The Wedding Industry Awards 2013: worth every penny?

The Wedding Industry Awards photo by Adbycreativeimages (3)Last week saw the launch of The Wedding Industry Awards. These were a quiet revolution in the wedding industry in 2012: their integrity was a breath of fresh air. The voting was open to brides and grooms; not to twitter buddies and wedding industry pals. Feedback given by couples during the voting process was fabulous, in depth and heartfelt. The eventual winners in regional and national categories deserved their glory: they were truly admired by the customers they’d worked so hard for.

After the awards event early in 2012, there was a buzz of anticipation as wedding suppliers across the country looked forward to a bigger and better Wedding Industry Awards in 2013.

The launch of the 2013 Wedding Industry Awards

The biggest change to the awards for 2013 is the £50 entry fee. In 2012 the awards were free to enter, and the charge for entries came as a surprise to many wedding suppliers. Twitter’s dashboard lit up with the news, and there were lively discussions on facebook.

The Wedding Industry Awards photo by Adbycreativeimages (2)The organisers behind the awards have stressed that fees will go towards marketing and promoting the awards. The first Wedding Industry Awards in 2012 were financed privately by the organisers. (Imagine: could you lay on such an event if you had to pay for it yourself?)

I spent much of last week reading about the awards, looking for facebook discussions and blog posts about the event, and considering my own perspective. I wondered if there could possibly have been another way to finance the wedding industry awards. What do you think?

1. Should the organisers pay?

Considering the hours and hours of work involved, on IT, promotion and marketing, and not to mention the event management side of things with the awards event – Damian and Anna Bailey paid for the 2012 Wedding Industry Awards. (As far as I know, the only money raised was from tickets to the ceremony.)

2. Should they have courted big sponsors?

I asked Damian about sponsorship: turns out it’s a really difficult thing to sort out. The website FAQs explain that acquiring sponsorship is a long process, and with many companies cutting back on marketing budgets it hasn’t been possible to get sponsors to foot the bill for the wedding industry awards. Yet.

3. What about wedding magazine awards: do it like that!

I considered the wedding magazine awards. It’s no secret that Wedding Ideas Magazine put all their paying advertisers up for an award. Other businesses can be voted for, but they’re not on the dropdown lists in the voting process. (Last time I had a look was 2011 so things may have changed.) Could The Wedding Industry Awards be run the same way?

Without a print magazine, the wedding industry awards could have asked suppliers to pay for listings on their website. I actually think it’s fairer to charge an entry fee. It avoids any arguments about suppliers with paid listings getting more coverage. Charging every wedding supplier who enters the awards a nominal fee is simpler, more straightforward and feels fairer to me.

The only solution: wedding suppliers pay to enter

I don’t see any other solution to financing the wedding industry awards. We can’t ask brides and grooms to pay for this! The ones who benefit from the existence of the awards are wedding suppliers.

We benefit if we enter, by showing our customers and potential customers we’re shortlisted / regional or national winners.

The industry as a whole benefits from having an awards process and event which won’t fall apart when you poke it with a stick. And by that I mean it’s genuine, well-intentioned and has as much integrity as it ever did.

The Wedding Industry Awards & integrity

The question of integrity isn’t about “paying for entries” to the awards. Considering all the hoo-haa (a wonderful word from my sister, who has had her ear to the ground all week!) around the £50 charge to enter the awards, this is really only a nominal fee and it doesn’t affect – in the slightest – who will win an award.

The whole point of The Wedding Industry Awards when it was launched in 2011 was to be fair. Companies win on merit; only brides and grooms can vote, there are no twitter cliques getting in on the action!

Shortlists are based on votes and scores; customer service is absolutely key – and the companies who won last year were chosen for their absolute dedication to the brides and grooms they served.The Wedding Industry Awards photo by Adbycreativeimages (1)It’s not about big businesses getting all the votes and winning on a vote count. The small businesses have an even chance (because the awards look at how many customers a business has each year, and how many of them vote for you as a % of your total customers).

