Luxury wedding planner Mark Niemierko (3)

The Elite: Mark Niemierko interview

Luxury wedding planner Mark Niemierko (3)

Wedding and event styling by Niemierko. Image credit:

Mark Niemierko is the wedding planner who inspires the whole of the UK wedding industry, a hugely talented and creative man who lets his work speak for him. I approached Mark shyly via email for a mini-interview and he very kindly obliged. I almost fell off my chair.

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The Elite: Mark Niemierko – a mini-interview

Luxury wedding planner Mark Niemierko (5)

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Mark, your inspirational wedding planning and design has earned you an unrivalled reputation in the wedding industry. What does it take to be so successful in wedding planning?

“Experience and knowledge. Of all the things that could possibly go wrong, to ensure you avoid them. But a big part is being organised and have great people skills. All couples are different and you’ll need to get along with as well as understand them all.”

You’ve developed a fascinating friendship with top UK wedding blogger Kat from Rock n Roll Bride. Has Kat influenced your wedding planning style?

“I wouldn’t say Kat has influenced my wedding planning or any weddings. What I like and why we have clicked is that we are both honest, passionate and hard working when it comes to anything wedding. She is an inspiration, in how her Blog is now a business and effectively keeps a roof over her head!”

(see the link at the end of this post to read Mark’s exclusive interview with Rock n Roll Bride)

Luxury wedding planner Mark Niemierko (2)With the Niemierko Academy you’re sharing the secrets of your success with event and wedding planners. Will you share a little secret with brides reading English Wedding too? Just one? Pretty please?

“It’s not really a secret as I’m always saying it. But FUN. One of the first lessons I tell my students at the Academy is that it’s your job to clear away all the stress and paperwork out of a couple’s lives and just ensure they have fun. As much fun during the planning as the day itself. Too many Brides get caught up in little detail – and get themselves in an awful stressed state. Have fun throughout the whole process – it’s a part of your lives you’ll never have again.”

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What does it take to run a luxury wedding planning agency?

Hard work, effort, lots of time, lots of energy and commitment. Aside from my couples and taking calls or emails from them 24/7 – and managing all the suppliers – I also run a business and everything that goes with that from staff, offices and so on. If you are thinking of going into wedding planning as part time or for a fun change in your career think again. It’s a lot more unglamorous hard work than you think.”

I don’t see the words ‘wedding planner’ on your website. Is the Niemierko luxury brand a step beyond wedding planning?

“Really? I think it’s in the title bar. But I guess we are far more than planners. I think all successful wedding planners are far more than that. You become so much more to your couples, from budgeting, creating, managing and also negotiating. I’ve always said we are glamorised “Wedding PA’s”.

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How do you see the Niemierko developing in the next 5 years? Have you signed the book deal yet? 😉

“Ha, no. Continuing to be the best of the best, never repeating a wedding for another client – I get bored easily of themes and like to try new things each time. But still offering an unrivalled service, continuing to see our couples lives unfold and develop. There really isn’t a more satisfying job.”

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Further information:

Niemierko the blog:

Niemierko has one of the most fascinating Vimeo channels in the wedding industry – another secret to the success of the luxury wedding planning brand? Recommended viewing! and here’s one of my favourites…

NIEMIERKO WEDDING: Art Deco Chic at Claridge’s Hotel, London from Niemierko on Vimeo.

As I type, 10,058 people Like Niemierko on facebook. Wow!

Read all about Mark Niemierko on Rock n Roll Bride wedding blog


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  • Kat - RocknRollBride
    8 years ago

    thanks for the mention! i love Mark so much. God imagine if he started planning rock n roll weddings though?! i think the wedding world might implode!

    Mark and i are at very different ends of the industry but that doesnt mean we cant be friends and respect and admire each other’s businesses.

  • Jenny McAvoy
    8 years ago

    Fabulous approach to working and to weddings. Love Mark’s ethos, creativity and drive 🙂

  • Fabulous read. I love getting a bit of an insight to another wedding suppliers life and work! It’s also lovely to see so many others truly passionate about weddings as I have been unfortunate to bump in to a few not-so-nice people lacking creativity in the last year alone!

  • Tola
    8 years ago

    For me it’s really the attention to detail that floors me – monogramming the dance floor?! Now that’s amazing. I’m in the middle of reading Kat’s interview with him and loving it. Really loving it. Thanks Clare for being bold and requesting this.

  • Chuppah
    1 year ago

    Wow! I really liked your decoration. Especially table’s decoration is amazing. Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures with us.

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