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Hello again English Wedding!

I know, I know it’s been far too long! It’s been a mad rush since the wedding, David’s gone back to his third year at uni and I’ve just started my masters, we both now spend most days running around like headless chickens trying to keep up!

It seems like the wedding was yesterday, but also like we’ve always been husband and wife – it’s a lovely feeling. If I’ve not left it too late and you’re all still interested.. here’s how our wedding went.

I woke up in bed next to Katie, one of my bridesmaids. I paced around the house for a few minutes before getting up and having a bath with Vivienne at around 6am! The nerves had actually started making me feel horrible, I was so, so edgy and couldn’t really talk to Katie or Louise (who came round later). They tried to get me to eat something but I really couldn’t. The flowers were delivered, Vivienne went to Mary’s to get ready, and soon we were flying down the road in my flowery Polo to get ready at my Mum and Dad’s house. Everything was pretty much set up from the day before, and everyone was running around putting the final touches to the marquee and tables. 

Louise and I were beautified by Ema, who was amazing and totally put me at ease. Trudie and Danielle our photographers also turned up and were absolutely fantastic, running around getting shots of all the little details and us all getting ready. They knew exactly what we were after and couldn’t have done a better job. I gave all my bridesmaids pearl earrings and a pearl bracelet as a little thank-you, and crafted them some little boxes to fit with the day too. As they got ready look what was caught in camera… Dad still finishing off his speech!

After arriving at Gardenstone at 9am, suddenly it was ‘time’. The driver arrived to take my bridesmaids to the church in a luxury Roller, and I was told to get dressed. I’ve never been so nervous. Louise helped me into my dress and fixed my veil whilst trying to distract me so I didn’t get too emotional! As I walked down the corridor to meet my Dad and get in the Polo to go to church I started welling up, but somehow managed to keep going and distracting myself from it all becoming too much.

Gulp. Time to get married. Now, it’s common knowledge that my mum is the most organised person around, so organised and ahead of everything that she booked the bridesmaid’s 5 minute car journey half an hour before the ceremony! In the mad rush of things Dad, Trudie and I left about 5 minutes after the bridesmaids, only to realise that we were insanely early and had to turn back! If anything it was a huge blessing as it distracted me and suddenly I lost my nerves. There’s something about the following pictures of everyone arriving and waiting with a sense of anticipation that gives me butterflies.. 

Louise and I grooming each other just before we go into church!

I think the ceremony photographs speak for themselves. Notice how my frozen face turn into a great beaming smile after about 5 minutes have passed! David looked amazing and once I dared look him in the face (I was too nervous to for the first few minutes) the best feeling swept over me, and I beamed from then on until I went to sleep that night. As Rev. Pam was talking of marriage leading to children, Vivienne ran up scribbling away on an Order of Service and stood between us! One of my favourite shots is that of me hugging David, unseen to everyone else, just after we’d signed the register.

Awkwardly, David’s ring didn’t quite fit (on our wedding video you can hear him saying “I hope it fits” and then my face scrunching as I squeeze it on!) Suddenly we were both on top of the world, no more nerves, just ready to relax and see everyone that had come to celebrate with us… including a policeman who happened to be driving past who promptly came over and ‘arrested’ David saying “I’ll do you a favour now and take you away!” and something along the lines of handcuffs being better than a ball and chain!! Also, check out our drive away, beeping our way through the village!

Back to the house and time to relax, David and I arrived first and had a precious few minutes alone together where he helped me take my veil off and we had a few excited cuddles and squeals of “We’re married!!”. Everyone milled around drinking bubbly and having canapes while we got a few pictures. 

The speeches really went down a storm. David’s brother Greg was master of ceremonies and did an amazing job, probably torturing him as he went along nearly as much as Jack (Dav’s best man) did! Our videographer said he has never seen a groom get such a relentless hammering from speeches before! Apologies in advance about the picture of David on his stag do which Greg plucked from thin air at one point..

 Next up was food, tea and cake. It went down a storm but I don’t think I managed to nab any cake, my mind was still running at a million miles an hour and I didn’t even notice it! Carli and her team were amazing, I’d recommend her to anyone. There was a bit of a breather at this point, we cut the cake, the menfolk kicked a ball around, ‘love & marriage’ was playing in the background, and Dav and I had a few more photographs. A perfect lazy summer’s afternoon.