And it’s not about being the most active in social media: you can shout loudest on twitter and facebook by all means, but it won’t get you that trophy from The Wedding Industry Awards. You have to work – and I’m talking blood, sweat and tears – to delight your customers and earn that award!

So winning a Wedding Industry Award means something, it really does. It shows your dedication to customer service is outstanding. It’s a badge of honour, and something to be very proud of. By paying your £50 entry fee you’re giving your customers the option of supporting your wedding business in the awards. You’re also supporting our industry, helping to finance an event which stands head and shoulders above any awards we’ve had before.

The Wedding Industry Awards is an event which really is worth every penny.

Thank you for reading my contribution to this big debate! If you’ve got something to share, please do – I’m very interested to hear what everyone has to say about all this.

The only thing I haven’t mentioned is the amount. Is £50 a fair price? I don’t know. That all depends how many businesses enter the awards… I think it’s a discussion to have next year!

Claire x

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Claire Gould

Claire spends her days writing - either in beautiful calligraphy or online. She lives on the edge of the English Lake District only minutes away from the beach, where she loves to escape and unwind. Claire's calligraphy can be found at Claire launched the English Wedding Blog in November 2009 - it's been a top 10 UK wedding blog ever since, with a regional focus we hope you LOVE.



  • Jonathon Watkins
    7 years ago

    Claire, I think you’re written a fair & balanced post on the topic. I’m not fond of the entry fee, but agree it’s the only feasible way forward. I think the judging and whole process is demonstrably fair and are these are the best UK wedding awards, period. I really like the fact that only brides & grooms can vote, which makes these awards as ‘real’ as you can get.

  • Katy Lunsford
    7 years ago

    A balanced and well-written response. I still don’t know what I think about paying £50 to enter, or whether I will enter or not, but I do undertand that it has to be funded somehow and I do love the way these awards seem to be run. Just as long as this isn’t just going to make someone very very rich!! Thanks for sharing x

    • Claire
      7 years ago

      Thanks Jonathon, Katy. I agree with you both. Damian assures me he isn’t anywhere near buying a castle in the country, and I agree that if the awards were making someone very rich it would be different! C x

  • Chris Hanley
    7 years ago

    I understand from reading elesewhere 2,000 businesses entered last year allegedly. Let us assume they would like the same number of entrants or more this year. Assuming they have the same number of entrants that will be 2,000 x £50 each plus the 300 invites to the awards ceremony at £75 a pop. Thats quite a significant amount of money. How much did the organisers personally spend last year ? Will the accounts for the 2013 awards be open and transparent ?

    Another thought…….you can only win if you enter. A significant number of the UK’s suppliers will choose not to enter, or if entered by someone else, choose to actively not promote, or encourage voting for their entry for one reason or the other. So what bench mark do these awards set? Are the winners the best in the industry ? or the best of those that entered?

    • Claire
      7 years ago

      Hi Chris, thanks for the comment. I’ve read your thoughts on this one elsewhere too (and have been prepared… 😉

      The maths tally with Jenna’s comment below. As far as marketing costs go, I’d start with £800 a month for a wedding PR and take it from there… It’ll add up quickly. I’ve no idea what was spent last year though – I’m assuming all the organisation at least was done for free. Perhaps Damian and Sarah were working to a longer term plan, taking a loss in year one… That’s for Damian to divulge if he feels he has to justify it, I suppose. I do expect the plan is to make a profit from organising the awards in time, but I’m trusting the team behind TWIA know where to draw the line between profitable and rip-off, and this because I know a lot about the voting process and systems and the intricate thought processes behind making it as fair as it could possibly be.

      And yes, you only win if you enter. I won’t enter ( I,d rather be a consultant judge again) but it doesn’t mean my calligraphy isn’t as good as anyone else’s, or my customer service.

      You wouldn’t see John Lydon at the Brit Awards either…. Every industry has its core and those who choose their own path. Winners are always the best of those who entered – which is fine by me.

