Nicola and Chris – vintage themed Derbyshire wedding

wedding blog images by Andy Hook (17)

I did a secret little smile when this wedding came in – while it’s become trendy to talk about the end of vintage as a mass market phenomenon, for some couples the whole vintage theme fits like a glove – and Nicola and Chris do vintage their way, very very beautifully indeed.

wedding blog images by Andy Hook (24)

Yorkshire wedding photographer Andy Hook submitted the pictures for English Wedding blog – thanks Andy! – and Nicola wrote a wedding report for me to share with you all. It’s one of the best wedding reports I’ve seen – let alone been able to feature on my blog!

Without further ado (as they said, I believe, in ye olde vintage eras…) here’s Nicola and Chris’s gorgeously creative…

vintage themed wedding in Derbyshire – part one

wedding blog images by Andy Hook (26)

wedding blog images by Andy Hook (25)

Chris and I are very influenced by vintage 1930’s – 40’s style, in the furniture we buy, the clothes we wear and even in the new business that we are setting up (a prohibition style jazz bar in Chelsea). We really wanted to reflect this style in our day.

wedding blog images by Andy Hook (23)

wedding blog images by Andy Hook (22)

wedding blog images by Andy Hook (21)

We really did not want the boys to be in formal morning suits as we didn’t feel that it fit the theme of the day or our own style. Chris loves to dress in tweeds and cravats normally and so we thought we would carry that style through on the wedding day!! The style also carried providence in that my deceased grandfather was a game-keeper in the area, and so my father had been brought up in a shooting family, who all wore traditional tweed shooting outfits for formal events. We really wanted to bring this family history out in the theme.

wedding blog images by Andy Hook (20)

The tweed jackets and waistcoats were actually a bargain from a shopping outlet near us! The shirts were from Brocklehursts in Bakewell, a men’s clothing shop specialising in country style clothing. The summer cords were M&S and the ties and handkerchiefs from tierack! All the boys bought their own brogues – Chris’s were from Portobello market – a bargain at £30!

wedding blog images by Andy Hook (19)

wedding blog images by Andy Hook (18)

The dress is called Dakota by Enzoani. I bought it at JS Couture on Blandford Street (an area near Baker Street with hoards of beautiful wedding dress shops!) This dress is actually from 2 seasons ago but they continue to stock it as it is a classic shape and is so popular! We added the detachable straps ourselves as the dressmakers sent us some spare lace, which the seamstresses at JS couture used to brilliant effect! It was made to measure for me because alterations of the vintage corded lace would have been extremely time consuming and expensive.

I actually tried on the dress for the first time on my own, as I had dragged so many people dress shopping and not found ‘the one,’ that I started to eel guilty! I therefore, started to look for the designs that I liked (not strapless, figure hugging, with a large fishtail) and then looked for the shops that stocked them. When I found the dress and the shop, I only nipped in for 10 minutes on my own to try it on. The groups of brides, bridesmaids and mothers in the shop felt very sorry me for being all on my own, which made me feel very sorry for myself too!!! I knew it was the one for sure when I look mum to see it later and it was the first one to make her cry!

wedding blog images by Andy Hook (16)

My shoes were from LK Bennett and I loved them from the moment I saw them! I was under strict instructions to buy only 3 and ½ inch heels as the length of the dress was to fit this heel height only! Luckily they were perfect.

The necklace was made by my dad who is a jeweller. The pearl bracelet belonged to my mum. The head piece was made by my mum with off-cuts of the lace, bits and bobs of necklaces from my dad and brooch from a flea market. The brooch that I wore on my sash I picked up 5 meters away from my front door on Portobello market!

I knew I wanted to wear a veil on the day and bought this beautiful silk finger tip veil from JS couture. I was tossing up whether to wear it over my face to walk in but felt it may be too formal and chickened out in the end and wore it back for the whole day!

wedding blog images by Andy Hook (15)

Because people were travelling from significant distances in some cases, and because we knew it would be over in a flash, we wanted to make a whole weekend of the wedding! Therefore we planned a Friday night get together in an interesting location! We chose Peak Cavern in Castleton, which is an underground series of caves! We hired a local jazz band and candle lit the whole cave, which made for a truly incredible atmosphere! There was a bar and we served up a fish and chip tea from the local Castleton chip shop.

Back home to bed and out of Chris’s sight by midnight! Chris stayed with his best man in some beautiful cottages in Great Longstone.

