Break a leg . . . but don’t twist an ankle

Some people like gritty realism and enjoy that whole ‘fly on the wall’ thing. But not me.  Far from it. My world came pre-loaded with a rose-tint filter and I eschew anything that threatens to shatter my lovely illusions.  Nevertheless, when things aren’t going quite to plan, it’s sometimes reassuring to know that you’re not alone. So, if you’re struggling prevent your usually sunny self from morphing into Bridezilla and are feeling bad about wanting to tear your hair out during what everyone says is the most exciting time of your life, take heart! You’re not alone.  Mrs Moore-to-be may not know you, but she’s with you in spirit.

A few months ago A Warwickshire Wedding was shaping up so nicely and everything seemed to be on track. We’d got heaps of time and were way ahead of schedule. Back then, I could almost have been described as feeling relaxed about it all.  Now, as the three month countdown clock is about to start ticking, ‘relaxed’ isn’t a word which springs to mind when describing the state of my emotions.  ‘On edge’, frustrated and permanently hassled might be more accurate.

A couple of years ago I remember watching a television series about English National Ballet.   In one particularly memorable episode, the camera crew went behind the scenes to chart the progress of ENB as it prepared to stage a brand new production of The Nutcracker.  For those of a sensitive nature like Mrs Moore-to-be, it made for nail biting viewing. At the first dress rehearsal Artistic Director and Choreographer, Wayne Eagling, announced that all the dancing boots that had been painstakingly hand-painted weren’t suitable and had to be replaced – pronto! My heart ached for the Shoe Mistress who was almost reduced to tears at this news. Then there were technical problems with the hot air balloon that was supposed to appear in the closing scene.  It’s failure to do so prompted a rant from Eagling about the sight of a basket on sticks ruining his show. But worst of all was fact that the dancers were still trying to learn their steps just hours before the performance resulting in the principal ballerina, not a prima donna type at all, completely losing the plot and running off the stage in floods of tears on Press Night.  The whole thing looked set to be a complete flop.  But nothing could have been further from the truth. When the curtains went up on the first night, the public was treated to a near flawless performance and Eagling’s Nutcracker is now regarded as being a stellar rendition of this much-loved classic.

So, as I grapple with shoe and dress-fitting issues, a wedding ring that doesn’t fit and a twisted ankle that not only forced me to cancel my hair trial but also threatens to derail our first dance, I am sustained by Wayne Eagling and his dancers. And I trust that for A Warwickshire Wedding, as it was for ENB, it really will be alright on the night.




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