      C x

  • Lucy Ball
    7 years ago

    Hi Claire,
    As posted on twitter this morning I was a bit surprised to hear about the charge for entering. Usually these things are funded by sponsorship and ticket sales to the event itself. However, on reflection it does seem like a pretty fair way of doing things as very often sponsored awards ceremonies have a very definite feeling of nepotism (cynical? moi?). Also, I always feel a bit awkward about continuously begging for votes from customers and think that invariably she who shouts loudest wins which makes me feel slightly uncomfortable. Maybe, if the awards were more heavily marketed this would alleviate some of that feeling which has to be a good thing. I also really like the customer base percentage voting, it’s a really good idea and gives smaller retailers as much chance as the big well established ones.
    Thanks for changing my mind. Now, where’s that entry form?

    • Claire
      7 years ago

      Ha! Great comment Lucy! Gotcha.

      I was nodding along, especially with your thoughts about he or she who shouts loudest.

      I share your cynicism there, and I’ve questioned these awards too… But in the end I can’t find fault, I really can’t. And I’m usually quite good at finding fault with this kind of thing 🙂

      And good luck! Xx

  • Laura {Babb Photo}
    7 years ago

    If you look at photography or arts competitions you have to pay to enter nearly all of them and £50 isn’t a huge amount of money. It’s really interesting to read that your success (or otherwise) is based on the % of your couples that vote for you. That makes it much more attractive to a smaller business like me.

    Great post, Clare

  • Julie Boyd
    7 years ago

    I only found out about the awards about one month before the closing date last year. One of my brides had nominated me. I was quite chuffed. It was hard to get in touch with past brides in such short time to ask them to vote but I got shortlisted. I just don’t feel it’s right to ask someone to pay so they can be in the running for an award. A lot of us are small businesses, sole traders, £50 is a lot of money. For a large wedding venue or company it’s peanuts. Is it not possible to get large companies to sponsor the event? Although I enjoyed getting shortlisted last year and reading the lovely feedback, I won’t be entering. I just feel £50 is too much. I was quite excited about this event last year. For once the small companies were in with an unbiased chance of winning. I’m not sure I feel like that now. If you pay, you are up for an award, if you don’t, you’re not!

    • Claire
      7 years ago

      Hi Julie, thanks for the comment. My sister feels exactly the same way, I think!

      True, it’s a lot of money for the smaller businesses. But I bet you could spare £25 for two months…

      If I had the option of entering I wonder if I would… Not because £50 seems unfair though, because I don’t have the confidence that I’d win anything against all those fab companies who were in the running last year.

      You have made me think actually. It’s definitely a good thing that stationery is in its own category this year. And what about supporting the awards as something the industry as a whole really needs? (at least we know the winners won’t be the same people who did the organiser’s own wedding invites the year before, or anything.)


      • Julie Boyd
        7 years ago

        Hi Claire,
        I see your point. I would gladly pay £50 for a listing, after all, some online directories charge more. The point is, if one of my brides was lovley enough to nominate me, I’d be asked for £50 otherwise I wouldn’t be entered. I think the e mail that was sent shocked some people and could have been worded diffently. It wasn’t very well advertised last year. I found out last minute. I then have to ask people to vote which I’m not too keen on as it causes bad feeling with some people. The mags do have a drop down list for their advertisers but you can add another company if you wish and they won’t be charged.

  • Jenna Buckley
    7 years ago

    I would like to add a response from a venues point of view.
    As a venue that hosts events like these regularly, I can confidently say that an event like this is expensive to host! For an event like this you are looking at spending from £34,000. From being the operative word! You must consider that food, beverage, staffing, staging, lighting, room hire cost, decor and that’s just from the event its self. If you where to add in the marketing, printing, management and staffing cost that goes into organising and managing the event it would not surprise me that there wouldn’t be much change left from £130k. And I don’t see why the organisers shouldn’t make a profit from the event, because organising events like this are very hard work. You wouldn’t expect to work for free would you!?
    So for £50.00 to enter you seem to be getting alot!

    • Claire
      7 years ago

      Thanks Jenna

      Great comment, very insightful & useful to read.

      Claire xx

  • Lucy Ball
    7 years ago

    Although Chris Hanley has quite a good point!

