be, he takes your hand and whispers “you’re beautiful” or “I love you”. It’s a memory you’ll both share forever. Captured on camera, it becomes a memory you can look back on and keep crystal clear in your minds.

My top ten favourite aisle moments: at the altar

wedding photography moments (2)

Aisle moments – at the altar. A radiant smile as eyes meet at the altar. I love this photo – it’s what weddings are all about. Photo credit Vickerstaff Photography

wedding photography moments (3)

Aisle moments – at the altar. Pure love in this beautiful image of Laura and Jamie’s wedding. Photo credit Sam Clayton Photography – click to see the full wedding on English Wedding Blog!

wedding photography moments (4)

Aisle moments – at the altar. This look says “can you believe we’re here!” and both groom and bride look so full of happiness – I just love it. Photo credit Phil Drinkwater Photography

wedding photography moments (5)

Aisle moments – at the altar. As the bride walks down the aisle she’s glowing with happiness. The father of the bride looks proud and more solemn – he’s giving his little girl away, a moment he’s waited for since the day she was born. Photo credit Neale James

wedding photography moments (6)

Aisle moments – at the altar. A delighted and loving “you may kiss the bride” moment – and such a tender and beautiful image. I love the registrar’s hand poised mid-clap on the right hand side of the frame. Another moment to be remembered forever! Photo credit Mister Phill

wedding photography moments (7)

Aisle moments – at the altar. The expressions of bride and groom in this image are simply wonderful: nerves, excitement and real happiness with all guests watching and a serious expression from Dad – a brilliant photo! Photo credit James and Lianne

wedding photography moments (8)

Aisle moments – at the altar. This image shows such tenderness – a meeting of eyes and a look of pure love and being lost in the moment. Photo credit Fiona Campbell Photography

wedding photography moments (9)

Aisle moments – at the altar. The smiles say it all – he’s proud and happy to see his bride. She’s delighted and having the best day of her life! Dad is about to let go of his little girl – but proud and happy! Photo credit Simon Hudspeth

wedding photography moments (10)

Aisle moments – at the altar. I love this – a nervous groom with the support of family and friends. Everyone focuses on him, as his bride realises he’s a little overwhelmed by the occasion! Photo credit Neale James

wedding photography moments (11)

Aisle moments – at the altar. A little touch of foreheads is so romantic – and another forever memory. The sense of occasion is captured within the frame of the stained glass windows; the vicar’s expression is warm and happy. Photo credit Simon Biffen

I love writing these blog posts and sharing the images with you. I hope they leave you feeling warm and happy – they really do make me feel proud to be a wedding blogger!

Images like this remind me that details aren’t the most important part of a wedding, and that endless hours spent planning don’t matter as much as some wedding blogs and magazines seem to suggest. The memories you’ll treasure are of eyes meeting, tears at the altar, proud families and those first whispered words as you meet on your wedding day.

With thanks for the images above to the following wedding photographers

Claire Gould

Claire spends her days writing - either in beautiful calligraphy or online. She lives on the edge of the English Lake District only minutes away from the beach, where she loves to escape and unwind. Claire's calligraphy can be found at Claire launched the English Wedding Blog in November 2009 - it's been a top 10 UK wedding blog ever since, with a regional focus we hope you LOVE.



  • This is always one of my favourite bits out of the day…. when the bride walks down and they see each other for the first time 🙂

  • Watching the groom’s nerves building to the climax of when he is just about to turn around to see his future wife is one of the main reason’s I love my job

  • Fiona Campbell
    8 years ago

    What a very moving post. Slightly misty eyed now! Aw! Rob and Amy got married in the depths of Hampshire on the day when the heavens decided to send several feet of snow, so just getting to that point was a challenge for everyone. Yet somehow in the middle of all that they are in this bubble of tenderness. Great to revisit that image!

  • Heline Bekker
    8 years ago

    Awww! Love this! So lovely to see different couples doing the ‘same thing’, in this case at the altar! 🙂

  • Dearest Claire,
    Some great moments got captured beautifully! Thanks for sharing them.
    Enjoy your last week of Advent and hope it will be a Merry Christmas for you and your loved ones.

  • Andrew Billington
    8 years ago

    I love photographing those great moments at the altar or in front of the registrar – the little glances, reassuring touches and willing vows 🙂

  • Lisa
    2 years ago

    These moments were beautifully captured. Love them

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