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UK brides and grooms are constantly reinventing ideas to create their perfect vintage wedding. We’re all still in love with the vintage trend – and it’s here to stay! Having a vintage wedding gives couples the best opportunities to be creative, to save money with home made and DIY accessories, and to embrace old-fashioned wedding traditions.

For anyone who is newly engaged or just getting started with planning a vintage wedding, this guest blog post by Sara has some great ideas to help you find what you need for your wedding day.

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Vintage wedding photography by Simon Hudspeth (Click to read “I wish we could do it again!”)

Many couples are embracing the vintage wedding trend for 2012 and 2013, and mixing up vintage with modern ideas to give a unique feel to their wedding day. But it’s not as easy as you think – finding special and authentic, one-off pieces can be a real chore, especially if you need to buy in bulk for a large guest list. But fear not, for we are here to clue you in on what’s what in the world of vintage weddings.

Finding your vintage wedding dress

You may well have your heart set on an authentic vintage wedding dress rather than a modern take on one, but there are many designers creating the vintage style within their collections.

If you do decide to go down the authentic route then check out your local charity shops or hunt down specialist vintage shops that may well be able to help you with the whole look, including vintage wedding corsets.

If you do find that magical gem of a dress make sure you try it on as sizing has changed over the years, remember it is much easier to take a dress in than let it out! And definitely check for stains and tears as some dresses may be too far gone to save.

Additionally, if they don’t have what you are looking for, consider having a word with them and explaining what you are looking for. They’ll more than likely be happy to put up a poster or give you a call if anything suitable comes in.

The perfect shoes for a vintage wedding

If you do find the perfect vintage wedding dress it can be tricky to get the right style shoe in the size and colour you want. Again it may be best to concentrate on specialist vintage stores. Trying them on is a must as sizing will be crucial – nothing worse than the agony of shoes that are too tight on your big day!

What I would suggest it either buying new shoes in the style that suits your dress, and getting them professionally dyed to match the colour. You could also think about getting shoes made for you. It often isn’t as expensive as you think but you would need to order early as they can take some time to make. I missed out by leaving it too late; my wedding dress designer had her shoes made by a company in Italy and the work shop closed down for the whole of August!

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Vintage wedding photography by Natasha Thompson. Click to see Debbie and Matthew’s wedding

Vintage accessories for wedding reception tables

Vintage china is a popular and beautiful way to dress your wedding tables. Check out your local charity shops, jumble sales, car boot sales and your local second hand websites. You could even show local charity shops what style you are after and ask if they could save it back for you.

Mix and match, but it is good to go with a central theme. Think flowery, dotty or anything that has a shade of pink or blue… etc. Check out wedding blogs and create a mood board with all your ideas. It well help you visualise exactly what you are trying to create.

Vintage wedding bouquet and flowers

Pop into your local florist and ask them if you can look through their wedding ideas book so you can get an idea of what they can do. Check out photos of weddings from the era you are working to get ideas on what flowers and size/shape of bouquet were in fashion.

You could even collect wild flowers yourself to create a DIY bouquet for a more relaxed vintage boho style. Whichever way you do it, you’ll have a lot of fun getting a vintage floral display together!

Stylish vintage wedding transportation

It’s always been cool to turn up to your wedding in a classic car, a Rolls-Royce or maybe a vintage sports car of some sort. There are countless small businesses that offer vintage and classic wedding cars complete with chauffeur, to escort you to and from your big day.

Just make sure your company of choice pays attention to maintenance – you wouldn’t to get stranded on your big day!

Food – Food – Food – Cake – Food!

The one thing everybody seems to remember from a wedding is the food! It keeps us energised and ready to enjoy the day to the fullest.

With the boom in vintage fashion and lifestyle, a variety of sub-industries have also flourished, one being the birth of vintage catering. Using classic recopies and accessories there are plenty of great catering companies that will put on a spread even your grandmother would be proud of.

I suppose you could just ask your grandparents to arrange the food? They wouldn’t even have to try to make it authentically vintage! Cake makers are also getting used to re-creating vintage cakes for weddings, but personally I like the “Chef Grandma” idea. Wish I’d thought of it earlier!

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Vintage wedding photography by Rob & Sarah Gillespie. Click to see this fabulous etsy-filled wedding!

The Finer Details

There’s no point going to all this effort if you end up having your vintage wedding in one of those modern, fancy hotels. The key to the perfect vintage wedding is to focus on continuity – vintage continuity. Try an old scout hall or a school house – anything that has been around for a long time and adds to the illusion of travelling back in time.

Likewise, don’t be afraid to tell your guests what to wear. Many of your family members will already have vintage suits and dresses in their wardrobe and I’m sure they’d be more than happy to get them out and blow off the moth-balls. Why not go the whole nine yards and give them a choice of vintage hairstyles and accessories that you’d like them to try out for the day – it’ll be fun!

Sara is a fashion blogger for an online clothing shop called Miinto. She had her fairy tale vintage wedding back in summer 2011 and still loves adding beautiful vintage fashion pieces to her wardrobe.


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