  • Kerry Taylor
    7 years ago

    Great post Claire. I agree that it has to be financed somehow and it does seem like the fairest way. It is certainly a great accolade when your own customers feel moved to vote for you because of great service they’ve received. I am very cynical recently however about being asked to pay to enter and then also shell out a substantial fee for a ticket due to my recent burnt fingers from the Bridal Magazine awards. This was very flattering to be nominated by previous clients and we were so chuffed as we have only been in business for 18 months. To then find out that the organisers had done off with the money was quite deflating and just makes us wary of being caught out again. After all, is it the be all and end all to win or be nominated for an award? Clearly if you have happy customers and gain great feedback then isn’t that enough? We always ask clients to complete a feedback questionnaire and provide a testimonial and we actively use this information in promoting ourselves to future potential clients. Personally I don’t feel that paying £50 to enter an award ceremony will make much difference to my business. A large proportion of our clients come from word of mouth or are people we meet at wedding fairs where they can meet us and see our products. An award on my desk won’t go out and meet clients or provide a quality service. I suppose though, as a hard working supplier in a massive industry, it is nice to have that little ego boost and pat on the back that an award would bring!

    • Claire
      7 years ago

      Kerry, I didn’t know about those awards – if that’s true (in case anyone tries to sue me) it’s such a shame.

      I think the panel of judges in these awards makes it feel far more sound than other awards. And it’s not relying on its own company profits… In that way this seems a more reliable setup.

      You set a good example with your supplier feedback forms… I should do that!

  • Although these awards sound like a progressive step forward in marketing the wedding industry, it seems to me to be a little odd to have to pay to enter a competition. That instantly rings alarm bells in my head, how can any competition seem clean & above board when entrants have to pay to enter?! If someone pays more, do they get more of a chance?!…those are the sort of issues I feel will undermine its integrity and credibility.

    • Claire
      7 years ago

      Hi Green Wedding Directory… And the first comment I will vehemently disagree with. It’s a knee-jerk reaction: why on earth would someone a) be paying more?? And b) get more of a chance at winning?

      That’s precisely why there’s a one-size-fits-all, nominal entry fee.

      Have you even read my blog post before commenting?!

  • I think a £50 entry fee is reasonably fair and it does help maintain the independence of the awards. The magazine awards favour those who advertise and have relationships with the magazine. It wasn’t until last year that I realised that whilst the Wedding Ideas Magazine readers vote for the top 5 suppliers the final decision comes down to “an expert panel”. I don’t quite understand why they can’t just let the readers decide……anyway these awards do seem alot fairer. I’m in!

    • Claire
      7 years ago

      Gary, thank you (that’s more like it!)

      I hadn’t heard that about the wedding ideas awards. If it’s true (they’ve threatened to sue me once before – not about awards, but let’s be careful here!) I’d love to know the reasons behind it.

      • I don’t want to be sued either – I take it all back! 🙂

        Yes, it always seemed odd to me to go to the trouble of having everyone vote and then select from the top 5. It’s not clear to me why they should want (or on what grounds) they could overturn the decision of the couples themselves. That said, last year Lucy Ledger won and she does produce some beautifully designed stationery! So, I couldn’t disagree with the decision, it was a good one (he says, seething with jealously at his keyboard).

      • The Wedding Ideas Awards changed this year to the system Gary describes — as I understand it, this was largely in response to the criticism that going by reader votes alone gave the big brands an unfair advantage.

        As finalists in our category (Best Wedding Gift List), we had to respond to a questionnaire on our achievements in the year, and why we felt our business might stand out in its sector.

        Prior to the 2012 awards, the winners were decided by votes alone.

