Poules en Paris!

Well we all came back from Paris on Sunday and I’m still a little tired today! (And a little hungover yesterday aswell to be honest, 2 day-ers are the worst) I’d just like to say first a massive thank you to all my lovely hens who made it a trip I’ll never forget, I really appreciate all the effort you all made to come and celebrate with me.

There were nine of us altogether, and one little baby bump belonging to Kelly, David’s brother’s fiance. 5 of us (moi, Louise, Kate, Elizabeth and Katie B) met in Newcastle first before our flight, we started in Vodka Revolution  for a cheap and lazy long lunch, before jumping in a taxi and heading to the airport to meet Kelly! I’d bought everyone berets as a little gift to say thanks for coming, but I can’t find any pictures of them in action!

In Charles de Gaulle airport we met Renai who’d flown from London and jumped on a train to meet Katie M (a bridesmaid) and Carli who had taken the Eurostar. After freshening up, and after some cheap plonk, we were all set and headed straight out to Bastille, where apparently it was ‘happening’! We ended up in an inside-out bar, the decor looking like a street, and as ‘filles’ we were given two bottles of Kir Royal for free. Throw in some free vodka and apple juice and throwing some random shapes on the dance floor we had a fabulous night and ended up looking for a taxi at 4am where we realised that none of us had spent a penny!

Saturday had an early start after croissants for breakfast at Hostel Oops, and we headed out to the Louve and Musee D’Orsay, both with huge queues and chatter that we should have known better. We wandered over to Saint Paul, where snails and frogs’ legs were ordered and eaten before a gorgeous provencal lunch. (Verdict- OK, like very garlicky mussels and oily chicken respectively.) We wandered back, past the Notre Dam before we set up camp in a small park by the river.

(l-r) Kate, me, Louise, Liz, Carli, Kelly, Renai, Katie M and Katie B

A few of the girls had concocted a game where we had to match my answers to some that David had been asked earlier in the week, more cava and kir was drank as we sat in the boiling heat. I think this is where I may have had too much to be honest, and when we all headed to the Eiffel Tower for sunset it was advised that I sit on the grass outside rather than heading up it! (Sorry lovely Louise)

Back to the hostel and a quick turn around before heading out at 2am to a party on a boat on the Sienne. I’d love to be able to tell you more but I only remember a few glimpses, I do remember trying my best french to anybody who would listen and a lot of techno music from ‘a big DJ from Berlin’!

The next day was painful, another lazy lunch with the best french onion soup I’ve ever had before a long, long journey home. Highs of 32 degrees with a hangover and aching calves from 5 inch heels before catching plane after train after metro wasn’t particularly fun!

Very, very long train journey

Knackered, we said our goodbyes along the way before lovely David came and picked us up from the airport. I went to bed shattered, and woke up today feeling very lucky that I had such fabulous friends and what a lovely weekend I’d had seeing them all together.

So in summary and some tips for Paris: Thanks so, so much for coming Louise, Katie M, Katie B, Elizabeth, Kate, Carli, Renai, Kelly and bump! You all made it so special and I’ll never forget it. Don’t bother buying train and metro tickets as they won’t work and you’ll have to jump the turnstiles anyway, ‘Charles de Gaulle’ metro stop is on the other side of Paris to the airport, leave more than 5 minutes before boarding as airport staff won’t help you get through the airport in time, try snails and frogs legs, they’re not as bad as you’d expect, you WILL get laughed at by the French if you buy their cheap wine (apparently our delicious cava and kir was the equivalent to Lambrini), don’t have too much wine before trying to get up the Eiffel Tower, don’t eat too much rich food or you’ll put on about 1lb a day. Other than that get over there, take your girlfriends, take lots of photographs and have fun!

Next stop: the wedding itself!

Sally x



  • Claire
    8 years ago

    Glad you had a fab time Sally – and I love your honest tips. Looks and sounds like a fab hen weekend, and your girls are all gorgeous aren’t they. Katie B looks like Jo Wiley to me – so pretty!

    I’m ashamed to admit it took me about 10 minutes to get ‘Poules’ – and a third of my degree was in French. I was thinking, ‘chickens?’

    Next stop the wedding… oh my word how time flies. Oooh if this is your last pre-wedding post have a fabulous fabulous wedding day. I know you will. I’ll be thinking of you both on the day!

    Claire xx

  • wedding jewellery
    8 years ago

    sounds like a fab trip glad you had a great time and good luck for your forthcoming nuptials!

  • Stacy
    8 years ago

    Hi Sally,
    Sounds like you had a great time – if you don’t mind me asking, how much did it all cost? I’m thinking of doing a similar thing for my hen weekend but need to keep costs down!!
    Stacy x

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