Wedding planning or work? (clue: work later)

Texas vintage wedding

via Green Wedding Shoes blog. Photo credit:

Timekeeping is important. I’m crap at it: only this week did I realise my email subscriptions were landing at 3am!!! (thanks to Chris Hanley, who very politely mentioned his iPhone beeping in the early hours every day… Chris I do hope you got up to read my updates!) – and that’s just the start of my organisational problems.

Another example would be Friday afternoons: you know when it’s nearly the weekend and you just can’t be bothered finishing work you could do on Monday morning? That’s what I do. But then again… a little break, a breather, ten minutes of wedding planning instead of work… can’t do us any harm, can it? It might do us good: fire our creativity, perhaps.

Time for a bit of weddingness for our Friday afternoon treat! Enjoy, everyone!

Claire xx

Real weddings

Somerford Hall Wedding

Beth and Jon, by Anneli Marinovich

Think creative

    • It’s all about the shoots this week: first, I love the flower eyes in this creative shoot!
Bridal shoot photo by Neil Redfern

Ice Maiden shoot - photo credit

Be different

Have an opinion

    • Will you feel like you’re married? An interesting question (and some wonderful comments) on Weddingbee
    • Children At A Wedding? I’m in the yes camp, but read the discussion at Brides Up North
children at weddings

Children at weddings? I wonder what they think! Photo credit: Chris Hanley

  • Very exciting things happening for Rock My Wedding blog Fancy Investors are just for starters! Well done guys!
  • Upstaged by your bridesmaid? The Knotty Bride
  • On twitter: bitchy and dull? An interestingly frank blog post! Twetiquette

That’s it for me… till Monday I’ll be writing next week’s blog posts, with one eye on the Oscars over the weekend. Monday has me out and about on a creative shoot… very excited to be a part of something really different with some fabulous friends!

And I want to say good luck to everyone visiting and exhibiting at the National Wedding Show this weekend. One of the biggest events in the wedding industry calendar – go with a plan and you’ll come home smiling!

Claire xx



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