  • Harriet
    7 years ago

    Hello Claire, thank you for such a balanced post and I feel quite relieved by the more moderate replies than the ones I saw on another blog earlier today. I’ve been snowed under with work and have ducked out of the general twitter world for the last month or so, consequently I’d missed all the controversey over the awards until I responded to a comment on TWIA facebook page a couple of days ago. I received my invite to apply, clicked on it, paid the money straight away and entered, to me it seemed entirely reasonable. I don’t for a minute expect to win but having participated last year it has been great fo business, I trust and respect the organisers intentions and am more than willing to support the initiative. Then I saw all the feedback to a post on a bloggers facebook and have been left feeling very intimidated by the backlash of other industry suppliers. I’ve thought about it for a couple of days and the conclusion I’ve reached is I don’t regret entering, I have a business I am proud of and want to to promote to future customers, I am not in the business of trying to become part of an industry clique and would rather enter than deprive my business of this opportunity, this is my liveliehood and whilst I’m lucky I love what I do I have a living to make. Many people have said that they don’t want to devalue their business, harrass past customers or that they don’t have time to promote and chase votes…… I believe in being open, I will do the same this year as last. I will send each customer who qualifies a single email that sets out the fact I’ve entered, why, how, and invite them if they wish to provide feedback, I make clear that this is not a demand and apologise for bothering them. This worked last year and most emailed me back to say they were delighted to do so, I may also post on facebook a couple of times, simply to raise awareness of the awards. I’d urge businesses to reconsider, if you are proud of what you do and do your best what have you to loose.

    • I agree, I have asked for customers to vote for us in another content and only received a positive response from it (even though we already bother them with a customer satisfaction survey). I think alot of people quite like it as a way to say thank you. I certainly didn’t get any emails telling me to stop bothering them…..

    • Claire
      7 years ago

      Hi Harriet,
      I’m like you with twitter… I miss things, people mention the controversies (if I’m lucky!) and I find out later. I haven’t seen that blog post (I’m intrigued though, let me know where it is if you read this!) I did see comments on a blogger’s facebook page, and that did get me thinking. In part, it inspired this blog post.
      I’m so, so sorry you felt intimidated by people’s comments on facebook. What a shame. I’m all for sharing opinions and discussing issues, but it’s important to be considerate towards others’ feelings – I learnt that lesson the hard way, funnily enough with a blog post reacting to the wedding ideas awards a couple of years ago. I hope the noisy critics out there are reading these comments too, and thinking about others’ perspectives. Perhaps some will change their minds in time; perhaps it’s all par for the course – certainly an awards event like this isn’t intended for the entire wedding industry to enter! Freedom of choice is fine – criticism is fine, but if it’s getting intimidating maybe they should stop.
      Your approach to your customers is spot on as well – and to me that’s what it’s all about: a polite request, it’s certainly not harassment(!) and you set a good example for other suppliers.
      Thanks for such a great comment – and good luck in the awards 🙂
      Claire xx

      • Harriet
        7 years ago

        Hi Claire, It was the facebook, not blog, sorry I got confused! I feel so much better about things with the comments in response to your blog they are for more measured and more calmly reasoned. I got drawn into a discussion on twia facebook before I’d seen anything else and I felt that by entering it was suggested I was buying an award, this simply isn’t true, if I was wanting to buy recommendation there are other more guaranteed routes of doing this.

  • We had heard of the awards last year but have only entered this year. Therefore, we didn’t know that the £50 entry fee was a new thing. It didn’t even occur to us that the entry fee was too much.

    As photographers, we regularly pay competition entry fees of this magnitude. I’m not saying that we like it this way but it’s all part of the necessary overheads. In the days before internet competitions it would easily cost £50 or more to get a couple of competition standard enlargements made for entry. Aside from the cost of the prints (and the mounts and the lamination) it would take ages while you sat with the printer in his lab making sure he was dodging and burning the image just how you wanted it.

    But The Wedding Industry Awards (TWIA) are so easy in comparison. We simply ask our clients for a vote at the same time that we tell them their latest photos are on our blog. If we’ve done our job correctly, our clients positively want to take the opportunity to thank us in some way. It helps to prolong the wedding ‘buzz’ which surely is good for all concerned.

    I would like to echo the points made by Lucy Ball and Jenna Buckley. Firstly, we rejoiced at finally finding an award based upon sincere client feedback rather than a bunch of highly skilled but stuck in the past photographers. Secondly, we doubt that anyone is making big bucks given the costs involved in organizing the awards and hosting a ceremony in a top class venue. And, to add a third point, does it really matter if someone else is making a profit just because they thought of a good idea first? This is a win-win-win-win situation (us-clients-TWIA-industry).