Pretty soon the evening guests arrived and David and I did our first dance. Why does nobody tell you how embarrassing and cringey it is? David and I aren’t the best ‘slow dancers’ but fortunately the band came on straight away afterwards and saved our blushes, we all had a good knees-up and the dance floor was full until the early hours. At one point, under the band’s instruction, everyone circled David while he ‘danced for his new wife’. Broken foot or not, he does a brilliant version of ‘Night Fever’. John Travolta eat your heart out. I’m pretty sure the extreme dancing is what tore my delicate antique dress to shreds!

The Andy Johnson Band were absolutely amazing, they really set the atmosphere which helped the party carry on into the small hours.

The end of the night was a blur; I can’t remember much apart from: everyone being blown away by our neighbour Roger’s dangerous dancing, Katie and Elizabeth were taken home by a friendly policeman passing by, we completely forgot to hand wedding cake out (meaning the next day there were 3 tiers to work through!), Magical Maz’s Sainsbury’s bag popping up in photographs, cousin Jessica’s 21st birthday at midnight, David somehow ending up with a sombrero and an italian apron on, some cheeky responses to our ‘guestbook cards’, some even cheekier drawings, and a certain guest (Bodders) giving us the very beautifully presented gift of 6 tumbler glasses ‘wrapped’ in a Boyes bag! David and I were whisked off to the Tontine and drunkenly ordered a bottle of Champagne and promptly fell asleep in a double bubble bath.

It was the best day of my life. I’m sorry this has waffled on for so long but I couldn’t cut any of it out if I wanted to! Everybody was so generous and we were blown away by everyone’s generosity. We both spent the next few days feeling overwhelmed by how well it had gone and by how lucky we are to be surrounded by such a great crowd.

I can’t wait to hear what you all think. And finally, thanks for having me English Wedding, and letting me tell my wedding story, I’ve loved every minute of it!

Lots of love and hopefully Claire will let me sneak into the blog in the future!

Sally xx

All wedding accessories (hairbands, corsages, cake toppers etc): What Katy Did Next

Photographers: Trudie and Danielle (get in touch with me for their details)

Marquee: Perfect Day Marquee Hire

Cake: Mr & Mrs Maker

Tea & Cake service: The Olde Young Teahouse

Bridesmaids’ dresses: Rise

Flowergirls’ dresses: Next

Bride’s dress: Antique from eBay

Groom’s suit: Marks & Spencer

Flowers: Butterflies Florist

Hair and Make-up: Ema at Effigy

Hog Roast, BBQ and Canapes: Hog Spit Roast Company

Everything else: DIY



    9 years ago




  • Louise
    9 years ago

    Fantastic memories of a perfect day!

  • Tola
    9 years ago

    This is so gorgeous. Congrats x. I remember I had to force my husband’s ring down too. He did warn me before though that it was a little tight. Vivienne (is she your little girl?) is absolutely adorable. Reminds me of my little girl. I wonder what she was writing.

  • Claire
    9 years ago

    Sally it’s brilliant to have you back. And I loved reading about your day. Especially glad to see the nerves and stress evaporated and you got to enjoy it – that you smiled once you plucked up the courage to look at David (heee so sweet!!!) and didn’t stop smiling is my favourite bit.

    The dress is exquisite. I love the tea and cakes. I love the pic of you and Louise poking at each other’s faces doing your finishing touches! I love that you mentioned first dances being cringeworthy (I can imagine, actually!) and I love the photo of you smiling and hugging David after. I love Vivienne’s drawing and coming to show you in church.

    I love that you came back to share. Of course you can blog again, you’re very very welcome to.

    Thanks ever so much Sally, congratulations and lots of love to you both.

    Claire xxx

  • David
    9 years ago

    Such a perfect day.

    Thank you to everyone who put so much effort in to make the day so amazing.

    And thank you most of all to Sally for making the day so amazing and being the most beautiiful of brides.


  • Matt Ethan
    9 years ago

    Yey! This is awesome! So glad to see the pictures here! Well done guys!

  • KtP
    9 years ago

    what a lovely blog post! glad you had so much fun & you all looked amazing. thanks for sharing & the bestest luck for the future 🙂 x

  • @LoveYouBlog
    9 years ago

    Fantastic! What a wonderful wedding. I was welling up with the bride in the build up! I loved all the tales of the day and things like the rude messages and sainsburys bags showing up – real life within the glamour! Loved it 🙂 Many congratulations to the bride & groom!! 🙂 xx

  • Emma
    8 years ago

    Congratulations! It looks like you had the most amazing day, you looked stunning and the day its self looked gorgeous! xxxx

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