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How to accessorise a fabulous 50s bridal outfit

jo barnes headpiece Hollywood, the 1950s and movie stars are inspiring so many of my favourite wedding blogs this autumn.

I love the sharp suits, short dresses and sassy styling – the glamour and sophistication of those times and the way we recreate it now. If you’re a 1950s inspired bride, this article is for you!

Written by the marvellous Queens & Bowl – tips to accessorise your ’50s bridal outfit. Enjoy!

How to accessorise your fab ’50s bridal outfit

After the war torn ‘30s and 40s, the ‘50s were the decade when fun was well and truly back on the agenda! With the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn gracing the silver screen and the jetset Hollywood lifestyle well and truly established, the ‘50s was undoubtedly a glamorous era.

This glamour, coupled with some fantastic retro Americana design options and fabulous music from classic artists such as Elvis, make the ‘50s an extremely popular theme for couples planning a vintage wedding.

If you’ve settled on a ‘50s theme, then you’ve probably got a good idea of who and what has inspired you to make that choice; be it a certain style icon or the music of the era. This means you’ve probably got a good idea of what sort of dress you want; however, accessorising that dress can be quite daunting. With that in mind, here are some tips for accessorising a perfect 1950s bridal outfit!

Vintage Wedding Jewellery

Any bridal outfit inspired by the ‘50s needs to be stylish and elegant, with an edge of the frivolous fun embodied by someone like Marilyn Monroe! Opulent, sparkly jewellery is the order of the day; opt for statement earrings encrusted with Swarovski crystals and necklaces and gorgeous crystal necklaces. Alternatively, you could choose pearl accessories for a more understated, yet still glamorous look.

Remember, when it comes to jewellery, never pair two statement pieces together! If you’re wearing a standout necklace, then team it with subtle earrings. Too many statement pieces can overwhelm an outfit and lead to you looking ‘too much’ – even for your wedding day!


A gorgeous vintage wedding headpiece is your chance to make a real statement on your wedding day, and certain headpieces are right at home with a ‘50s look. I’d recommend a side tiara for a ‘50s wedding ensemble, ideally encrusted with crystals and with a statement decoration – the flower decoration on this jaw-droppingly beautiful Audrey Side Tiara by Jo Barnes illustrates this perfectly.

jo barnes headpiece


Ah, the wedding shoes…surely the hardest of all vintage wedding accessories to choose! For a ‘50s wedding, I think a simple court shoe with a medium-to-high heel is an excellent way to capture that classy and chic ‘50s vibe. To add a bit of a statement to your shoes, choose a shoe with an embellishment – a chic little bow or a brooch of pearls, diamonds and tulle netting, for example.


As we’re hitting the chillier months, a good shawl or stole can add a real statement to your overall outfit while also keeping you nice and cosy on a bitter morning! When it comes to choosing a shawl, stole or cape, the choice is yours – most will fulfill the classy, elegant criteria of the ideal ‘50s wedding outfit! If you do want a pointer though, I really love pieces made from Marabou feathers such as this Alexi jacket by Sasso.


Above all of these tips, however, only choose accessories that you feel comfortable wearing; after all, it is your big day!  As with any vintage wedding ensemble, the key to ‘getting it right’ is inject some of your own personality and style into your outfit rather than looking like a carbon copy of a movie star from the past. Be yourself, and you should find that the outfit you settle on reflects this too.



  • Dearest Claire,
    What a joy to read this post about a 50s style wedding! Indeed, it brings back some much needed sophistication. The way you point out the use of bridal jewelry is also excellent, often it will be ‘too much’.
    Wishing you a lovely autumn week ahead.
    Mariette’s Back to Basics

  • Monty Manatee
    8 years ago

    This a fabulous post, a really good guide to 50s styles 🙂

  • Chrystalace
    8 years ago

    So pretty!!

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