  • Lesley Pattinson
    7 years ago

    An interesting post Claire and reading your thoughts on it has certainly opened my perspective on it. However I keep coming back to being disappointed that there is a fee, whilst it’s a minimal fee it’s a fee none the less.

    For me it will limit the entries which is what is such a shame as it won’t be a true representation of the industry, it will only judge those willing to pay to be judged.

    Why does it bother me so much paying, as I would pay to enter a photographic award for example and photographic awards always carry a fee, so why is it so wrong for the wedding industry awards to also charge a fee. I guess it suddenly made it feel like a money making exercise rather than a great award that will showcase the wedding industry and it made me loose a little bit of faith in it.

    Supposing for a example a small florist who has an at home set up is nominated by one of their brides for their amazing talent and exceptional service, they have never heard of the awards and the first they do hear of it is when they get told they have been nominated but must pay £50, will they ignore the email thinking it’s just yet another email asking for money? Therefore will a supplier who could be in with a fantastic chance of winning not even be nominated?

    As a wedding photographer I get emails daily asking me to advertise in this, put a link on that or enter something for a bargain fee of £XXX and all of said emails head straight for my delete box with a roll of my eyes. Photographers can’t be the only suppliers that get this plethora of junk and I can’t help but feel that for someone who doesn’t really know of the awards, will, when they receive the email have exactly the same reaction and delete it.

    I understand that the awards need to be funded from somewhere and this is a tricky one and yes marketing budgets are being cut, but I can’t help but feel either the costs for the awards dinner tickets or sponsorship should be the way to go.

    I entered the awards last year, and then forgot about it until a week to go so struggled to get in touch with brides to vote, my bad, but I did like the idea and those that did vote left me some amazing comments. Have I entered this year though no not yet….

    So the point of my ramblings would be that by charging a fee I do not believe the awards will showcase and represent the best in the industry, just the best of those willing to pay which is a shame.

    • Harriet
      7 years ago

      I do understand your point, I am a one man kitchen table/website business and am in the category of business that most people are assuming won’t be able to participate but I think its great that I can sit aside the big boys for consideration on an equal footing. I’d rather pay a single entry fee of £50 than hugely inflated ticket prices for however many people accompany me should I decide to attend the do.

      • Lesley Pattinson
        7 years ago

        Thats a really interesting point Harriet it is great that you can sit aside the big boys, but you would also be able to do that if the competetion was free, however you’re correct you then perhaps couldn’t justify a large ticket price for the do, which could mena only the big hitters would attend the do which would also be a shame.

        It’s great to hear other peoples thoughts on this, great food for thought!

  • damian bailey
    7 years ago

    Hi all. Hope you had a great bank holiday.
    Really interesting to read all the comments here. We have posted loads more details regarding the entry fee on our blog…

    Please do read it. we hope it helps to clarify things.
    Best wishes

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Makeup - @eveashbymakeup⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Hair - @louisealway⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Flowers - @inbloomdevon⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Cake - @edibleessence⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Bracelet - @etsy⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Stationery - @minted⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Entertainment - @thesalvationband⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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  • More than just a funny photo at a wedding, this is a memory of loved ones which will keep you smiling for years to come. I wrote a little article on English Wedding today: Does wedding photography need a sense of humour? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
I think it does. I'd love to know your thoughts too!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Photo by the fabulous @benjamintomsphotography ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
- More on the blog to make you laugh out loud! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Check out the blog post for images by @yorkplacestudios @linusmoran @beckyharleyphotog @damionmowerphotography @jordannamarstonphoto @robingoodladphotography⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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  • Breathtaking wedding pic from lovely @helenenglandphotography on the blog today. The venue and location is incredible - and it's right here in the UK. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Dress - @wed2b⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Stationery @artworkbygould⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
@coutureevents_kent ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
@robertjamesjewellers ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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Modern blue styling ideas with calligraphy for an alternative beach wedding (18)

Image credit: Oobaloos Photography

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