Wedding planning or work?

Chalkboard wedding idea from Ruffled blog

Chalkboard wedding idea from Ruffled blog

Happy Friday everyone! I have a brand new feature for those of you who are in the office, clock-watching or rushing to finish a report. Friday afternoons are the worst, aren’t they? I’ve been remembering my days in Manchester’s Arndale Tower, working as a Marketing Exec in my seat by the window… when Friday afternoons were spent gazing out of the window, emailing my friends or chatting, often after a small glass of wine at dinner time.

 Jesse D. Green Photography

Jesse D. Green Photography

Work… ick! So today I bring you ‘wedding planning or work’ – a diversion from that presentation that’s doing your head in, a list of great things to look at on the interweb that should keep you “busy” until about ten to four. Most of these links are about wedding inspiration and gorgeous pics. From time to time (I’m hoping this will become a regular feature) I’ll include tips on time management which could just possibly class as work, if your boss asks!

Enjoy x

Real weddings…

Be different…

mr and mrs cushions from Birdhouse Creations on folksy

mr and mrs cushions from Birdhouse Creations on folksy

Think creative…

Photo credit: Chris Hanley Photography

Photo credit: Chris Hanley Photography

Have an opinion!

… it should be nearly home time. Go for a quick wee and get your coat. Have a fabulous weekend!

Claire xx




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3 Responses to Wedding planning or work?

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  2. Some fab ideas…but the thing in this post that stands out to me is Chris Hanley’s fab Beach Bride pic. A Gormley threeseome. Tee hee. x

  3. @LoveYouBlog says:

    This is a fab post! I have many a day where I’m sat at my desk counting down to 5pm and needing this kind of distraction! Thank you for putting it together and I’m looking forward to this being a regular feature!

    And of course, thanks so much for mentioning my little blog – you already know I’m a little overwhelmed by this 🙂


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