Rosaln Lace Weding Shoes by Rachel Simpson

How To Choose The Perfect Vintage Wedding Shoes

Once again I have some brilliant advice to share with all of you brides-to-be from my lovely friends at Queens & Bowl. Choosing the perfect vintage wedding shoes can be a Big Decision (capitals intended!) so for shoe lovers everywhere, here are some top tips to make sure you’re tottering beautifully in the right direction!

Rosaln Lace Weding Shoes by Rachel Simpson

Rosalyn Lace Wedding Shoes by Rachel Simpson

Some women would argue that shoes aren’t a matter of life or death; they’re far more important than that! This is especially true when it comes to choosing wedding shoes. A bad pair of shoes can throw off an entire bridal ensemble, not to mention making the best day of your life extremely uncomfortable.

As most married women will tell you, choosing wedding shoes is hard but it could be argued that picking vintage wedding shoes is even harder. Not only do you have to consider all of the usual factors that will determine which shoes you buy, but you also have to match your wedding shoes to the era you’ll be evoking in your ceremony!

With that in mind, I’ve put together a quick guide to help you pick your perfect vintage wedding shoes – whether you’re having a full blown vintage wedding or just fancy adding a bit of a vintage flourish to your bridal outfit.

Choose Your Shoes After The Dress, But Before The First Fitting

The dress will obviously be the first thing on most brides’ shopping lists, but the shoes should definitely be a close second. Your choice of dress will ultimately influence the style, material and colour of your shoes, so you’ll need to know what you’ll be wearing before you choose your shoes.

However, you will need to have your shoes before the first fitting of your dress to accommodate for any alterations that need to be made to the hem of the dress.

What Style?

The style of your wedding shoes will mostly be determined by the material and colour of your dress – essentially, you need to match your shoes with your dress. However, don’t choose shoes just because they match well if you’re not sure that you like them!

Don’t be afraid to think out of the box slightly either. You could match the colour of your shoes to the colour of your bridesmaids’ dresses, which will allow you to get away from the traditional white wedding shoes and also make a big statement!

When choosing vintage wedding shoes, there are a couple of other factors that come into play too. You’ll want to match your shoes to the era you’ve based your wedding on. Shoes don’t tend to be as varied in their style as other vintage bridal accessories, so you can get away with wearing a pair of ‘30s shoes at a ‘20s wedding, but it’s best to stick with your theme!

Heels: How High?

Ever a point of contention for brides, deciding on the ‘right’ heel height for you means striking a balance between style and comfort. You’ll also need to factor in the length of your dress, although alterations can usually be made to accommodate for most shoes.

The best advice would be to wear the type of heel you would usually wear on a night out. So if you wear kitten heels, then a towering stiletto shoe probably isn’t for you. Remember that you’re going to be on your feet all day too – don’t put yourself through agony simply because you love a certain pair of shoes!

Stay on Budget

Always the most boring point of a shopping guide, but probably the most important – stick within your assigned budget for shoes. It’s easy to get carried away and splash out a bit more than you planned to – especially if you’re shopping for vintage shoes and spot a pair of authentic vintage heels that you simply must have! But remember that extra £200 you’ve spent on shoes will have to come from somewhere, be it the catering or your own accessories!

When buying vintage wedding shoes, making the decision between authentic and vintage-inspired shoes can be difficult; the idea of wearing authentic vintage shoes is probably more romantic but it’s definitely a more costly and time-consuming route. Vintage-inspired shoes are just as gorgeous and significantly easier to get your hands on. Just take a look at collections by designers such as Rachel Simpson for proof!

Oh, and one last tip – enjoy yourself! The chances are you’ll only get to shop for a bridal outfit once, so make the most of it and don’t get overwhelmed by stress!

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