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Are you splashing out on your wedding, aiming to have a blast of a celebration? Then fireworks are a fantastic way to end your big day in style: but where do you start with planning a fireworks display? Guest blogger Jason Mayes of Flashpoint Fireworks has all the answers:

Light up the sky on your wedding night with an amazing firework display

Firework displays are one of the most spectacular ways to entertain your guests on your wedding day, and are something that they could be talking about for years to come.

Booking a firework display is not something you do everyday so below are a few of the questions you may have if you are looking to book a professional firework company on your wedding day:

Can we have fireworks at my wedding?

If your evening reception is at a venue always check that they allow firework displays first. Some venues only allow certain types of fireworks such as low noise displays and other venues do not have any restrictions at all.

If you’re having your reception in your back garden or enclosed garden it is useful to know that you do require quite a lot of space for a professional display.

As a guide you will need at least 25 metres from your audience to the firework display and the company will also need at least 50 metres behind the display as a fall out area. The space you have will determine the size of the fireworks that can be used by the display company.

Do we have to tell anyone about the display?

It is always advisable to warn your neighbours that the firework display will be taking place a few weeks before your wedding, especially in rural areas where there might be livestock nearby. [and if your neighbours have cats! – Claire]

The display company should inform the local Police, the CAA if the display is near an airport and the Coast Guard if it is close to the sea.

Which wedding fireworks company should we pick?

The company you use to provide your display should be a professional firework company that has public and product liability insurance 365 days a year. It is advisable you use a company that has £10 million liability cover. Some companies have policies ranging from £1 million upwards, but when dealing with explosives it advisable to have the best cover possible.

Also look at the website and watch the company’s videos online first. These are always a good indication that the company will provide the type of display you are looking for. Make sure that the company you decide to use conducts a full site survey of the venue and produces a risk assessment before the event.

Wedding fireworks by Flashpoint Fireworks UK

How much should we spend?

Generally a great wedding firework display will start from £125 a minute, but beware of companies that seem to offer longer displays for less money. At the end of the day you are looking for your display to have impact, that’s the whole reason for having a firework display at your wedding in the first place.

Companies offering longer displays may entice you into thinking that you are getting better value for money, but what you don’t want is just one firework being let off at one time and then ending before the next one is lit … this becomes boring!

It is far better to have a shorter display fired using multiple fireworks at any one time, or one which is fired from multiple positions as these will give you a much more memorable display.

Can we have wedding fireworks set to music?

Musical displays have become very popular in the last few years. They are an excellent way for a bride and groom to choose a piece of music that is special to them and then have the fireworks designed to complement the music.

Look for companies that have been involved in some of the large musical firework championships when booking these displays.

Who tidies the fireworks up after the wedding?

The display company should take care of everything before, during and after the display including clearing the site of any firework material on the night. All you need to do is sit back, enjoy the show and your wedding day.

If you have any other questions or require further information please contact Flashpoint Fireworks Ltd who will be more than happy to help or visit their dedicated wedding firework website

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