The next morning, I was still putting finishing touches to the fete and the tent right up to the point of having my makeup put done! We had a hair and makeup artist do the mother of the bride, bridesmaid (my sister), my auntie and myself.

wedding blog images by Andy Hook (14)

My sister wore a cream / gold silk dress and a head dress to match mine. I did not want a whole row of bridesmaids as I thought this may be too formal for what we were trying to create. For similar reasons, we only dressed the groom, best man, father of the bride and master of ceremonies in matching outfits. Our other brothers wore similar themed outfits, which looked great in the pictures.

wedding blog images by Andy Hook (13)

After the very hectic wedding morning (and it was hectic!), suddenly everyone has left for the church, everything becomes quiet and it is just you and your dad left. We sat in the car and he asked ‘are you ready then?!’ It is quite a special ride to the church as father and daughter before he gives you away and I won’t forget it!

wedding blog images by Andy Hook (12)

My dad and I drove to the church in his friends borrowed jaguar XK150. The service took place in Ashford in the Water, in a beautiful church that we packed out! I cried as soon as I saw Chris’s face at the altar and spent the whole of the first 2 verses trying to sort myself out ready for the vows!

wedding blog images by Andy Hook (11)

wedding blog images by Andy Hook (10)

wedding blog images by Andy Hook (9)

wedding blog images by Andy Hook (8)

wedding blog images by Andy Hook (7)

wedding blog images by Andy Hook (6)

wedding blog images by Andy Hook (5)

The moment I saw Chris at the altar I was overwhelmed by the whole experience. I think that was what started the tears! Everyone in the church was there for us and was wishing us well! It was really quite humbling. I had a moment of panic when I thought, I hadn’t turned off the phone in the bag I had given to my sister’s boyfriend… then I thought, who would ring me???… everyone that I know is here!!!

wedding blog images by Andy Hook (4)

wedding blog images by Andy Hook (3)

wedding blog images by Andy Hook (2)

wedding blog images by Andy Hook (1)

How beautiful has this all been… so far?! Let’s leave the little one to sleep for now, and come back in the morning for more. Nicola has much more to share with us, and there are some incredible images of the Derbyshire countryside to show you tomorrow too.

Pop back at 11am tomorrow for:

  • a romantic drive across the Derbyshire moors
  • ice cream
  • an old fashioned English fete
  • more vintage cars!
  • outdoor games
  • hay bales
  • the loveliest little doggie eyes!
  • Nicola and Chris’s marquee with bunting
  • moonrise

Thanks to Nicola for a wonderful wedding report, and to wedding photographer Andy Hook for sharing images of the day so far.

Part 2 in the morning. Till then, have an amazing day!

Claire xxx

Claire Gould

Claire spends her days writing - either in beautiful calligraphy or online. She lives on the edge of the English Lake District only minutes away from the beach, where she loves to escape and unwind. Claire's calligraphy can be found at Claire launched the English Wedding Blog in November 2009 - it's been a top 10 UK wedding blog ever since, with a regional focus we hope you LOVE.



  • Jenny Mcavoy
    9 years ago

    What a gorgeous couple x

    • Claire
      9 years ago

      Thank you Jenny – aren’t they fabulous 🙂 Love their creativity too.

  • I’m always keeping an eye out for cool weddings and great photography and I will just say that I’m loving the work done here by Andy Hook, hadn’t come across him before but pleased that I did…. nice job!

    • Claire
      9 years ago

      I couldn’t have put that one better myself, Mark – Andy was a bit of a revelation for me, but what exquisite pictures. Glad you enjoyed the blog post.

  • Natasha Thompson
    9 years ago

    what a gorgeous bride! the dress, the headpiece, lavender… so romantic!
    and totally agree with the above comment – nice work!

    • Claire
      9 years ago

      Nicola’s beautiful isn’t she Natasha. There’s plenty more to come… watch out for today and tomorrow – new features both days at 11am 🙂

  • Hannah Webster
    9 years ago

    Lovely, lovely photography. Can’t wait to see more!

  • chris hanley
    9 years ago

    Everything about this set is excellent. Exposure, composition, editing. Top professional wedding photography.

    • Claire
      9 years ago

      Thank you Chris 🙂
      in my little black book!

      I have an Elite interview for you… will email soon.
      Claire xx

  • Kathryn Louise
    9 years ago

    Can’t wait for the next instalment. From the first part, think it’s going to the kind of reception I love!

  • Really really set of photographs here. Some realy nice creative set up shots and some brilliant documentary style well observed shots. Excellent!

  • Wedding Albums
    9 years ago

    These pictures are beautiful. You’re gonna have an incredible wedding album.

  • Raj
    9 years ago

    Andy Hook did an amazing job with these pictures.

  • Jackie Vintage Bridal
    8 years ago

    Very stylish wedding with lots of great vintage touches – luv it!

  • Stunning set of images, i really love the shots of the bride in the wedding car. Thanks for sharing these. Steve & Sandra.

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